How to knit a hat for a girl

How to knit a hat with knitting needles for a girl, sooner or later each mommy-needlewoman thinks. In fact, it is possible to find a lot of interesting options - these are openwork hats, summer panama women, autumn-spring caps. We have prepared for you some useful and not boring master classes.

We take measurements correctly

How to knit a hat with needles for a girl: schemes of new models

To knit a hat for a girl with knitting needles for spring, winter or autumn, first of all you need to take measurements. Of course, in many descriptions of the schemes, you can find a ready-made number of loops in advance, but children’s heads are not always the same. And to make the headpiece turned out the right size, we do simple calculations:

  1. Using a measuring tape measure the volume of the child's head.
  2. Then we knit a five centimeter sample, wash and dry it.
  3. We count how many eyelets fall on 1 centimeter, and multiply the head girth value by the coefficient obtained.
  4. The figure obtained as a result of mathematical calculations is the number of the starting number of loops.

This method of calculation is suitable only for knitting headgear with elastic. If you want to start working from the top of the cap, you will have to use the method of additional loops. Usually how much and where to make increases, is given in the explanations to the scheme.

Children's hat

In new models of hats for girls, it is often pre-supposed that the headdress needs to be knit from the very top. Such options are different from the usual for us caps that all the reductions look very neat, and the transitions from the main canvas to the top is almost imperceptible. Try to tie the same children's hat-helmet on circular needles. In our master class it is proposed to use the "scarf knitting" pattern, but you can vary the canvas with any pattern.

Necessary materials:

  • hypoallergenic yarn of two colors;
  • stocking knitting needles.

Process description:

  1. We twist the yarn in both colors and type the first 7 loops on the knitting needle.
  2. Already in the first row we begin to make increases in one stitch. Remove the edge loop, do nakid, knit the next stitch face. So we repeat to the end of the series.
  3. In the next row, all the loops do purse. And so that there are no gaps, we knit nakida with a crossed seam loop.
  4. By the same principle we knit 32 lines. The result should be such an open circle.
  5. In the 33rd row, we continue knitting without gains and close all the loops.
  6. Knit without increments in a circle of 55-60 rows, depending on the desired depth of the cap.
  7. Now we have to close the middle 28 stitches with the forehead from the front side and knit the rest of the loops only for the back of the head, diminishing 2 loops on each side.
  8. Having knitted 6 rows, we close again the central loops in the amount of 19 pieces - this will be the back of the head.

  9. Then separately we knit ears, remembering to remove 2 stitches in every second row from all sides.
  10. Using the "collar" method add strings to the cap.
  11. With a mattress stitch we sew a gap on the crown.
  12. As a result, we managed to knit such a hat with ears for a girl.

Fashionable hat with a diagonal pattern

Thanks to this master class, you will be able to knit a spiral hat for a teen girl with knitting needles. The pattern itself is simple, it is knitted very simply, and the finished product looks impressive.

How to knit a hat for a girl?

Necessary materials:

  • acrylic threads;
  • needles number 3.

Process description:

  1. The principle of knitting a diagonal cap is very simple. It is built on the method of adding 1 loop on both sides in every second row of knitting.
  2. Using this technique, you need to knit so many rows so that the resulting angle in the stretched form corresponds to the desired height of the product.
  3. After the height you need has been reached, continue to knit the hat, but do already increase it only on one side, and remove the loops on the second edge in each second row.
  4. Working in this way, you get the width of the cap, which should be equal to the head volume in centimeters.
  5. And one more important point: in order not to miscalculate with the volume of the product, you need to try on the cap.
  6. At the next stage of knitting is necessary to form a rectangle. To do this, in each second row, remove 1 stitch from both sides, and knit the remaining 3 loops on the needle into one.
  7. In principle, the cap is ready, it remains only to sew the edges of the rectangle, following the pattern.
  8. Now you need to close the crown. To do this, we type over the knitting loops and knit first every 3 stitches into one, and then the rest.
  9. After you close the top, go to the formation of gum.
  10. Type the hinge caps along the bottom contour and knit them with a usual tight 2-by-2 elastic band.
  11. Complete the work on the product by making and attaching a bubo on the top of its head.
  12. In general, to tie such a hat for a girl with knitting needles, schemes are not particularly needed. But if you find it difficult to understand the description of the entire process, you can use this schematic guide.

Now you know some more options for knitting hats for girls. We hope that our lessons will not only be useful to you as an example, but also be able to significantly ease the work. Good luck in all your endeavors and creative success!

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