How to gradually make a dog from a long ball

A simple way to add a good mood and joy to a holiday is to decorate the room with balloons. And there is an option to do it in an original way, using models for twisting. For example, a technology that describes how to make a ball out of a dog is available even to a non-professional in twisting figures from such a “material”.

Twisting - 21st Century Fashion

The concept of twisting firmly entered our lives with the advent of cigarette balls, or, as they are called, sausages. These elongated things themselves look original, and even allow you to create the most incredible shapes. Finished products are used for decoration of celebrations, shopping and entertainment facilities, circus performances or as children's toys. Models of balls simply twist and do not deflate for a long time. In addition, funny animals - the most popular type of twisting - look cute and childish directly.

Tips experienced masters

Recommendations for twisting dogs

The dog is a friend of man and a favorite model of twisters. If you have conceived to make a four-legged comrade of a sausage ball, then it is important to take into account a number of nuances:

  • it is most convenient to work with oblong sausages;
  • balls for the product is better to take latex (they are very flexible and strong);
  • balls 260 and 260-2 - the most suitable size for dogs;
  • all twisting must be done in one direction - clockwise or counterclockwise;
  • it is necessary to tie a ball on knots, threads are not used;
  • when blowing, be sure to leave a free tail without air (about 10 cm), so that the air moves there in the process of twisting the sausages.

How to make a dog out of a ball-sausage?

The most elementary model of a dog made of sausages resembles a poodle. On its twisting will take about 10 minutes.

How to make a dog out of a ball-sausage?


  • ball-cigarette;
  • special manual pump.


  1. Fingers well stretch the ball to make it easier to inflate.
  2. We inflate a ball with a pump, leaving 10 cm without air.
  3. Tie the tip.
  4. We retreat 10 cm from the tail and make 5 twists.
  5. From this twist we make another 2 sausages of 4 cm.
  6. We twist the long part through the first sausage. It turned out muzzle with ears.
  7. We make the neck, twisting 8 cm.
  8. Next, lay off the segments of 10 cm - this foot.
  9. The unused part is carried out under the neck.
  10. Put off 15 cm of the body and 2 times 10 cm on the hind legs.
  11. A small remaining tail we start between the body and rear legs, directing it upwards. The dog is ready.

Making a hunting dog: a phased master class

To diversify the range of dogs, you can twist long-eared hunting breed.

How to make a dog out of sausage balls step by step?


  • sausage ball;
  • pump (you can do without it);
  • black marker.


  1. The ball is inflated tightly, but not tight (do not forget about the free end).
  2. We tie the tail and set aside a piece equal to one third of the length of the workpiece.
  3. We fold the segment in half and twist it in the middle - the nose and ears of the dog are ready.
  4. We make a small sausage for the neck of the beast.
  5. We attach a segment of the face to the remaining ball and lay the front paws, twist the segments.
  6. Putting off the segment for the body, twist.
  7. Measure out the rest of the ball under the hind pair of paws and tail.
  8. We hold the tail above the rear legs.
  9. Draw a black marker with a marker and point the nose. The toy is ready.

We work with the extended ball

It is easy to create a merry dog ​​with a fervently protruding tail and a cute attractive face out of an elongated ball.

How to make a dog out of a long ball?


  • sausage ball;
  • hand pump.


  1. We pump up a ball with air, leaving 15 cm of free space. Tie sausage.
  2. We measure off a small piece for the nose and twist it.
  3. We measure out 2 equal to each other, but a little more than the first, sausages, we twist.
  4. The last 2 segments are twisted together - the muzzle is ready.
  5. We measure off the segment 1.5 times the size of the first one and twist the neck of the animal.
  6. Twist 2 equal segments for the legs of the little dog.
  7. The rest we get over paws.
  8. We make the torso and 2 hind legs, repeating steps 5-6.
  9. We get a long rest over the hind limbs - the dog is ready.

Children around you will never be bored if you are familiar with the basics of twisting and know how to make a ball out of a ball. Moreover, an unusual dog can be both a toy and an ornament. But in any case, the "air" animal certainly will not go unnoticed.

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