How to knit a female cardigan with needles

If you want to have something original of clothes, not like everyone else, then you need to do it yourself. For example, a fashionable cardigan. In total any individual detail - an interesting pattern, non-standard knitting or features of "cut" - and that’s all, now you can only envy.

Fashionable cardigans of the autumn-winter 2015-2016 season are asymmetrical models of a free cut, stripes, a cage, all sorts of multi-color patterns. On fasteners and without, with a smell and under a thong, with a hood, a wide collar, with pockets and without. It seems nothing new, and yet ... By owning the spokes and using a pattern as a model, you can create your own "haute couture" product.

How to knit a cardigan with needles: a scheme with a description for beginners

In the classical sense of the cardigan - a kind of sweater or knitted wool jacket. It is usually well below the waist line in length, but fitted to the length. Initially, the model did not include a collar, and the neck had a rather deep cutout. A small number of fasteners (buttons, rivets, hooks) gives the product a kind of carelessness, freedom of movement.

This item of clothing is used as outerwear, that is, instead of a coat, raincoat, jacket or jacket. Therefore, often paired with a cardigan go under the style of a sweater, golfiki or knitted leggings.

It is better to start with a simple, because it is a shoulder product. Consequently, it will be necessary to knit the individual parts - the shelf, back, sleeves - and then connect them together. Therefore, if you still do not know how to count and match patterns, tie a single-colored, elongated cardigan-knit cardigan jacket.

Tie new cardigan with knitting for women

Tie new cardigan with knitting for women

  1. The work uses: yarn, knitting needles and a hook. The amount of material is calculated as follows: size 40-42 - 850 g of yarn; 44-46 p. - 900 g of yarn; 68-50 r. - 950 g. If your size is smaller than the indicated ones (or more), count the number of threads based on the suggested proportions.
  2. The main canvas - scarves: a series of facial loops, a number of purl, edge loop - purl.
  3. We cuff the cuffs, the bottom of the product and the outer edges of the shelf (those that are not sewn to the back) with a single elastic band (one face is one purl).
  4. A set of loops: back - 86, 93 or 100 p., Respectively; left shelf - 41, 45, 49 items; right shelf - similar to the left; sleeve - 40-42 p.
  5. Mating First, we knit several rows of gum. Then go to the main pattern. We prepare the canvas of the desired length. The length of the canvas up to the mark of the sleeve is 58 cm. At a distance of 80-81 cm from the dial, we begin to close the hinges to form the shoulder bevels. We do this symmetrically, that is, on both sides. 1x6-7 p., In every second row 3x6-7 p and 1x5-7 p. The total is 28-30 pp, respectively.
  6. Neckline. To make the neck slightly rounded, close each second row of 1x5 n. And 1x4 n. And so on until the loops are used up.
  7. Features mating sleeves. After the elastic in each 8th row on both sides, we add one loop each until the edge width reaches 72, 76 or 78 p. We close everything at the same time when the sleeve length is 53-55 cm.
  8. Assembly of the product. First we sew the shoulders and sides. Then we knit a rubber band around the inner carapace (this is done using a new set of loops). Last we insert the sleeves, having previously connected them along the seam.

On a similar principle, other models of cardigans for knitting are built. Having mastered the simplest principle of making a knitted product such as a cardigan, you can move on to more complex models. As a warm-up, we offer another example of a scheme for beginners with a description of how to knit a cardigan with needles.

Very simple and beautiful summer cardigan

The following model of an elongated cardigan will not be difficult to knit, because the product is knitted in one canvas. That is, you simultaneously knit back and 2 shelves, avoiding side seams. The sleeves, however, will need to be tied separately, and then sewn in during assembly.

Very simple and beautiful summer cardigan

Very simple and beautiful summer cardigan

  1. Since this is a summer model, we take thinner threads, for example, "Iris", the needles of the desired diameter and a hook. In this model of cardigans two-color knitting is used for knitting. Therefore, we need yarn sand-beige (300 g) and white (50 g) shades. Size of the finished product: 46-48.
  2. Pattern according to the scheme. The main binding is with a dark thread, the white one gets 2 rapports three times: the first through 9 rapports, the second and the third through 6 rapports of the main color.
  3. Loop set - 338 p.
  4. Mating We knit 156 rows according to the scheme. Then we form armholes, dividing the canvas into 3 parts and knitting according to the scheme separately. The distribution of the canvas is done as follows: 6 rapports in width - right shelf; 2 rapp - close; 12 rapp - back; 2 rapp - close; 6 rapp - left shelf.
  5. Next, be careful. We knit the detail of the backrest for another 8 rapports and close the loops. We knit the shelves for 6 rapports upwards, and then in each second row close the loops to form the neckline: 8 p., 7 p., 6, p., 5 p., 4 p and 2 times 3 p. Then the shelves reached the length of 8 rapports, and you can close the edge. Shelves knit mirror.
  6. We knit the sleeves as follows. A set of loops - 110 p. After 6 rapports on each side of the canvas, close each second row 1 time 12 p. And 28 times 1 p., Thus having worked another 5 rapports upwards.
  7. We stitch the product over the shoulders and sew the sleeves. Then we tie up all the seams with two rows of semi-columns and 1 row of crustaceans.
  8. In this model there are fasteners - buttons. Therefore, when crocheting on the right shelf, we form holes-loops. And on the left shelf, respectively, need to sew these same buttons.
  9. Any "newly-made" knitted product should be stripped before putting on (perhaps, rinse off first).

As you can see, nothing false. Any beginning needlewoman will cope with such a task once or twice. After practicing, you can quickly update your wardrobe, linking, for example, to yourself several cardigans of the same type of different colors, so to speak for different occasions. Having mastered the basic knitting and simple patterns, you can safely move on to something more complicated.

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