How to grow a blackberry

Blackberries - a wonderful and useful berry, a relative of raspberry. But, unlike raspberries, it is much easier to grow, caring for it is much easier. How to care for blackberries, so she gave a bountiful harvest?

How to plant a blackberry?

  • Blackberry is unpretentious, so its cultivation is possible on any soil. The main conditions for choosing a place for landing blackberry - a large amount of sun falling on the site and protection from the wind.
  • In mid-latitude conditions, it is best to plant a blackberry in early spring. In warm lands, it is also possible to plant in late autumn.
  • The hole dug for blackberry should be about 40 by 40 cm, the optimal depth is about 70 cm.
  • When hole for planting blackberries ready, add about 5 kg of rotted manure, 50 g of potash fertilizer and 150 g of superphosphate. All these components must be mixed with the ground.

  • Blackberry bushes should be planted at a distance of about one meter from each other. And the distance between the rows should not be less than two meters.
  • After the blackberry seedlings are planted, fill them abundantly with water so that the earth settles and there are no voids. After three days, pour again. But we fill only when planted. Blackberries do not like wet and damp soils, in such a soil it will not grow.

Growing blackberries

  • Blackberries should be fed, then it will give a large number of high-quality crop.
  • But you should not feed with a large amount of nitrogen, if you overdo it, the blackberry will get sick.
  • When you planted blackberries, you added fertilizer to the ground. These fertilizers will be enough for a plant for two or three years, all this time it is not necessary to fertilize the earth.
  • Every spring feed blackberries. This will require about 15 g of urea or 25 g of ammonium nitrate per square meter.
  • Blackberry bushes easily carry dry, but do not tolerate moisture. Therefore, it is better not to pour water than to pour. Abundant watering is required only when blackberries begin to ripen. But, again, try not to overflow.
  • Besides what is written, Blackberry does not require any extra care. This is a very unpretentious plant.

How to hide a blackberry for the winter?

  • In late autumn, carefully inspect the blackberry bushes. Obsolete and stemmed stalks gently remove, New stems should be carefully covered so that they do not freeze over in winter.
  • Remove all leaves from the whip. Bare the whips in a bundle, and very carefully and slowly bend them to the ground. Fasten the lash should be using staples. The base of the bushes carefully pour peat. Cover themselves thickly with straw or leaves.

Blackberry breeding

  • Those blackberry varieties that belong to straight-growing varieties, propagated by root shoots or root cuttings.
  • Those varieties of blackberry shrubs that belong to creeping varieties do not have root suckers, therefore reproduction is possible with the help of cuttings.
  • In order to propagate blackberry bushes, their upper shoots should be bent to the ground and laid in prepared furrows. On the shoots themselves should make a few notches. After the shoots are laid in the grooves, you should sprinkle them thoroughly with earth.

Blackberry Diseases

BlackBerry has one single possible disease. - white bloom. You can fight it with the following means: Topaz (the desired proportion is 10 mm per 10 liters of water), Mikosan, Skor, Sapral, and Strobl.

In addition to ready-made tools to combat blackberry disease, you can use the following:

  • Colloidal sulfur solution (1%) - blackberry shrubs should be sprayed with this solution.
  • Fresh mullein - 1 kg per 10 liters of water.
  • Soda Ash Solution - 0.5%.

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As you can see, there is nothing difficult in plant and grow blackberries. And as a reward for your work, the shrubs will give you a lot delicious and healthy blackberries!

I wish you success!

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