How to get garden ants

Ants are insects with many subfamilies and even more genera and species. They have a highly developed intellect. They live in large colonies that is why it is difficult to fight them.

How to remove ants from the garden?

Ant colonies number up to 10 million individuals. Only these insects have such a developed intelligence that they are able to wage real wars, capture prisoners and turn them into their slaves.

You can meet ants everywhere, with the exception of territories that are located beyond the Arctic Circle. These insects live, both in the soil and in tall trees, forming whole colonies where they breed. In each anthill there is a queen laying eggs, of which then young ants are born. Individuals feed on others. Insects, and also love the sap of plants, mushrooms and leaves. The average life expectancy of an ant is 1 year.

How to get garden ants?

Unfortunately, garden ants are pests, so the fight against them in the garden plot must go on constantly and there are good reasons for this.

The main reason for fighting garden ants is aphid. Or rather, its colonies, which are "grazed" by ants on the tops of the shoots. Aphids - one of the most dangerous pests, especially for fruit and berry crops. The liquid that these parasites excrete in the process of life, the ants eat.

Fighting garden ants is not easy, because their number can reach a million, and underground passages - a few kilometers. In this case, the new anthill may appear within a few days after you destroy the old one. And although the removal of ants is difficult, it is quite possible.

It should be noted that today there are only 2 ways to fight:

  1. Do not let ants on trees in the garden;
  2. To destroy anthills with highly effective chemical means (gels or baits).

How to display black ants?

How to get red ants?

  • In order to remove black ants, you need to try to detect and neutralize their uterus.Then the paths to their reproduction will be blocked. This is not a simple matter, so it is necessary to ensure that the working ants themselves, on their paws, bring the means for its destruction to the nest.
  • The shops sell chalk against cockroaches, they can be used in this situation. To do this, draw a well with chalk the perimeter of your summer cottage on its fence, all buildings. If you find a nest, then insect spray will come to the rescue.
  • If you are against chemical methods of combating ants, adopt the popular recipes. Chop cinnamon stick, sprinkle with powder in the place where insects live. The smell of spices will scare them away. Also, they can not stand the aroma of wormwood and vinegar. There is a big chance that pests will move to another place. An effective and simple way is to purchase a chamomile at a pharmacy and sprinkle it on the ground, the ants cannot stand the smell, and in a couple of days they will most likely leave your garden.
  • Do not let the black ants on the tree, will help skirt foil. Wrap around the trunk and secure the foil so that a skirt with sharp edges is formed. Ants are not so flexible and cannot crawl over the sharp edge of the foil.
  • Adhesive belts are another sure way to fight. Wrap it around the table and secure with a rope. It is better to use the Aeroxon adhesive belt, which is specifically designed to fight insects that move up the trunk and damage the flowers and buds in the garden. The belt does not contain any poisons, but the special glue dries slowly and is resistant to high humidity. It holds pests well. The belt should be worn at a height of 60 cm from the ground on the trunks in early October before the onset of frost. In March, in place of the old belt you need to fix a new one. One set is enough for about 6 trees with a trunk diameter of 20 cm.

How to get red ants?

How to get red ants?

  1. Red ants are real pests. In order to get rid of them, look where insects go most often. Find the center of their habitat where the female lives. She looks like a big beetle. Destroy it, and the ants themselves leave their place of residence. But finding a nest is not easy. If you have identified ant tracks, then pour them with a special mixture. Mix 1 tsp. boric acid with 1 tsp. honey Dilute with a little water. As it dries, instill new portions of the poison. The ants themselves will poison themselves, the uterus and its larvae.

  2. Take 3 potatoes, 3 chicken eggs, 1 tsp. sugar and a bag of boric acid. Cook potatoes, eggs (need yolks), peel them. Make mashed potatoes. Add sugar and acid to it. Roll the balls and place them in places of insects. According to the prescription, perform this operation at the beginning of the descending of the moon, then repeat it after 10 days. Another way - mix 2 tbsp. l ground beef and 1/2 tsp. boric acid. Spread in places where the ants.

Red ants do not like the sharp smell of garlic and lemon juice, as well as fresh parsley and snuff.

As a preventive measure, keep your garden and country house clean. Do not leave crumbs on the table or on the floor. Take out the trash on time. Keep jars of sugar and other products closed. In this case, the ants can not bother you at all.

Bringing ants, both red and black, is not an easy task. Thanks to their high intelligence and organization, insects can easily get away from traps. Use multiple methods of pest control at the same time. Do not stop at the achieved result, because, perhaps, the fight against garden ants will be delayed for a long time.

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