How to knit raglan knitting from the neck

This way of knitting is now undeservedly forgotten, basically, all knitting publications offer raglan knitting from below. But knitting a raglan from the neck has many positive aspects: there are no seams, time is not wasted stitching parts, the length of the product is easily adjustable, a small number of ends of the threads are obtained.

The disadvantages of this method are the inability to knit the product with some patterns and the presence of a large number of loops. Only circular needles are used for knitting raglan from the neck.

Before you knit the product, you need to do the calculation. Therefore, first knit a small sample of the threads you have chosen, and look at the density of knitting. Then measure the neck circumference. For convenience of calculation of loops you can use the scheme below.

Tying raglan on top of the neck

First of all, determine the width of the neck of the back, it is calculated based on the distance between the upper points of the rear raglan lines. The resulting figure is multiplied by the density of knitting. Then determine the width of the sleeve. The width of the sleeve is the third part of the width of the back. After the calculations, 6 loops are added to the corner loops. This number of loops is always the same. Then on the circular needles dial the calculated number of loops, but they do not close the circle, as there is no front, and they knit just like that.

Knitting raglan from the neck on top

The neckline is knitted straight and back.. First, the first row is necessarily knitted with purl loops, and then 10 loops are added to each subsequent row. This is done in this order: 1 loop at the end, the beginning of knitting, and two loops on each side of the corner loops. Having tied 5-7 cm, the resulting product is tried on and checked if knitting reached the jugular fossa. If it is, then you need to count the loops. The number of loops in the back is much less than the number of loops in front, but since the loops must be in equal numbers, they need to be reached.

After this, knitting should close on the needles in a circle. From this point on, loops are added only along angular loops. When knitting a cloth, it turns out that there should be added 8 loops in each 2nd row. The number of loops will constantly grow, so it’s better to take the spokes with a longer line. The raglan line ends at a distance of 5 cm from the armpit.

When knitting a raglan from above, it is very important to take into account that the yoke is most often knitted with openwork knitting and with a large number of colors, which can either stretch or squeeze the product. Therefore, when knitting a raglan from the neck, you need to try on it all the time to fix everything in time. The back and front of the product knit in one cloth to avoid seams.

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How to tie knitting raglan from the neck?

To make it easier to learn how to knit a raglan from the neckline, first knit a small-size trial model using circular needles. It is also very important for the number of loops to determine what the product will be: with a strap or solid. For a solid piece, enter the number of loops that is a multiple of 4, for example, 32 or 36 loops.

  • First row knit the front loops and fasten their ends together. If you have not chosen any pattern, continue to knit the face with a satin stitch around. Divide the loops into 4 parts and mark them with threads of a different color.
  • Start knitting in a circle according to the scheme: 5 loops, 1 nakid, 2 loops, 1 nakid. Repeat the pattern 4 times. Then knit as well, but only with face loops and without quilts. Remember that through the row the number of loops should be added, and the scheme will be like this: 7 loops, 1 nakid, 2 loops, 1 nakid. Also repeat it 4 times. More simply - through each row on each of the 4 parts add 2 loops.
  • 2 loops from the scheme form a line that goes from the neck and ends at the armpits. In total there should be 4 lines (2 in front and 2 behind), they form the raglan sleeve. The number of rows depends on the size of the future product, the thickness of the spokes and the structure of the thread.
  • Continue to knit, adding loops through each row, until the back and front raglan line come together freely during the fitting.
  • Fix the places in the armpit area, knit the front part and back further in a circle. Bottom of a product issue a rubber band
  • Now proceed to the vyvyazyvaniya seamless sleeves. If you want to tuck the sleeve and decorate it with a rubber band.
  • Once you understand the whole principle of knitting raglan from the neck, calculate the number of loops for the future product, not forgetting that, since it starts from the neck, you need to measure the volume of the neck.

How to knit raglan knitting needles from the neck: different ways

How to tie a raglan sleeve: video

Knit raglan from the neck with knitting needles can be any other pattern, not only the front surface. For children’s sweaters and sweaters, the “English False” type of binding is perfect, which adds volume to the product. Also, they are best knit strap, providing for a place for buttons or zippers. In this case, the number of loops is also calculated, but one of the 4 parts is divided in half, since this is where the plank is knitted.

Raglan on top of the neck is a unique way to knit a product without a single seam..Knit it only with circular needles. Knitting raglan from the neck allows you to avoid mistakes when calculating the loops. Products can turn out both with a level, and integral. Here are all aspects that you need to know when knitting raglan on top. Using this method of knitting is very convenient to knit dresses, pullovers, jumpers and sweaters and at the right moment to correct something.

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