How to make a beautiful envelope from a4 paper for money

In the hectic rhythm of modern life, we often miss important trifles. For example, if you need to send a postcard or make a cash gift, it turns out that we forgot to buy an envelope. But from any situation you can find a way out. In this case, a couple of ways are useful, describing how to make an envelope from A4 sheet.

How to make an envelope from A4 paper?

Handmade envelopes have the main advantage - the variability of design and size. As for the first, envelopes made of:

  • packing multicolored paper;
  • dense color sheets for the printer;
  • paper for creativity.

Such products can be decorated with scrapbooking or quilling elements - then the envelope will become even more attractive and original. The envelope size can be any, appropriate content - from the disk or the packaging of banknotes to thin books or flat pictures. The main thing - to choose a sheet of paper.

How to make an envelope for a disc of A4 paper?

Everybody knows the situation when you need to find an envelope for a CD. And, if the original packaging is lost, there are no problems: the usual A4 sheet will help.

How to make an envelope for a disk from A4 paper?


  1. Fold the sheet in half across the long side.
  2. We unbend the fold - this is an outline of the middle of the product.
  3. We fold one short side with a triangle so that its sides meet in the middle.
  4. Now from both long sides we bend 4 cm inwards.
  5. Fold the workpiece to the intended fold.
  6. Bend the upper edge inward to the level of the base of the triangle and wrap inward.
  7. Triangle bend the top down. The envelope for the disc is ready.

Gift envelope for quick money

Banknotes as a gift - this is certainly not the most ethical souvenir and, nevertheless, the most popular. To brighten up some inconsistency etiquette, it is accepted to give money in an envelope. And here you can not limit your imagination in choosing the form of festive packaging, using a standard A4 sheet.

How to make an envelope for money from A4 paper?


  1. Cut off part of the sheet so that it turns out to be square.
  2. Fold the sheet in 2 diagonals and smooth the folds.
  3. We bend one of the corners inwards towards the center.
  4. Tuck the workpiece along the center line of the fold.
  5. Side angles reduce to the middle of the base of the resulting triangle.
  6. The upper corner, which turned out to be in the middle, is bent in the opposite direction and with a finger we form a rhombus out of it.
  7. Fold the upper triangle along the base line so that the vertex hits the diamond. The envelope is ready.

There is a more complicated, but more refined way to make an envelope for money.


  1. Bend the A4 sheet in half along the long side, unbend it.
  2. Now fold the upper right corner of the triangle to the center of the fold.
  3. Repeat the previous step for the lower left corner.
  4. We fold the side of the figure so that its edge coincides with the side of the right triangle. He protruding bottom edge refuel for a corner.
  5. Repeat the previous step on the left side.
  6. Now, on the right, bend the corner with a triangle to the level of the bottom fold - fill the corner under it.
  7. On the left we repeat the same operation. Envelope beautiful shape ready.

We make a beautiful envelope with a jumper

A sleek, closable closure can be made from bright wrapping paper. Only the format for this model is still better to take A4.

How to make a beautiful envelope from A4 paper?


  1. Bend A4 sheet across the long side.
  2. The top edge is bent outward so that it converges with the fold line.
  3. The resulting rectangle is again bent in half outwards and upwards.
  4. Straighten the last bend and make a fold along the line of its middle.
  5. Lower the corners of the workpiece slightly bend out.
  6. We reduce the sides of the shape along the borders of the triangles.
  7. We unfold all the folds and fold the sheet along the first fold in the middle.
  8. Fold out and inward the folds of rectangles from 2-4 steps.
  9. On the folds, the lower triangles are flattened out so that the outer sides remain in the initial position, while the inner ones are folded inwards.
  10. In the center of the triangles do the bend of the entire sidewall inward.
  11. We refuel the lower corners inside.
  12. We fold the upper part with the tongue and fold it over the lower base of the resulting triangle.
  13. Hide the tongue over the jumper in the center. The envelope is ready.

If you know how to make an envelope from A4 paper, you always have the opportunity to brightly and beautifully pack a gift or preserve the integrity of the CDs. If desired, gizmos can be decorated or supplemented with details, for example, a jumper or a corner for fixing the tongue to make the packaging more reliable.

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