How to instill mandarin

Inoculation is required in mandarin in order to receive fruits from it. Perhaps mandarin zaplodonosit and without vaccination, it only happens very soon. In addition, the fruits will be small and sour. With the help of vaccination can accelerate the onset of fruiting and better quality fruits of mandarin.

When to instill mandarin?

The first fruits will appear at the tangerine treenot earlier than 6-8 years from the beginning of its landing. Therefore, you should not start the inoculation when the tree is still young. It will not bring the expected results.

The most the best time for grafting mandarin - April or the very beginning of May. At this time, the plant has the most active sap flow.

But nothing terrible will happen if you decide to plant Mandarin in August. This is not less favorable time for grafting this plant.

How to properly instil Mandarin?

It is best to plant a tangerine tree on seedlings of other citrus plants. Moreover, the vaccination process itself should occur quickly, accurately and in clean conditions.

To get started, prepare everything you need: a graft with wood that has matured enough, a graft from a domesticated fruiting citrus plant, garden pitch, elastic tape and a special abutment knife.

  • At a height of about 7 cm from the ground, carefully wipe the plant, remove all dust and dirt from it.
  • Then, with a clean abrasive knife (which should be very sharp), make an incision on the bark in the shape of a letter T. Try not to touch the wood, otherwise all work will be a waste. The upper part of the notch should be about 1 cm, and the lower part - 2.5 cm.
  • Next, we press down the bark with the tip of the knife, and insert the "eye" into the hole, while holding it by the petiole. Then we cover this leaf with bark, pressing it with a slightly dohing knife.
  • We make the incision greased with garden pitch and carefully wrap this place with adhesive tape. On the surface there should be only a scape with a leaf on it.
  • When your plant is already grafted, place it in a small greenhouse, which can be made independently from a large plastic bag or a special film for greenhouses. But, do not leave the plant in the greenhouse for all the time. Periodically open the film to the tree ventilated.

When it takes two or three weeks, after you have planted a tangerine tree, you can judge by appearance how you have succeeded in grafting. If the stalk prisoh to the shield and turned black, you did something wrong, and the vaccine should be repeated. And if the petiole has turned yellow, and it can be easily separated from the trunk of the tree, your vaccination was successful.

After a kidney has sprung up on the graft and it is well established, you can remove the adhesive tape. More it is not needed.

After about three weeks, a young shoot begins to sprout from the swollen bud. At this very time you will need to trim the stock rootstock at a height of about 5 mm above the base. The cut should go diagonally. The cut itself should definitely be treated with a garden pitch.

In order for the new young escape to form the correct crown of the tree, tie it to the stick on which it will rest.

In the event that you did everything exactly according to the proposed instructions, and the mandarin vaccination was successful, then in the future you will be able to enjoy the great taste of juicy tangerines. And additional pleasant sensations you get from what raised this mandarin with their own hands.

I wish you success!

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