How to grow avocado from the bone

Did you try to grow avocados at home? Having eaten the fruit, you stuck a bone in the pot, and now your little avocado is adjacent to some indoor plant. Maybe you transplanted it into a separate pot and now you do not know what to do with it, how to care for it?

But first, let's talk about the fact that avocados, like orange, banana, mango and many other plants, are fun plants.Fun plants- these are plants for which we do not spend money. This kind of plant for the experiment: grow or not? And sometimes, we are very surprised when we discover that the fruit bone we planted began to grow. And then we do not know what to do.

Instructions for planting avocados

How to plant avocado?

First of all, you need to make a reservation that you can only grow avocados from the bone of the ripe fruit. Mature fruit can be determined by taste. Also, the pulp of the ripe fruit is minimized when pressed.

You can just plant a bone sharp end up in a pot with any home plant. It is desirable that the plant loved the moisture, then more likely that the avocado will germinate.

But experts advise the bone to be only slightly lowered into the water for several weeks. This is difficult to do, because the stone is sloping and it will not stand in a glass with a small amount of water. It will fall, and the roots will have nowhere to grow. Therefore, smart people guessed doing the following: drilled a few holes (three is enough) somewhere in the middle of the avocado pits in diameter.

Then insert into these match holes. Having built such a kind of corset for the future of the plant, bone placed in a glass of water so that blunt end she is touched water. And wait. Water as it evaporates should be poured to the desired level. After some time, the roots appear. When the roots grow about three centimeters by three, the bone is planted in the ground. In this case, you will be sure that the avocado will germinate.

There is also a third way to grow avocados from the stone. For this bone macerated during half an hour in water, at a temperature of 40 ° C-50 ° C, to prevent the formation of rot. Then cut off the sharp end of the bone. Dip the slice into the fungicide solution and planted in the ground so that the cut was above the surface of the earth. The earth should be wet all the time. But with too much watering possible death of the bone.

Avocado germinates regardless of the method of planting at the same time (after about three to four weeks).

Avocado Care

  • Lighting.This tropical plant prefers shade. For him fit the windows on the north side of the house.
  • Wateringabundant. However, the land should not be over-wetted, but it should never be dry. In winter, watered, like all other plants, less than usual.
  • Air humiditymust be high. All tropical plants will suffer from a lack of moisture. Therefore, often spray the leaves of avocado. You can also put a jar of water next to the plant or periodically place the pot on a tray with wet moss or expanded clay.
  • Transferannual

Do not be alarmed if with the onset of cold weather avocados will drop the leaves. It's not about care, but in physiology. In the spring leaves will reappear.

If we talk about the soil, the avocado can not be grown on acidic soils. Well suited the following mixture: garden soil, humus (you can replace it with wet peat) and sand in equal proportions. You can add a little lime.

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To avoid avocados, you should pinch them. Fruiting avocados, of course, you will not achieve, but you can see the flowering. Under favorable conditions, avocados bloom in the sixth-eighth year of their existence.

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