How to get a blackmail from the garden

Any summer resident or a gardener is faced with some difficulties in growing the crop. The most common is weed control. Not so easy to get rid of weeds. For example, the well-known thief. Getting rid of him is incredibly difficult.

There are many ways to get a sow thistle out of the garden. Weed weed, treated with special preparations. There are less time consuming and safer ways. One of them - planting plants that slow down the spread of weeds.

Fight against the thistle in the garden

How to get a blackmail from the garden?

There are two types of sowwood - field and garden. On the sites you can meet one and the other. Weed biennial and perennial. Partly due to this fact that he may appear on your beds again. The plant is able to regenerate due to the roots.

Fighting a thief in the garden requires some knowledge. Knowing the growth of this herb, you can understand how to bring it. Weed begins to grow in spring due to the nutrients that are in its roots. If at this moment to destroy only the aboveground part of the plant, the sow thistle will again begin to spread throughout the site.

  • The optimal time for the destruction of the weed - until he had 4-5 leaves. At this point, the root system is weakened. We must try to pull the grass along with its roots. If this is not possible, then you can simply mow the foliage every two weeks. The plant does not have enough strength for further growth, and the rhizomes are exhausted. Manual struggle with the thunderbolt is the most difficult. It takes a lot of time to weed the plot, pull out the roots. They, by the way, are very well developed for the burglar and can reach 4 m. In length. In this way, it is possible to withdraw a thief for 2 years.
  • In the fall you can not touch the weed. He will perish at frosts. When digging the earth, lumps with seeds and roots should not be broken. They can spread over the site or get deep into the soil. In the latter case, it is fraught with potential plant germination. It may appear again after 20 years.
  • The best time for digging up the roots of a plant is considered to be early spring and late autumn. That's when it is relatively easy to pull it out of the ground. It is recommended to exterminate thistles which are mown or torn from the soil It is best to burn it.

Fight against the thistle in the garden

  • Herbicides are another popular way to control thunderbirds. Of course, the use of chemicals at the site is undesirable, but sometimes there is no other way to control weeds. For these purposes, use a lot of drugs. For example, diluted in 100 ml. water 10 ml. Rwanda The resulting solution needs to smear the leaves of the weed. For this it is best to use a brush. The drug has one feature: a week before and after treatment, the thistle-thorn body cannot be weeded out.
  • Similar in effect and application of Tornado. In the case of using chemicals, you need to understand that they can affect other plants, soil conditions, groundwater and the future harvest.
  • There is a more environmentally friendly way to get the sow thistle from the garden - green fertilizers. That is what the plants are called, which increase the fertility of the land and reduce the activity of weeds. Their other name is siderats. These include legumes and honey plants (peas, beans, buckwheat, comfrey). After the flowering of these crops, the earth needs to be pierced to a depth of about 5 cm. Thus, fertility will increase.
  • Fighting with a thistle in the garden with the help of peas involves several stages. Peas must ripen. The pods are removed, the wattle plants are left. Then they are trampled together with weeds. Newspapers are placed on top, and foliage and foliage are placed on them. Weeds and peas under newspapers will start to rot. Because of this, good bacteria will actively proliferate in the soil. They make the soil more qualitative and prevent the growth of thistle and other weeds.
  • The same method can be used without sowing the site with green manure. Weeds, as in the method described above, are trampled and covered with newspapers. In both cases, decaying vegetation saturates the soil with nitrogen and useful substances, and prevents the growth of weeds.

Fight against the thistle in the garden

  • Some gardeners sprinkle the leaves of thistle with kerosene. The aboveground part of the plant fades, and then the root system also dies.

In order for the garden not to be overgrown with chaff, it is necessary to prevent the appearance of flowers and seeds. Destroy the plant before this stage. An adult weed is quite difficult to remove - it has powerful roots.

By the way, the blackmail has positive qualities. Garden variety can be fed to pets and even used in cooking. Soups are made from leaves, added to salads. Boil the roots - they taste like Jerusalem artichoke. Actively use this weed in traditional medicine. It relieves inflammation, is used for hemorrhoids, jaundice, avitaminosis.

Sow thistle grows at almost every summer cottage. It is so common because of its unique survival. Weed continues to grow, while its roots are intact. That is why all ways of dealing with thunder in the garden are associated with the exhaustion and destruction of its root system. For this, manual weeding and herbicides are most often used.

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