How to grow ordinary lilac

One of the most famous varieties of lilac is common lilac. It grows in the form of a shrub or small tree and has fragrant and quite pretty purple-violet flowers. In fact, the flowers of lilac in their color scheme can deviate from such a standard color and, then, you will have the opportunity to see a very diverse color range from white to thick lilac.

The leaves of lilac ordinary have a very rich dark green color and, interestingly, they are always green, even before the period of leaf fall.

Fragrant beauty common lilac

The homeland of common lilac is Western Europe. On the territory of our state, this plant stuck well.

Flowers of lilac - both sexes, very fragrant. Sepals are collected in such a way that they resemble a bell in their own drawing. They have a tubular corolla with four lobes, and already within them are two stamens. The flowers are not single, but collected in beautiful inflorescences.

This plant has its fruit. It is presented in the form of an oval box. It then contains two seeds, which are planting common lilac.

The use of ordinary lilac

Good lilac for decorative plantings. Often plant this plant along the garden paths. And the eye rejoices, and the smell is pleasant. Thick landing works as a hedge. Well, very beautiful !!!

How to plant ordinary lilac?

We select a place

Place it is important to choose the right. The main thing is good lighting and a barrier to the wind. The plant does not like cold during flowering.

It is very important that the terrain was not lowland. If you choose too low a plot, it will be flooded in the fall or spring, and after all, the stagnation of water, even for a couple of days, is already a collapse. The roots of this approach will not stand and rot.

What do we have with the soil?

Soil cover should be enriched with humus. Poor acid-neutral soils are considered excellent for common lilac. That is, the soil will suit us fertile and drained (remember about the moderate humidity of the soil).

Common lilac

Planting common lilac

Planting engage in early spring or early autumn. An important aspect for you should be that the buds of the plant at the time of planting should not be disclosed.

As planted shrub, water more often, but make sure that the water in the soil does not stagnate. But an adult watering plant requires only during the drought.

Care for common lilac

As soon as spring came to the yard, take tools in your hands and cut off all the weak, dried and crooked turns of lilac. Those inflorescences that have faded long ago are also pruned.

Lilac care is simple.

  • In order for each year to please you beautiful lilac ordinary shrubs, it should give you a good growth.
  • The most important thing in care, except for trimming a bush, is to monitor the soil. It is necessary to loosen and remove weeds.
  • In autumn, it will be necessary to weave the upper soil layer twelve centimeters deep. It is important not to damage the roots of lilac ordinary. In the spring and summer, too, do not forget about the shovel. Loosen the soil three to four times during the two seasons.
  • It is important to loosen after you have watered. You can wait for the rain.
  • To get rid of weeds, cut off the top layer of soil along with the vegetation you don't need.

Fragrant beauty common lilac

Lilac pruning

Lilac pruning is the timely removal of flowering inflorescences, preventing the growth of overgrown around the main trunks of the bush and pruning fat shoots. All other types of pruning are produced in exceptional cases, depending on the condition of the tree.

For example, if a tree is too overgrown and has lost its shape, then it is necessary to cut it in early autumn, before the buds swell, that is, to shorten the old stretched branches and, in particular, the branches directed inside the crown. At the same time, it is necessary to thin the crown in thickened areas and give it the desired shape.

How to spend rejuvenation of common lilac?

To rejuvenate the plant, you can use all the same pruning. But then it should be made very shortly, no matter what the branches are in thickness. Set the desired direction for young twigs. Use garden pitch to treat branching points.

Frost resistance

Common lilac will tolerate moderate frosts of the middle zone of our homeland. If frosts spring in the spring when the lilac buds have already begun to open, do not worry, the plant will not suffer. Flowering will stop and continue when it gets warmer.

Common lilac

Gently mouse !!!!!!!!!!

Oh, eh, here are the real pests for our common lilac. The root system suffers from these rodents very much. Therefore, it is worth tightly trampling the ground near the landing. This will prevent mice from accessing the lilac roots so tasty to them.

These are not complicated rules so that you can be pleased with the fragrant beauty of lilac during the season !!!

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