How to grow garden strawberries

Strawberries - sweet, tasty and beautiful plant, which can be found on the edge of the forest. When we walk through the woods, accidentally bump into a strawberry bush, we are touched and taste berries. And we do not even guess that growing strawberries at home means giving all of oneself to this activity. In order to engage in such a laborious process as growing something, one must first of all love it. Strawberries themselves will not grow. The first thing to choose is a place.

Requirements to the site for garden strawberries

  • Earth should be well lit.
  • The site should not be stagnant water

We must immediately say that the cultivation of strawberries takes several years. Therefore, you should tune in to serious physical and moral work. After you have chosen a site, break it into four equal parts.

The first part of the seedlings planted in the fall. The strawberry grown for the next year will be a harvest of the first year. Don't wait for a good harvest this year, but you can take seedlings and plant them on the next part of the land. Next year you will have a great harvest from the first part, and from the second you will take seedlings for the third and so on.

After the first three years of planting, strawberries on the first part should be dug up, because the harvest from it will be small and poor. It is better to add fertilizers to the dug up part of the land: peat, minerals, lime, manure, and plant a green manure: wico-oat mixture, pea-oat mixture or one-year lupine. Thus, after four years of work, you will receive 3 "combat sites" from which you can collect seedlings and crops. And prepare the fourth for a new seedling.

The method is complicated and time consuming, but this does not prevent gardeners from doing what they love. The advantage of this method is in increasing the good yield of strawberries. Plus you will not need to feed the plants in the process of growing.

Garden strawberry care calendar

The calendar is a kind of reminder of what you have to do for the future harvest of strawberries. Make a list of jobs, specify the time and type of work. First, it is worth a week to devote to the preparation of the site, cleaning weeds, pests. Next week will be spent on a row spacing. The third week you will spray the bushes from pests. Further, the preparation of land for a new landing, and so on. It is best to make a schedule of "duty", hang it on your fridge and do not forget that you should sometimes look at this calendar.

Useful tips on the cultivation of strawberries

  • Non-entangling strawberries do not happen, do not listen to merchants.
  • Beautiful predecessors (those plants that grew in the area before her) for the cultivation of garden strawberries: onions, carrots, legumes, marigolds, oats, rye, lupine, dill, garlic.
  • Bad predecessors: potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage.
  • If strawberries have already grown on the plot, at least 5 years must pass before it reappears on this earth.
  • With good supplements, strawberries can live in one place for up to 7 years, but it is better not to leave it there more than 4.
  • Too high acidity of the soil can lead to redness of the leaves. In this case, ashes are brought into the ground.
  • Watering garden strawberries - perhaps the most important part of the cultivation. In the period of growth of new leaves, during flowering, when berries are ripening, after harvesting, during drought - all these periods in the development of strawberries should be closely monitored.
  • If the first berries in the harvest are large, and the rest are small - it means that you have fed little bushes.
  • Overabundance of nitrogen fertilizers leads to a weakening and diseases of garden strawberries.
  • For breeding tendrils are best suited from a two-year plantation.
  • It is not recommended to plant different varieties of strawberries on one part of the land or garden.
  • Use hot water to control pests. Place the seedlings in water with a temperature of 46-47 ° C for 15 min - against a strawberry mite and strawberry nematode, and for 15-20 min in water with a temperature of 47-48 ° C - against a stem nematode. Next, wash the plants and remove heat shock in cool water.
  • In order to scare off the pests, plant some onion, garlic, marigolds, and dill.
  • Do not forget to cover garden strawberries from frost: needles, sawdust, leaves.

Dear gardeners, strawberries - this is not a complete list of what you need to decide, before you try the delicious berries. Consider right now whether it is worth starting many years of work that will be difficult to leave halfway through. Well, if you bring the strawberries, then it is better to immediately sell, so that it brings income. And in order for it to generate income, the cultivation of strawberries should be your work, not a hobby. In any case, we wish you to make the right decision, whatever it may be.

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