How to get rid of wood lice

Woodlice are very unpleasant insects. They may appear in the apartment suddenly, for no reason. Woodflies are very tenacious, multiply rapidly and can live anywhere in the house. These insects belong to the class of crustaceans and can easily destroy all the indoor plants in the apartment, as they feed not only on rot, but also on healthy shoots of flowers. There are many ways to get rid of these parasites.

Limes in the apartment: causes

How to get rid of wood lice? Cleaning.

In the house, woodlice may appear in the presence of several conditions. These crustaceans feel best in damp areas, for example, in the bathroom or cellar. If pipes are leaking in your bathroom, toilet or kitchen, the laundry is often too dry, ventilation is clogged, then woodlice can start at any time.

The second reason why these crustaceans can live in your apartment is rotting vegetables, fruits, plants, and garbage. Sometimes, wood lice can get into the house from neighboring rooms through the plumbing, cracks in the walls or balconies.

How to deal with woodlice?

Woodlice are believed to be safe and do not pose a threat to humans. But here the opinions of experts diverge. Some believe that on their paws insects can carry pathogenic bacteria and microbes. Therefore, as soon as you found lice in the apartment, you should immediately get rid of them. The simplest way is to thoroughly clean the room with chemical agents for cleaning tiles and cleaning floors, which contain chlorine. Such compositions are diluted in water and treated rooms. It should not be washed off with water, since chlorine tends to evaporate. If at least once a week to carry out a similar treatment, then very soon wood lice will completely disappear.


A powder or solution of boric acid copes well with these insects. Sprinkle with powder or sprinkle with liquid means the places where you have found the maximum accumulation of parasites. The plus of this method is that boric acid is safe for people and domestic animals. Table salt has similar properties. Just scatter it where woodlice live, and they will soon disappear.

The solution from tobacco also proved itself in the fight against parasites. Dissolve 2-3 g of tobacco, red pepper and soda ash in 1 liter of water. Spray the places where you found insects. After 10, thoroughly wash the room with water and bleach. This method is very effective and safe.

Dissolve 100 g of alum in 500 ml of water. Spray this solution at the site of insect accumulation. Flush it is not necessary. From wood lice should not remain a trace.

Household chemicals stores sell special insecticidal formulations like "Mole", "Guetta", "Tarax", etc. Apply the composition to the places where woodlice often appear and leave to dry for 2 days. After 5 days, be sure to repeat the procedure to fix the result. When using chemicals, do not forget about the safety features: respirator and gloves. In a house where there are children and pets, it is better to do with less dangerous methods of combating parasites.

If it is impossible to get rid of insects on your own, it is better to invite specialists who will not only bring out the wood lice, but also give you a guarantee for their absence during a certain time after processing.

How to remove lice, so that they do not appear again?

Woodlice Remedies

Even if you cope with wood lice, but do not remove the cause of their occurrence, soon they will visit you again. In order to completely get rid of these crustaceans, one should constantly maintain cleanliness in the apartment, often ventilate the room, prevent the appearance of damp floors and walls. In the absence of moisture, insects will disappear. Therefore, thoroughly dry the room, make sure that the pipes do not flow and do not become damp. In order to circulate the air in the rooms, it is recommended to install an air conditioner, ventilation or a fan. In addition, watch your indoor plants, vegetables and fruits in the pantries. Do not let them spoil, and in case of rotting, throw them away immediately.

If wood lice are bred in room flowers, then the plants must be transplanted. In this case, their roots during transplantation should be thoroughly washed in warm water and treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate - this will guarantee that the flower will not attract lice more. It is not recommended to use old pots for transplanting even after careful processing.

Mokritsy - very unpleasant insects that cause a large number of problems to residents of apartments and private houses. Despite the fact that they are practically harmless, few people want to share their living space with these insects. In addition, wood lice are such parasites, which are easily ways to destroy all indoor plants. Get rid of these insects is not difficult, but that they did not appear again, you need to monitor the level of humidity and cleanliness in the house.

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