How to get ants out of the apartment

Prompted guests may appear in the apartment. Cockroaches, moths, ants ... It is especially difficult to get the last ones out, and insects deliver a lot of harm.

The main reason for the appearance of the house ants - sanitary. Just like cockroaches, they can start, if you do not take out the garbage for a long time, leave dirty dishes. Muravyov attracts unattended food: open sugar, bread crumbs. Insects live under plinths, wallpaper, in the cracks of the walls. They gnaw a cloth, spoil the products. There are many ways to get rid of small pests.

How to get rid of home ants?

Ants breed thanks to the main female - the womb. Therefore it is necessary, first of all, to destroy it. For example, make her eat a poison bait. It can bring the insects themselves.

  • In some cases, the use of chemicals is undesirable. Popular recipes come to the rescue. There is a proven insect repellent. Half a cup of jam is mixed with 1 tsp. dry yeast and 0, 5 tsp. boric acid. This mixture is poured on a plate and put in places of insects. Ants are very fond of sweet and happily eat the bait. Under the action of acid and yeast after 3 days the insects die.

How to get ants out of the apartment?

  • You can use another recipe with boric acid. Mix 3 tsp. sugar, 1 tsp. honey, ¼ tsp. acid with 250 ml of water. Pour the solution into the saucers and arrange around the house. After 20-30 days from the ants will not remain a trace. During the breeding of insects you need to make sure that pets do not eat poisoned bait. Boric acid for the preparation of ant products can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • You can also destroy the anthill itself. To calculate its location is enough to observe the insects. If this method does nothing, leave a sheet of paper with drops of liquid jam overnight. In the morning you will find an ant path. An anthill needs not only to be moved, but also treated with crawling insects.

Ant remedy in the apartment: recipes

  • Get rid of the ants can be using eggshell. Just put a half in the place where the insects live. After some time they will leave. The shell must be fresh, unwashed and whole, without cracks.
  • Insect chalk is an excellent ant remedy in the apartment. They need to handle all the corners, baseboards and walls at a height of 1 m from the floor. Especially carefully walk around the room with the small perimeter and do not forget to process the plinth at the entrance door.
  • Ants are afraid of sharp odors. To expel them from the apartment will help aromas of wormwood, garlic, tomato leaves and vinegar.
  • Effective and gels from ants.They are sold in plastic tubes, syringes. The gel is squeezed onto paper, put in place of insects. They not only eat the tool, but also become peddlers of the poison. The shops sell plastic washer bait. They also help to bring ants.
  • Those who are not afraid of sharp odors and chemistry can use diesel and dichlorvos from insects. Diesel fuel poured ant nest and the territory around it. Insects die instantly. After applying dichlorvos at home it is better not to be for some time.
  • Another chemical method is to mix the Colorado potato beetle with water. At the same time there should be a lot of water - about 0.5 liters. on 1 gr. powder. The resulting solution to sprinkle the walls, corners, baseboards, cracks. For 1, 5 years ants will not disturb you. Then repeat the procedure.

How to get ants out of the apartment?

As in the case of cockroaches, poison ants need a common effort. The presence of insects in the apartment next door will negate all your efforts. Therefore, it is better to negotiate with neighbors and other tenants.

In order for ants to bypass the apartment side, you need to follow a few simple rules.First of all, close the products (especially sugar). Wash surfaces with soapy water. Ants do not like him. It is believed that insect scares the smell of vegetable oil. They are advised to lubricate the edges of containers with products, bags, cans. Ants are said to be deterred by the smell of cucumber skins. They can be laid out in places where insects.

If the territory of the settlement of ants is large, and they settled in many apartments, then it will be easier to turn to the SES. The service will clean insects.

The appearance of ants in the apartment is a nuisance that can happen to anyone. Saves from them boric acid, mixed with sweets, store preparations in the form of dispensers, gel and crayons. There are folk ways. Insect scares eggshells, garlic, the smell of vinegar.

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