How to grow an orange from the stone

Surely, many of us have tried to grow an orange from a stone. More often than not, we simply planted an orange seed in a pot with some plant and waited. Someone has a little sprout, but someone does not. But how many of us have begun to finish? Did someone have small fruits? If yes, then you are just clever, and if not, then let's look at - why?

If you have a desire to grow an orange from a stone, then you need some recommendations (so surely!)

Instructions for planting orange

  1. To start choose the most successful orange pits. They should be rounded, convex. Flat and small are best thrown away.
  2. Selected the seeds wrapping up in a wet cloth or cheesecloth, put in a small cup and cover with a plastic bag. We have a kind of greenhouse imitation.
  3. After three - five, or even six weeks, the seeds begin to germinate. During this period it is necessary follow behind that so that the cloth or gauze will always remain wet, but do not pour much water. It is better to wet a cloth or gauze than pour water into a cup.
  4. When the spine appears(approximately 1-2 cm), the bone is necessary to plant into the ground. To do this, just stick the bone in the ground and a half centimeters. Look do not damage the spine!
  5. It is better to buy a special land for citrus. Also suitable and universal earth mixture.
  6. Wait for the second pair of leaves to appear and repot the sprout.

Care for an orange at home

Now that we have a little sprout of orange, we need to know how to properly care for it. It is a plant of southern countries, therefore its requirements are relevant.

  • Lighting. Orange is extremely fond of sunlight, so choose the lightest spot for it. But make sure that the plant does not get sunburn.
  • Temperature. Orange is a thermophilic plant. In the summer it is good to take it out to the balcony if you have it from the sunny side. In winter, an orange needs rest. But the temperature in the cold season should not fall below 15 ° C.
  • Air humidity. It is necessary to arrange an orange sprinkling of leaves or a light shower.
  • Watering abundant. Sometimes the plant lacks moisture, it can dry up the roots. Regular watering will not get off here. It will help wet moss or expanded clay, which should put a pot of orange. This should be done periodically for prophylaxis.
  • Transplanted at first, when the plant is still small, every half a year, then - every year, after - much less often.

In order for the orange to branch, pinch the top the main escape. The same is done with the lateral shoots that form.

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Of course, it will not be easy to produce fruits. It is easier to plant on our tree, a sprig of orange grown in natural conditions or greenhouse.

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