How to make a bed for barbie dolls

What little princess will refuse furniture for her dolls? Moreover, the toy industry offers a lot of options. However, there is a more economical way to fulfill a childhood dream. To do this, you only need to study the recommendations on how to make a bed for dolls, and take creative initiative.

Materials for making doll furniture

There are many models of toy furniture, in particular, beds for dolls. They differ in decor, size and, of course, material.

  • Foamed polyethylene allows making beds of the most intricate design.
  • Cardboard is the most economical and easiest to use material. Only it is worth considering one nuance: in order for the furniture to be strong enough, the cardboard should be applied in several layers.
  • Plywood is a practical option for a doll bed. The only drawback is that the parts need to be accurately and accurately cut. But this material allows you to make removable models that you can carry with you and not deprive your favorite doll of comfort.
  • Wood is a durable and most durable material. With such a bed can play not only daughters, but also granddaughters.

How to make a bed for Barbie dolls?

Barbie - the most popular dolls in the world. And, of course, the bed for such a luxurious beauty should be appropriate.

How to make a bed for Barbie dolls?


  • a piece of expanded polyethylene;
  • glue (better to take the "moment");
  • furniture stapler;
  • pencil, ruler;
  • wide scotch tape;
  • knife;
  • a piece of sandpaper;
  • crepe satin 2 colors (to your taste);
  • a small piece of foam rubber;
  • decoration elements (lace, braid, sequins, etc.)


  1. Cut out from polyethylene the base of the bed of suitable length.
  2. Cover it with satin and fasten the fabric with a furniture stapler.
  3. We make a rounded back with edging.
  4. Edge the backrest sheathed with a cloth, slightly gathering it around.
  5. Glue the details of the back with glue and tape.
  6. Cut the legs of the bed, we sheathe them with a cloth.
  7. We connect legs, a back and a basis the stapler.
  8. We decorate the headboard with braid.
  9. We make the size of the bed mattress of fabric with foam pad.
  10. Cut a sheet from fabric, decorate it with lace.
  11. Making pads and quilt.
  12. Bed linen is decorated with sequins.
  13. Making a lace veil. The crib for Barbie is ready.

Practical bed for baby bon

Baby Bee Bon dolls are so naturalistic that they need real furniture - practical and comfortable.

How to make a bed for baby dolls Bon?


  • plywood sheet;
  • pencil, ruler;
  • saw;
  • the cloth;
  • pieces of synthetic winterizer and foam rubber;
  • ornaments (lace, braid, beads, etc.)


  1. By the size of the doll, we carve out the base of the cot on plywood.
  2. We mark the backs of the bed, as well as 4 parts that will fasten them with the base.
  3. At the base we make slots corresponding to the length of the fasteners.
  4. We put the base on the mount.
  5. We connect with backs.
  6. We cut out a mattress to the size of the crib, sew it, paving foam rubber.
  7. To affairs a pillow and a blanket with laying from a synthetic winterizer.
  8. We cut out the veil, decorate it with braid and lace with beads.
  9. We make the bed sheet, make the bed. Bed for baby Baby Bon is ready.

The framework of a bed can be covered with paint from a barrel. This will give the craft a special personality.

Cardboard cot for Monster High dolls

For fragile doll girls Monster Huy, you can make a cardboard bed.

How to make a bed for Monster High dolls?


  • cardboard;
  • ruler, pencil;
  • PVA glue;
  • napkins;
  • paints (waterproof);
  • the cloth;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • decorative elements (beads, sequins, etc.)


  1. We measure the growth of the doll, we postpone this piece on cardboard.
  2. Make a proportional width and cut a rectangle.
  3. To make the construction strong, we cut out 3-4 bases and glue them together.
  4. The legs are made in the shape of a rectangular bar - we cut a long rectangle, mark 5 faces on it.
  5. Glue the extreme edges and bend the upper edge of the bars.
  6. Glue the legs to the base.
  7. We cut out the headboard (if you wish, you can cut a heart or a flower in it, and you can leave it whole).
  8. Mix the PVA with water, soak it with a napkin mixture.
  9. We put napkins to the crib frame, give dry.
  10. We glue the entire bed with glue, paying special attention to the folds, again letting it dry.
  11. We paint with bed frame paints.
  12. We cut a mattress, bed linen and a bedspread.
  13. We decorate linen with beads and lace.

Wooden bed: learn from experienced craftsmen

You can make a bed of wood by yourself. In a crib, any doll will be comfortable. But here you will need experience in carpentry. As in the previous versions, the measurements are based on the height of the doll.

How to make a bed for dolls


  • bed base;
  • 4 legs (round or rectangular shape);
  • round headboard;
  • lateral sides;
  • sandpaper;
  • glue;
  • the cloth;
  • braid, lace.


  1. All parts are well polished with sandpaper.
  2. Glue the base with the rest of the parts, well promayvaya them with glue.
  3. Leave the frame to dry.
  4. To give the crib a more aesthetic look, you can varnish it.
  5. Get to bed linen. We cut out a mattress, a bedcover, pads, sheets and a blanket.
  6. We complement the linen with lace and braid.

How to make a bed for dolls with your own hands?

Bed for dolls made of cardboard

Bed for dolls two-level

Bed for dolls from a wire

Bed for dolls many-tier

Bed for dolls three-level

Bed for dolls from a ruler and toothpicks

Bed for Baby Bona wire

Bed for dolls scheme

Bed for dolls from sticks for ice cream

Bed for dolls decor

Instructions that suggest how to make a bed for dolls do not differ in complexity of implementation. The main thing - to choose the material for the frame and carefully connect all the details. And the young assistant will probably gladly tell you how to decorate toy furniture in an original way, or she herself will take part in this.

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