How to grow avocados at home

Avocado, or as it is called, alligator pear belongs to the family of laurel. Under natural conditions, it can reach up to 18 m in length. Exotic lovers can try to grow this exotic plant at home. The only negative of such cultivation is that it will not bear fruit, and the height will be somewhat less than natural.

Spectacular appearance of indoor avocadoable to decorate any apartment. To care for him is quite simple, which makes growing even more enjoyable.

How to grow avocado at home?

To grow an alligator pear at home is enough to buy in the store.avocado. The main trick is that for growing it is necessary to buy a ripe fruit, because the bone from the unripe can not germinate.

How to grow avocados at home?

The flesh of a ripe fruit is pressed and pressed. When you buy a ripe avocado, you need to take a bone out of it.

How to plant avocado?

  • There are 2 ways to plant avocados. The simplest, but not effective, is to plant a fruit pit in a container filled with wet earth. The bone is planted in the recess (the blunt end - goes into the ground, and the sharp end - protrudes), made in the ground. It is from the sharp end that a sprout should appear. You do not need to completely immerse the bone in the ground, otherwise it may rot.
  • Avocado loves water, therefore, the fruit will have to be watered plentifully. After 2 weeks, a sprout should appear. In the future, you should have a beautiful plant, but without fruits.
  • The second method of cultivation is the primary seed germination. This is an effective, but time-consuming process. Make 3 holes in the lower (blunt) part of the bone. Insert into the holes by the toothpick. Pour water into a glass and place a fruit bone in it so that only its lower part gets wet. For 2 weeks it is necessary to maintain the water level in the glass. After 2 weeks, the roots will appear below the seed, and a green sprout will appear on top.
  • When the stone germinates, take a pot with holes in the bottom. The pot must be a pallet. Fill the pot with earth, plant a bone there, leaving most of it on the surface. After a while you will grow a tree about 15 cm tall. It will look like a laurel tree with wide leaves. When the avocado is cramped in a pot, it can be transplanted into a larger container.

Homemade Avocado: Secrets to Growing

  • The bone of the fruit is immersed only 1/3 into the ground. The substrate for avocado is prepared from garden soil, humus, coarse sand and peat (in equal proportions). The plant does not like acidic soil, so when mixing the ground, add a pinch of lime.

How to grow avocados at home?

  • Plant better in a plastic pot. The clay container will absorb the moisture that your alligator pear needs. The bottom should pass water, so buy a pot with holes for the outflow of water. Inside, put a drainage or expanded clay, and put a pan under the pot.
  • To make the plant beautiful and powerful, you will have to form the crown of a tree. To do this, pinch the tops of the shoots, which contributes to the growth of the side branches.
  • Avocados do not like direct sunlight, so put a plant pot near the north window or darken the place where it grows. If the plant will fall direct sunlight, the leaves may become covered with rusty spots. In winter, increase daylight trees using phytolamps.
  • In the summer, be sure to water abundant avocados, and in the winter, reduce watering. In the summertime, constantly spray the plant, it will help to minimize dry air and avoid drying the leaves.
  • The optimum temperature for growing is 16 - 20 degrees. If the temperature deviates from the norm, it can cause growth irregularities. If the temperature drops below 12 degrees, the plant will drop the leaves. In spring and summer it is recommended to feed the plant with liquid mineral fertilizers. Fertilizers should be intended for tropical plants.
  • Like other plants, avocados can hurt. Most often, it is affected by powdery mildew, spider mites and scutes. To cure your pet, buy special solutions in the store and treat the foliage. If time does not take measures for treatment, it may die.

After a few years of proper care, your tree can reach a height of 2 - 2.5 m. For a homemade avocado, this is the maximum length, but it is also a lot. As practice shows, to grow avocados at home is quite real. A beautiful exotic plant will delight you with its appearance, decorating the room.

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