How to make a backpack with your own hands

For most people, a backpack is not only a maneuverable and capacious container for carrying things, leaving hands free, but also a faithful “friend”, accompanying both in the deep forest, in high mountains, in deep caves, and in the city for a walk. The backpack can be sewn with your own hands, even in the absence of patterns and patterns.

History of origin and types of backpack

The backpack symbolizes adventure, travel and freedom of movement. In 1992, archaeologists discovered the body of a prehistoric man. It happened on the Similaun glacier in the Alps. On the back "find" wore a leather backpack with a frame made of wood. It is difficult to determine the exact date when the backpack was first invented, but the fact that it was already used 5 centuries ago is a proven fact.

It is known that Jesus of Nazareth walked around the world with a backpack, they were used by Roman legionnaires and Knights Templar. A little later, backpacks in various versions were used in almost all armies of the world. As time went on, leather and wooden frames began to be replaced with canvas and steel, then with nylon and aluminum. Modern backpacks are made from high-tech synthetic fabrics and plastic.

How to make a backpack with your own hands?

By design features, backpacks come in the following categories:

  • Soft - a model in which there is no rigid frame, because of which it is not intended for carrying heavy loads.
  • Frame - the exact opposite of soft models. These backpacks are equipped with a frame from the back and can withstand gravity.
  • Easel - at the heart of such backpacks is a metal frame to which any equipment is attached, for example, an inflatable boat. Such backpacks are used primarily by professionals or experienced tourists.

Depending on the destination, there are such types of backpacks, such as:

  1. Expeditionary - large models with a frame or easel appearance.
  2. Urban - backpacks designed for everyday use, walks and short trips.
  3. Assault - are compact and ergonomic. Most often used for hiking in difficult conditions.
  4. Special - these are backpacks that are designed specifically to solve certain problems, for example, "backpacks-pants", backpacks for fishing, backpacks for carrying children, etc.

Today there are a huge variety of their species with their own characteristics. Sew at home a special purpose backpack, of course, is unlikely to turn out. Therefore, it is better to stay at a simpler, but no less interesting version.

Self-made backpack: master class

How to make a backpack with your own hands?

To make a backpack, stock up with material, locks and zippers, grommets, a nylon cord, a special retainer for the cord, buttons or rivets, wide braid, foam rubber or thin polyurethane foam, buckles and other accessories.

First, decide on the fabric. It should have the strength, lightness and impermeability. You can also sew a backpack from old jeans. The main thing - do not give preference to rubberized fabric. This material is heavy and can crack at sub-zero air temperatures.

Spread the fabric on a horizontal hard surface and draw the bottom of the future backpack - it can be round or oval. Measure the length of the circle. Now draw a rectangle, the length of which should be equal to the length of the circumference of the bottom, and the width - the height of the backpack. Leave the allowance of 2-3 cm on each side. Also add 5-8 cm to the height of the backpack to the top of the hem.

Take the scissors, cut the bottom and side wall, then sew. Twist the top edge and also sew. At the edge of the top, drive in the grommets at a distance of about 5-7 cm from each other. In them you can then thread the cord to tighten the hole. The bottom of the backpack is desirable to make double, so it will be more stable. To do this, put in a tight gasket.

To make a backpack valve, draw 2 identical rectangular parts, 20 cm wide, and at least 35 cm long. Now sew them and turn them inside out. Attach the upper part to the backpack, and attach the tape with the buckle to the bottom.

For the manufacture of backpack straps you need to take two pieces of rectangular fabric (width - 20 cm, length 30-40 cm) and 2 rectangular pieces of foam rubber in size 2 times already. Now you need to fold each rectangle along, stitch it from the wrong side, twist it out and put the porolon part inside, stitch it through. This you will have the top of the straps.

But for the manufacture of the bottom, take a strong tape with a width of 3-5 cm. One end of the band must be sewn inside the foam strap, and the other end tucked into the buckle. Thanks to this, it will be possible to adjust the length of the strap.

How to make a backpack with your own hands?

Sew the straps to the top and bottom of the backpack, locking them on the back with a small rectangular piece of fabric. Here you can attach a handle for easy transfer as well. Use buttons, buttons, or zippers as fasteners. Also, if you wish, decorate the backpack with external pockets and so on. Decorative elements.

As you can see, stitching a backpack at home is not difficult. But in the money you can save a lot. And apparently this accessory will not look like the others. You can even make a backpack out of old jeans or leather trim yourself. Experiment and you will definitely succeed!

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