How to grow tea at home

Do you like to drink tea? Did you know that tea can be grown by yourself, at home? Home grown tea has excellent taste and is of great benefit to the body. Home-made tea is most successfully grown in the south, but it will also grow on the windowsill as well if properly cared for.

How to plant tea at home?

  • Tea is planted by seeds.. The best time to plant this plant is winter.
  • Take the seeds of tea and, previously, soak them for three days in water. At the end of this period, throw away all those seeds that have surfaced. They will not ascend.
  • Take a medium sized pot. At the very bottom of it pour drainage. This is prerequisite when planting tea. Spread the earth on top of the drain, and sow a few seeds to a depth of about three and a half to four centimeters.

  • Do not forget to regularly water the plant, the ground in the pot should always be wet. The optimum temperature for seed germination is room temperature. It is best to put a pot of tea on the windowsill.
  • At the time of buying soil for growing homemade tea, choose sour. A mixture of coniferous soil and top peat is best. If you have not found such a soil on sale, purchase azalea soil.

Care for indoor tea

  1. Do not worry if your tea does not germinate for a long time. You will most likely see the first sprouts three months after sowing. And they will almost certainly die. But do not despair and throw away the plant. He remains alive root system, which will give new shoots that will not die.
  2. In the first year of my life, homemade tea grow to about twenty-five centimeters. And in one and a half year your plant, most likely, will begin to blossom. After the flowering period, small fruits will appear on the plant.
  3. When home tea turn three years old, transfer it to a larger pot.
  4. In summer, put a pot of tea on the balcony, fresh air.
  5. Do not allow your home tea to grow strongly upwards. Crop long stems from time to time.
  6. Sure to feed home tea. As a top dressing, a standard fertilizer for home flowers will be suitable.
  7. Water the plant follows in the evenings. Every fifth watering necessarily loosen the earth in a pot.
  8. When the temperature outside drops to +15 degrees, a pot of room tea should be brought into the room and put on the windowsill.
  9. Occasionally spray room tea plain water.

The benefits of homemade tea like plants

What advantages does homemade tea have over ordinary pot plants?

  • Homemade tea practically never get sick.
  • Homemade tea is uninteresting for various pests.

TOHow to brew homemade tea?

How to harvest and harvest homemade tea? How to brew it to get an excellent drink?

Most importantly, remember that tear off the leaves for brewing need to the moment you have treated the plant with fertilizers. Not the opposite!

When indoor tea reaches the age of two, you will be surprised how fluffy the plant has become! There will be so many leaves on it that it will be possible to drink tea with all the friends who came to visit you!

For brewing, it is best to take the top leaves. Take two or three top leaves with shoots, rub them between your palms so that they become sticky and curl into a straw. Then, put it on a baking sheet in the shape of a slide, tightly cover with plastic wrap and leave for fifteen minutes. After that, remove the film and dry the leaves in the oven at a low temperature. The resultant brewing should be stored in banks with tight lids. Well, if the banks are metal.

Be sure to get yourself a pot of tea, because it will be so nice to drink it, knowing that you have grown it with your own hands!

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