How to grow strawberries

It's hard to find people who don't like strawberries. In summer, I especially want to enjoy delicious berries. Strawberries are not only tasty, but also useful. It contains a lot of vitamin C and folic acid., it is included in the diet of patients with diabetes, anemia.

Strawberries are eaten fresh. Jam, compotes, jams, etc. are brewed from its berries. It is added to baking tops and fruit salads.

Strawberry Description

Strawberry is a perennial herb. The fact that gardeners grow in their plots is not scientifically called strawberries. Everybody's familiar strawberry is nothing more than garden strawberries. But everyone is used to calling her strawberries, and we will not be the exception.

The strawberry reaches a height of about 30 cm. The stalk is erect, with small soft hairs. Leaves collected in three. The flowers are white, collected in inflorescences. Fruits are not a berry that we eat, but small blotches in a berry (from the point of view of science). This is what we used to call seeds.

How to plant strawberries?

In order for the strawberry harvest to please you, you need to properly plant and grow it.

  • You are takingelite seedlings, and even better, take the seedlings from the summer cottage of friends, if it is worth it. After buying the seedlings on the market, you can not know the taste of strawberries until it grows. And a neighbor or friend, eating berries from a flower bed. You can ask the seedlings and boldly get the exact same strawberries next year (provided the right care is taken).
  • After selecting seedlings choose land for landing.Strawberry grows well on light, well-fertilized soils. Do not plant strawberries on marshy, clay, acidic or limestone soils.
  • It is also important that planting berries was protected from the winds. For this purpose, corn and sunflower will serve as excellent neighbors from the wind. Do not plant strawberries next to potatoes, peppers, tomatoes.
  • Strawberry loves sunny, well lit places. Do not grow it on the slopes.
  • Strawberries must be planted in early spring (April) or in summer (August). The best landing period is the end of July - the beginning of August.
  • Do not part with landings. After all, the strawberry bush for a normal development and abundant yield requires a good amount of light, moisture and minerals. No need to create bushes plants competition for these conditions.

Strawberry care

Strawberries planted must be properly maintained.

The main thing in leaving after landing is observance of soil moisture. Watering strawberries should be plentiful. However, do not fill it. You can water it daily during the absence of rain and especially in hot weather. At least strawberries are watered 2 times a week.

During flowering, watering is stopped or reduced. During the growing season, strawberries must be feed with organic fertilizers, best manure.

Strawberry pests and diseases

Strawberry is a very fastidious plant, it is quite unstable to various diseases. However, gardeners are not afraid of them, because they know the best way to save their berries. it horse sorrel. He insists during the week and periodically sprayed strawberries. Excellent prevention tool!

Timely weeding will save you from weeds, as well as various chemical products (there are plenty of them in specialized stores).

How to grow strawberries?

Currently, there are about 2.5 thousand varieties of strawberries. Therefore, you can always choose the most profitable variety for growing. As a rule, the greatest number of varieties are early. These are varieties adapted to our climatic conditions.

It is important to choose the right variety, the right place for planting and to follow the proper strawberry care. Then she will undoubtedly please you with her high yield, beauty and delicious dishes with her.

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