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How to make a birdhouse

We always take care of our smaller brothers. But migratory birds deserve special attention. Everyone knows that starlings destroy beetles, larvae and caterpillars in large numbers. That is why gardeners assemble birdhouses. We will talk today about how to make a nesting box. The drawings and sizes of the bird house can be found in our article.

Master the birdhouse by the rules

In order for our feathered friends to live comfortably and comfortably in their new house, you need to know how to make the right nesting box with your own hands. Consider the basic parameters should be based on the fact that the starlings or other birds felt comfortable. Also, they must be protected from the attacks of predators, namely cats.

How to make a birdhouse: drawing and dimensions

As already mentioned, many amateur gardeners make birdhouses and place them on their backyards in order to increase yields. Starlings and other birds in one season eat just an uncountable number of insect pests. In order to attract new tenants to our plot, let's explore a number of aspects on designing bird housing, which will help us to learn how to make a birdhouse correctly:

  • Care should be taken when choosing a material. Wood is considered to be a high-quality, reliable and durable material, but coniferous trees are not suitable, as they will constantly release resin, which will bring discomfort to birds.
  • For the construction of bird housing is not recommended to use fiberboard or particleboard, since these materials contain harmful substances.
  • Birdhouse must be built according to established standards. The following parameters are generally accepted: width - up to 150 mm, height - 300 mm, thickness - 30 mm, length of a perch - 50 mm.
  • The nesting box should be well ventilated, so small gaps should be left between its individual parts.
  • For running off of water after a rain in a floor it is necessary to make drainage openings.
  • The letk should be located no more than 5 cm from the roof - so the cat will not be able to climb up the bird's house with its paw.
  • The diameter of the notch is 30-35 mm.
  • The roof must necessarily act so that the four-legged predators of the cat family could not reach the chicks.
  • Hanging birdhouses need in early April, and then annually purge them. For this purpose, the roof or front wall must be removable.
  • Bird houses should be hung at a height of at least 4 meters, and in urban living conditions even higher.
  • Birdhouses should be protected by foliage from direct sunlight.
  • There is no need to make huge houses for the birds, because they may not live there. As they say, in cramped, but not mad.
  • It is desirable to have a birdhouse on the side where the wind is least likely to blow.
  • Be sure to birdhouse should be mounted exactly. You can make a slight bend forward so that water does not get in through the taphole.

Give the birds a cozy home

So, you already know the basic aspects of how to make a birdhouse with your own hands. You can use standard sizes or build your own drawing according to personal preferences. Do not forget that huge houses for birds are not good. Several bird families in the same house will not settle, so they need no mansion. The figure shows the standard scheme of making the correct nesting box.

Of what they just do not make houses for birds: from cardboard, plastic bottles, scrap materials, etc. But the most durable and cozy is still considered a birdhouse, built from a wooden array. That is why many masters are interested in how to make a birdhouse with their own hands from wood. We stock up on necessary materials, make a drawing and proceed to assembly. By the way, the drawing can be immediately transferred to the boards.

How to make a birdhouse step by step

How to make a birdhouse: drawing

Necessary materials:

  • self-tapping screws;
  • unplaned boards;
  • wire;
  • wood glue;
  • bars;
  • chisel or drill;
  • pencil;
  • drawing.

Step by step description of the design process:

  1. Prepare to start all the materials. Choose screws according to the thickness of the board used.How to make a birdhouse: materials
  2. Making blanks of wood in accordance with the drawing.
  3. There should be seven separate parts for the construction of the birdhouse.
  4. On the bottom contour we drill holes for fastening screws.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  5. We connect the walls with each other by self-tapping screws.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  6. Using a drill or a chisel, we make small holes in the walls, the diameter of which should not exceed 5 mm. It is necessary for the conversion of air.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  7. Please note that on the upper sections of the boards we also make holes for the subsequent mounting of the roof.

    How to make a birdhouse step by step
  8. Attach the bottom, all baits self-tapping screws. It is better not to use nails so that they do not extend beyond the boards.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  9. The edges of the boards should be nezapilenym so that birds can freely cling to the walls of their house.
  10. Only the exterior can be sanded to give the house an aesthetic appearance.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  11. The side parts of the bird house must be fixed in small bars.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  12. Similarly, fasten the bar and on the opposite side parallel to the first.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  13. On the front wall, using a jigsaw, make a hole for a notch with a diameter of not more than 50 mm.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  14. We always grind this part of the birdhouse so that the birds do not hurt themselves.
  15. Just below we make a hole and insert a harvested pole into it. Fix the perch with wood glue.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  16. Insert the front cover in the birdhouse, holding it by the pole.
  17. As you can see, there are small gaps between the walls and the floor, which are necessary for the entry of air.How to make a birdhouse step by step
  18. Fasten the birdhouse on a tree in an upright position. You can make a slight bend forward.

Make a birdhouse with a child

Small children cannot build a wooden bird house themselves, but it’s easy to work with cardboard. Parents can help their child. If you do not know how to make a nesting box with your own hands out of cardboard, then the template is quite suitable for you. You simply adjust it to the required dimensions, transfer it to a dense, preferably corrugated, cardboard and glue it. The figure shows gray lines of bending and gluing.

In order that the cardboard house for the birds does not immediately soften, you can not use any cardboard. Shoe boxes or packing boxes are considered more durable. Also from the cardboard, you can build an original nesting box, which will still play the role and feeders. It can be attached to a cardboard house, made according to the above scheme.

Make a birdhouse with a child

Necessary materials:

  • drawing;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard sheets;
  • joiner's glue;
  • hole puncher;
  • twine;
  • stationery knife.

Step by step description of the design process:

  1. Cut the template by selecting the appropriate size.Birdhouse with a child
  2. We transfer the prepared template to the cardboard sheet. In order to fix the edge of the template can be fixed with adhesive tape.
  3. Outline the contour lines of the template with a thin screwdriver. It is best to perform these actions on the front side so that you can clearly see all the lines on the corrugated surface.
  4. Then we outline with a pencil and, using a stationery knife, cut out two equivalent parts.
  5. Alternately, we connect all the lines together, bends are made in accordance with the drawing.
  6. For fixing the parts we use wood glue.
  7. After we have stuck together two parts, we return to the place of attachment.
  8. At the marked points make two through holes. For this purpose you can use a hole punch.Birdhouse with a child
  9. We thread the string through the holes, in order to hang the structure on a branch or other support.Birdhouse with a child
  10. You can improve this birdhouse-birdhouse and make the back wall closed, and the entrance holes are much smaller. In this case, the birds will need food to be poured into a separate feeder.

It is quite original and very cozy to look next to a cardboard birdhouse and such an original feeding trough.

Let's not forget about our smaller brothers, because birds need not only feeding, but also in a cozy house. There they will be able to breed their chicks. In addition to beautiful singing and joy, they have a great service to people. Birds eliminate insect pests, so you can not worry about their harvest. Make a good cozy birdhouse and do not forget to carry out general cleaning in it before the arrival of birds. Agree, it is pleasant to hear the nightingale trill or the sweet singing of titmouses and starlings in the morning. I wish you success!

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