How to get rid of cockroaches forever

Cockroaches are one of the most undesirable human neighbors in the dwelling. They spoil the food, contribute to the spread of various bacteria and infections. Some of the types of domestic cockroaches even bite! Fortunately, in the modern world there are enough effective means to get rid of parasites. You just need to carefully study them and choose the right one.

Popular wisdom in the fight against undesirable "neighbors"

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

There are both industrial and folk remedies to combat cockroaches. In any case, for the complete elimination of pests you will need about 3 to 4 weeks. But be sure that with all the rules, harmful insects will leave you forever.

Boric acid perfectly helps from cockroaches. She does not immediately kill them, but acts intensely. Upon contact of the cockroach with acid, the insect overcomes the strongest itch, which is transmitted to his fellows. Thus, you can defeat the entire colony of parasites at a time.

Sprinkle with boric acid the places where you most often found cockroaches, including the bathroom, toilet, sinks, bins, air vents, baseboards, etc. Do not save on the tool. It will not harm humans and pets, and it is not expensive at all. To treat an apartment, you will need about 100 - 200 g of acid, but with large hordes of cockroaches you can increase the dose at times.

Boric acid can be poured into raw egg yolk. Stir the ingredients until a thick gruel. Roll balls of about 1 cm in diameter from the resulting mass. Leave them to dry, and then lay them all over the apartment. The yolk in this poison plays the role of bait.

A good folk remedy for breeding cockroaches is ammonia. When washing floors, add ammonia to water, soon you will notice that cockroaches have left your house forever.

You can fight with cockroaches with the help of beer. Pour this alcoholic beverage into a deep container, grease the edges of the dish with Vaseline. Beer will serve as bait, and petroleum jelly will not allow insects to crawl out of the tank.

Cockroaches are heat-loving insects, so they can not stand the cold. If you find parasites in your house in the winter, leaving the apartment, you can leave the windows ajar. Thus, you and get rid of cockroaches, and the apartment is well ventilated.

Industrial products from cockroaches: a list

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

In addition to folk remedies for getting rid of cockroaches, there are industrial. True, with chemical poisons you need to be extremely careful, because they can harm not only insects, but also pets, children and you.

  1. Gels - sold in batches in syringes. Convenience gels is the useless preparation before use. The composition is applied in small portions 15 to 20 cm apart around the entire perimeter of the room. Raptor, Liquidator, Killer, Dohlox, Globol and Clean House gels have proven themselves well. Using such means in the fight against cockroaches, you will notice the results already in 3 - 4 days.
  2. Traps are small boxes with holes for insects. Inside the tank laid poison. Entering a trap, the cockroach eats the bait and infects its relatives. The traps of Raid, Domovoy, Kombat and Raptor are in great demand. With their help, you will notice the first results a week later.
  3. Aerosols are sprayed in places where cockroaches are found and accumulated, and they are also treated with all cracks, baseboards and door jambs. To insects are not accustomed to the spray and did not develop immunity, it is often necessary to change the aerosols. Good preparations are recognized as "Raid" and "Bygon".
  4. Crayons - carry out crayon 1 time per week on baseboards and door jambs to get rid of cockroaches forever. Experts recommend the product "Titanic" and "Masha" - in just one month they will remove all pests from your apartment. True, crayons will help only if there are few cockroaches in the house.
  5. Houses are traps made of cardboard boxes, built in the form of houses. In the center of the "home" is the bait. To prevent cockroaches from getting out of the trap, the walls of the house are covered with a sticky composition. Pleasant smell, will attract more and more individuals.

If no way helped you get rid of cockroaches forever, you should contact the special services. They go to the house with special equipment and chemicals for disinsection. Professionals will carefully treat the entire room, and the cockroaches will definitely disappear.

Ultrasonic cockroach repeller: reviews

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

  • Tatyana: Having read the reviews, we ordered an ultrasonic repeller on the Internet. Turned it on, after a few days the hamster stopped eating, and my husband and I started to get a headache. Cockroaches have not been taken out, but the family suffered greatly. I don’t trust scarers anymore.
  • Vladimir: They bought a cottage, and a lot of cockroaches divorced there. Than we only did not poison them - nothing helped. They decided to buy an ultrasonic repeller, but the miracle did not happen - they threw money down the drain. Cockroaches only became more, and the dog began to whine. As a result, the ultrasound was thrown out and called experts. Now we have no cockroaches, we live in peace.
  • Irina: After the tenants, cockroaches appeared in the apartment. Heard the tips, bought an ultrasonic repeller. They did everything according to the instructions, there were fewer cockroaches. True, together with the repeller, we treated the apartment perimeter with crayons, set traps and smeared them with gels. I don’t know what the insects are for.

Cockroaches - uninvited guests who may appear in each apartment. Insects do not necessarily infest from dirt and unsanitary conditions, they can come from other rooms by ventilation or pipes. To cope with these parasites is quite simple, but you will have to make some efforts to wait for time. Effective means to help get rid of cockroaches completely in 3-4 weeks.

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