How to make a ball of flowers with their own hands

Decorations that a person makes with his own hands are always filled with positive energy and creative inspiration. Such a gift or decoration for the home not only pleases the eye, but also gives a good mood to everyone who sees it, energizes the surrounding space. Now one of the most popular and beautiful jewelry made with your own hands, are balls made from flowers. They can decorate the birthday house, become a wonderful and unusual gift to a loved one, refresh the room, create a romantic atmosphere, and just make everyone happy with beauty and uncommonness.

What you need to make a ball of flowers?

A ball of flowers made from artificial or natural flowers. To decorate it, you can use New Year's tinsel or beautiful satin ribbons, beads, rhinestones. To create a ball of flowers, you will need a base on which the flowers will be attached, it is usually easiest to use a ball for this purpose.It can be made independently by cutting out foam plastic, packing for sweets or cookies, and making clay. To make papier-mache, you will need old newspapers, petroleum jelly, paste, brush and stationery knife. Do not forget the crepe paper. Prepare in advance the tape for hanging or a thick thread. Take a glue gun or PVA glue.

How to make a ball of artificial roses?

  • First, decide on the spherical base for the future ball. It can be a purchased plastic ball of the right size or made by yourself.

  • Then tear the old newspapers into small pieces and put them in a small container, where you previously dissolve some PVA glue with water. Put the first thin layer of paper on the cooked ball, then spread it on top with glue.
  • If you have taken a plasticine ball as a basis, first spread it with petroleum jelly - a thick layer. When the first coat dries, apply a second coat and apply the glue again. As a result, you must glue the ball with 8 layers of paper.
  • After the paper dries well, cut the papier-mâché ball into 2 halves. Remove the halves from the base. In one half, make a small hole and thread a loop of tape or thick thread. After that, glue the halves again to form a smooth ball.
  • As soon as the base in the form of a ball is ready, proceed to making roses. From a crepe paper roll, cut into narrow 4 cm wide rolls. The long ribbons that you can make are cut into strips of equal length of 50 cm. Then take one of the ribbons and wrinkle it in your hand. The paper should become softer and feel like fabric. Now it needs to stretch and straighten.
  • Tape start in a special way to roll. To begin, cut the segment in 4 cm tight enough, then wrap around the core more freely with crepe tape, so that the top edge turns outwards, creating beautiful waves. So make 3 or 4 curls, fasten them with PVA glue (glue gun) every 2 curls. At the end of the tip of the tape carefully glue to secure the finished flower.
  • The number of roses should close the entire ball. For the manufacture of roses you can use paper of different colors, which will be combined with each other or roll two layers of different colors, creating one flower.
  • Trim glued tips of roses evenly at the bottom. Stick flowers not close to each other. With the help of adhesive tape, you can make a stand for the ball so that it does not roll while you glue the flowers. After all the flowers are glued, leave the ball to dry, then put it where it will decorate the interior.

How to make an exclusive flower ball?

  • Cut flowers from beautiful paper. One half of the white, the second - of the red. Make two identical flowers.
  • Pierce the middle of 2 flowers together with a pin with a bead.

  • Thread the pin to the end, so that only a pebble remains in the middle. Petals of a flower which below, raise a little. Pin the end of the satin ribbon in the middle of the ball with a pin. Now wind it all over the base.
  • Then leave the long end of the tape free. From its long end make a wide loop, and pin the other end with a pin with a bead.
  • Begin to pin the finished double flowers to the ball with pins with beads. Make sure there are no spaces between the colors. Tie a lush beautiful bow from the ribbon. Attach a bow to the loop and decorate the junction with a cameo.

How to make a ball of flowers?

  • To make a ball using fresh flowers, stop the choice on carnations or roses.They are stronger than other flowers and their leaves do not fall off quickly when touched. Due to their shape, they will hide the base of the ball well, are quite affordable and sold all year round.
  • Immediately prepare a bowl with a high leg or stand for the cake, satin ribbons, special floral sponges. A ball of such a sponge dip into the water, so that it is completely covered with water and soaked.
  • Cut the stems from the flowers, leaving 7 cm each. Now take a flower and insert it into the floral ball all the way to the base of the flower. You must so cover the whole ball. Ensure that there are no gaps between the flowers. Leave an unclosed space at the bottom of the ball, it is necessary to install the ball on the stand. Decorate the ball at the bottom with braid, beads and ribbons to create a luxurious look.

Handmade flower balls will become beautiful interior elements that will decorate a house and transform any room. With their help, you can easily create a festive atmosphere. As a New Year's, wedding and exclusive jewelry ball of flowers will look great. It will bring a refreshing element to the overall decor of the room. The creative process to create a ball of flowers, will allow you to realize creative ideas and the desire to show their individuality.

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