How to get rid of mice in the apartment

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Mice are not harmless animals, as they may seem at first glance. Often they are carriers of dangerous diseases for humans. Having noticed mouse excrement on the floor of a house or apartment, a sudden unpleasant smell or the rodents themselves should act immediately. Some hire specialists to kill mice, and others rely on their strengths.

DIY mousetrap: how to make?

Mousetrap is one of the most ancient and cheap ways of breeding mice, but still it is very popular. It is possible to get rid of rodents using such a device if there are not enough of them. If there are ten rodents living in your apartment, this method will not work.

How to get rid of mice in the apartment?

Mousetraps are better placed at once in several pieces, laying out the bait (lard, bacon, cookies, etc.). It is not recommended to use cheese, because the mice do not like it very much, and it spoils quickly enough.

You can make a mousetrap with your own hands. A typical mouse trap consists of a body, a noose and a spring. For the case, take a wooden block (3.5x3.5x8 cm) with an internal hole 2.2 cm in diameter and 6 cm deep. In 1 cm from the entrance, make a horizontal groove completely crossing the hole - it will be needed for a choke.

Make vertical slots for the thread 3 cm from the entrance. They should be of such depth that the cross section of the hole is divided into 3 equal parts by a thread.

Attach the spring with one trailer in the groove of the housing. At the end of the other trailer spring attach a stranglehold, the size of which should be slightly larger than the cross section of the body. Spring and noose are made of carbon steel wire with a section of 1.5 mm. To prepare the mousetrap for the arrival of mice, press the spring to the body, bring the noose from the groove to the body. Throw a thread over the spring, put it in the vertical grooves and tie a knot on the opposite side. Stretch the ends of the thread slightly, lead them through the rear end of the body under the working spring trailer and fix between the turns. Slip back into the groove. Now you can put a mousetrap where necessary.

Effective ways to get rid of mice

How to get rid of mice in the apartment?

If you think that a mousetrap is not a humane way of getting rid of mice, you can use other methods.

  1. Poison for mice. This is one of the most effective methods, but it is not safe for human health. The mouse can pull apart particles of poison on its paws on the furniture, food and water. Using poison, use caution. If possible during pickling, take away children and pets from the apartment. You can leave yourself for a while.
  2. Among effective poisons for mice, Bromed, Brommus, Polegon, Ratindan, Tsunami, etc. are especially popular. Note that over time, the mice get used to one type of poison, it ceases to act on them, which leads to the reproduction of rodents in your apartment. To avoid this, try to change the poison.
  3. Get a cat. This is not a very reliable way, because most modern kittens from a very young age eat dry food and simply ignore mice. Some cats are generally afraid of them. But the cat smell sometimes scares off rodents, and they leave the apartment themselves.
  4. Folk ways to rid mice. Mice do not like harsh smells: the aroma of bay leaf, vinegar essence, ammonia, peppermint, etc. You can use this natural feature by spreading mint or bay leaf in the corners of an apartment, on shelves of food, etc.

How to get rid of mice: sequence

How to get rid of mice in the apartment?

First of all, you need to clean the whole house, get rid of dust and debris throughout the apartment. Mice love dirt and debris. If you are not clean, you will help rodents to comfortably equip their holes.

Wash the entire house with a cleaning agent that contains chlorine. Then, check the apartment for mink. Especially well worth seeing in dark and warm places - under the bathroom, sink, in the closets and behind the cabinets, under the bed, etc.

All found mink holes and other holes. Fill with construction foam or sealant. So you close the entrance to your apartment to the mice. You will only get rid of those rodents that are in the house.

Sprinkle mouse poison in hard-to-reach places for children and pets. Arrange mousetraps or special mouse traps throughout the apartment. Experts recommend using peanut butter or nuts as bait.

For several weeks, keep the apartment as clean as possible, regularly check the traps and mousetraps, refresh the poison.

Mice are dangerous rodents that carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. If you are unable to get rid of them yourself, call a specialist. It will help you guaranteed to save the apartment from small rodents.