How to grow pineapples

How little we know about such an exotic fruit as pineapple. It does not grow in our latitudes, and we see it already sliced ​​or in the form of an unusual fruit. It is very tasty and no less useful, but how does it actually grow, a really interesting question that I would like to find the answer to. A broad outlook makes a person a wonderful interlocutor, with whom it is pleasant to communicate on a variety of topics. But besides Knowing the answer to this question, you can grow pineapple at home., having enjoyed the contemplation of an unusual and exotic fruit, and even wait for the ripening of its fruit.

What is pineapple?

Pineapples, like well-known bananas, do not grow on palm trees. Pineapple does not even grow on any other tropical tree. Pineapple is a perennial herbaceous plant, reaching a height of not more than 1.5 m. In a word pineapple is an ordinary grass, true, exotic and fruity. When traveling to Thailand, they usually always offer to take a tour and learn how pineapples grow. Once on a huge field, littered with long leaves in the shape of arrows, you begin to understand that these thickets are the answer to the question of how pineapples grow.

How to grow pineapples?

Pineapples grow like ordinary white cabbage: there is a bunch of leaves on a short stem, among which is the fruit, which we all used to see. But I would never have thought that among this grass are pineapples with tasty and juicy pulp, perfectly quenching thirst.

Where do pineapples grow?

Pineapples grow in many southern tropical countries. The homeland of this fruit is the territory of northeastern Brazil, Paraguay, Guyana and South America. Over time, the distribution of pineapple became quite wide, it appeared in Southeast Asia. The most delicious are pineapples grown in Thailand. Unfortunately, those pineapples, which are sold in our stores, do not go to any comparison in taste with Thai pineapples.

Pineapple has a fairly large number of varieties, among which there are green pineapples. Choosing the same pineapple more common yellow variety, you need to pay attention to the fact that the whole pineapple should be yellow. When pressed, ripe pineapple is slightly minimized. Pineapples ripen under the hot southern sun in conditions of high humidity in the tropics throughout the year. It can be grown at home, providing the necessary conditions for growth and development, and even try the fruit.

How to grow pineapple from the top?

If you are impressed with how pineapples grow, you can try to grow this fruit at home. You do not need to look for where the pineapple seeds are sold, but rather just buy ripe, enjoy its wonderful taste and not throw it away, but leave the top.

How to grow pineapple from the top?

Cutting the top, remove the leaves that make up the bottom row, there should be a small stump. Now for 3 weeks, hang the top so that the stub is at the bottom. Choose a medium size pot, immediately expecting that the pineapple will grow here over the next 4 years. Put claydite or river pebbles on the bottom, fill the soil substrate. It should consist of land, river sand and peat mixed in equal parts.

Now disinfect the soil, for which boil water and add some crystals of potassium permanganate to it. Plant the top of the pineapple, while its lower leaves should be above the ground. Sprinkle on top and cover with plastic bag or can. Remove the pineapple in a bright place where there is no direct sunlight. A month later, the pineapple will get stronger and be able to put the first roots. Water the sapling rarely, but plentifully and with warm water. As soon as the pineapple grows, it needs to be fed in order for it to blossom and give the first fruits.

How to grow pineapple from the fruit?

Pineapple can be grown from the fruit, but it should be yellow, with no traces of rot and dents. Its leaves should have a beautiful green color and hardness, no yellow and dark spots on them should be. To increase the chances, buy 2 pineapples at once..

  • Using a sharp knife, cut the pineapple, leaving a rosette of leaves. Remove all the flesh so that there is no rot when planting. After neatly cut the bottom of the crown, to the place where the circles appear.
  • To part of the pineapple for planting dried, hang it overnight.
  • Remove some of the lower leaves, so that bare 2-3 cm at the top of the trunk. At the base you will see small brown roots, they can not be damaged.
  • To make the roots appear faster, lower the pineapple stem by 3 cm into a dark jar with settled water. Put the container in a place where there are no drafts, sudden changes in temperature and heating devices. Water change every 2 days.
  • When the socket will release the first roots, it can be transplanted into the ground. Pick a pot with the same diameter as the top of the pineapple. At the bottom with the help of heated sewers, make drainage holes if they are not there. At the bottom lay a layer of expanded clay height of 3 cm.

How to grow pineapple from the fruit? How to grow pineapples?

  • As a substrate, buy ready-made soil mixture for cacti or cook it yourself by mixing 1 part peat, 2 parts humus and 1 part sand. Plant a pineapple and put in a bright place. Make sure that the land of the pineapple is not dry, it is better if it is constantly wet.
  • After 2 months, the pineapple should root well. When dried leaves appear, remove them, new ones will appear in the middle of the outlet. Try to replant the pineapple once a year in a larger pot.

To answer the question “How do pineapples grow?”, It’s enough to imagine the humid and hot tropics of South America or Thailand and huge thickets of tall grass. A herbaceous plant that reaches one and a half meters in height, grows on a small stem, in the middle of which is the fruit, and there is a well-known juicy pineapple. If you want to have this miracle of nature at home, pineapple can be grown at home and even enjoy its flesh, and you can simply present as an unusual gift that you will definitely appreciate.

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