How to get rid of red ants in the apartment forever

One small ant in the house can be found by chance, for example, to slip from the clothes of a person who has entered. But when there are many insects, the situation must be taken under strict control immediately. In this article we will explain how to get rid of red ants in an apartment.

Where does the red-fire disaster come from?

How to get rid of red ants in the apartment forever

To begin with, let’s be clear that ants do not start up directly in a dwelling. These insects come to us from the street or from neighboring apartments, where the owners have already begun to fight with them. That is why an important and main rule, how to get rid of red ants in an apartment forever, is the universal struggle.

It is necessary to poison ants together with neighbors or even the whole house, as these creatures like to make nests very much. It is extremely difficult to get rid of insects - after all, we are only killing individual individuals without causing any harm to the colony, where the uterus continues to produce new pests. And if in your dwelling such a hotbed was not revealed, it is not a fact that your neighbor does not have such a cluster.

A characteristic feature of red insects is that they feed, frankly speaking, "what God sent." That is, they eat everything, right down to bread crumbs and scraps from the trash can. In addition, why build a house on the street where it is raining, there are frosts and it is likely to be crushed when there is such a warm and cozy apartment at hand?

To prevent your home from becoming a safe haven for all known pests and parasites, you need to know the main ways to combat them.

Chemical Remedies

little red ants settled in the apartment

If you notice that small red ants settled in the apartment, then you need to look for ways to get rid of them immediately. The fact is that these pests not only spoil the food, but are also capable of carrying pathogenic bacteria on their paws.

In the fight against pests of this kind will not help the usual tools that are effective for flies, cockroaches and bedbugs. No, of course, small individuals will die, but this will not affect the uterus, which breeds new foragers. It is necessary to look for more accurate and effective methods to protect the home. If you turn to the means of chemical protection, then of all the options will be the following workers:

  • insecticidal sprays;
  • various gels based on organophosphorus compounds;
  • special pencils and powders;
  • pyramid traps.

War with ants is carried out according to certain rules depending on the chosen means. So, when working with spraying aerosols and dusts, you first need to find an ant nest, and then spray the drug on it. In addition, special attention should be paid to other hard-to-reach places: plinths, thresholds, crevices and window sills.

When working with sprays, it is desirable to follow certain rules:

  • Relocate for a few days all households to relatives and do not spend the night in the treated room.
  • Take out all the dishes, linens, clothes, products that absorb pesticides from the house. The rest of the furniture, which is not chosen pests, cover with foil.
  • Things where you can often notice red ants (bread bins, jars, underwear), bring to fresh air and process dichlorvos.
  • During the spraying of the drug, do not forget to put on a face mask and silicone gloves on your hands.

If you do not know where exactly the insect family lives, it is better to use gel or bait with poison. Their principle of operation is based on the fact that the poison acts on ants not instantly, but after some time. Thus, the pest manages to get to the nest and infect other inhabitants.

It is also worth noting that in particularly neglected cases, none of the tools will not help. We'll have to fork out and call a special chemical defense team or sanitary-epidemiological station.

Folk ways

how to get rid of red ants in an apartment at home

Ants are very resistant creatures, and getting rid of them can be difficult. The use of chemicals can be delayed for a long time, and more than one aerosol spray will be needed before the insects leave the dwelling forever. Based on these considerations, as well as in order to maintain a normal environmental situation in the house, most of the owners resort to popular methods proven by years.

Consider how to get rid of red ants in an apartment at home:

  • Mix concentrated white vinegar with water in a plastic spray bottle and apply the spray to all places where pests crawl. When the liquid dries, repeat the procedure again. This tool, though not completely save, but will prevent further movement of insects in the apartment.
  • Soapy water is one of the most popular ways for ants to survive from a room. Simply fill the spray with warm water and add a few drops of detergent.
  • Surprisingly, the ants will not cross the chalk lines. No one knows why and how it works, nevertheless the fact remains. Chalk thresholds, window sills and other favorite places of insects. By the way, baby powder has the same effect.
  • Lemon can be used not only as an excellent fruit to maintain immunity, but also to combat red pests. Apply pure lemon juice in all crevices. The house will be pleasantly fragrant, and the pests will be left with nothing.
  • The scent of mint, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils repels ants. Apply a little of the extract on a cotton swab and treat them all hard-to-reach places. Wash exposed surfaces thoroughly with water, soap and essential oil.
  • Prepare a mixture of boric acid, honey and sugar. Grind all ant trails and favorite habitats. At the same time such a mixture will be absolutely harmless for both pets and humans.

If you notice red "guests" in your house, do not waste time, but it is better to immediately start a continuous war with pests. Fortunately, today there are many ways to get rid or kill ants in an apartment. Chemical aerosols, sprays, gels, special traps and folk remedies - it is better to use everything in the fight against parasites.

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