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How to grow vegetable and decorative beans

We are all used to eating bean dishes. Someone loves beans, someone doesn’t, but surely the taste of beans is familiar to everyone. However, not only vegetable beans are grown in gardening, but also decorative beans. For example, crimson beans.

Crimson Beans

Crimson Beans

It is a climbing plant that reaches a height of four meters. The leaves are oval, slightly tapered. Flowers are usually red or white, or red-white, clustered in brushes in the axils of peduncles.

  • The flowering period is all summer.
  • The soil should be well-fertilized, preferably loamy. Crimson beans prefer open, bright places. He likes abundant watering.
  • Propagated by seeds, which are sown in the second half of April.
  • Used for gardening gardens, for closing fences, walls, terraces.

Multicolored beans

Multi-flowered beans are differently called Turkish beans. Usually it is a climbing plant, but there are also bush varieties. In height reaches three meters. It is a heat-loving plant, prefers sunny areas. Protect the beans from the wind.

Multicolored beans

Multicolored beans prefers light soil. But it is necessary to ensure that the water does not stagnate, and also avoid overwetting the soil. The plant requires a rigid support. Therefore, when the beans grow to 20-30cm, it is either curled counterclockwise, or tied with a rope to a support. Do not curl the plants in a clockwise direction, otherwise they will develop.

  • Breeds multi-flowered beans with seeds, which are sown indoors in May, and seedlings are planted in open ground in a month (beginning of June).
  • Harvest necessary every other day, because the pods (beans) rather quickly grow coarse. In this case, the harvest period will last about two months. Remember that if you do not break off the beans, the flowering period quickly comes to an end.
  • Multicolored beans often used to decorate arbors, create living walls, to distinguish zones in the garden and for other decorative purposes.

Vegetable beans

Vegetable beans are not well known to our gardeners, so they are suspicious of her green beans. But these are edible beans, they are extremely tasty. Soups are made from them, they are boiled, pickled, and salads are added. This is a healthy diet product. In the old literature, vegetable beans are called flageoles, especially in the French manner, to limit them from grain beans.

Vegetable Beans

Vegetable beans eat unripe shovels. In them contains proteins, sugar and vitamins. Protein in the seeds of beans, even more than in pork or beef. Beans exceed their calorie in almost three times, the quality of the protein, it is equal to chicken eggs. Besides all this, contained in beans and various amino acids. Beans are used as a dietary product for adults and children. Useful beans in diseases of the liver and gallbladder, with diabetes. It also contains substances that increase the body's resistance to infectious diseases.

Growing beans will not give you big trouble, because vegetable beans are surprisingly unpretentious.

Vegetable beans - a small bushy herb. Reaches in height of 20-40 cm. It loves heat. On the roots of the beans live nodule bacteria that fix nitrogen and thereby enrich the soil. They are extremely beneficial for beans.

Beans are spray, half-shank, curling and semi-growing. It is also divided by the structure of the bean into grain, sugar and semi-sugar.


In the sugar, or asparagus beans eat green beans (blades). Sugar beans are just the vegetable culture in question. Grain beans are grown for grain.

Vegetable beans are propagated by seeds, they germinate at a temperature of 13-15 ° C. Shoots and adults die at temperatures close to 0 ° C, they are very sensitive to frosts.

Harvested beans after the formation of ovaries in about 10 days. Harvesting is carried out at intervals of 6-7 days as suitable beans appear. It is impossible for beans to outgrow. This will lead to a decrease in taste.

Now, in your garden can grow both vegetable beans and decorative. Therefore, you can combine in your garden and garden pleasant with useful things.

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