How to feed garlic in the spring

Garlic is one of the most beneficial plants for the human body. After all, it has antibacterial properties, because of this it is used so actively in both traditional and traditional medicine. In addition, it is widely distributed in cooking, being a spice that gives dishes a special taste! In order to use this plant for any purpose, it must first be grown, as well as correctly carry out top dressing in the spring, during its growth.

Garlic supplements: basic rules

How to feed garlic in the spring?

  • Garlic is divided into spring and winter by planting. Winter is planted in the fall and, after wintering, begins to sprout immediately with the onset of heat, respectively, and the crop is harvested earlier. Spring garlic is planted in spring, as soon as normal weather conditions are created, the heat and humidity of the soil come to an appropriate state.
  • It is necessary to feed both types of plants, only winter garlic requires not only spring, but also autumn dressing. Most often, the land is fertilized 1-2 weeks before the direct landing, and after the landing process, it is already covered with a layer of manure that has burst.
  • In the fall, the plant should be fed organic fertilizer - 1 square. m. - 6-8 kg. You should also use mineral supplements - superphosphate and potassium salt.
  • After the winter passes and the snow melts, the plant begins to sprout; it is at this stage of its active growth that it needs abundant nutrition. For this reason, garlic feed in the spring is carried out approximately a week after the snow comes off the ground. The spring plant needs fertilizer somewhat later, during the period of increased growth and the beginning of the formation of ovaries.
  • Gardeners often feed the plants with the irrigation process, so as not to fill it with water too much. Although garlic does not like drought, an excess of water will not lead to anything good.
  • It is necessary to feed the culture 3 times from the beginning of spring. The first time - a week after the snow comes down from the ground (winter variety). In the spring 1st feeding should be carried out after it grows the first 4 leaves. The 2nd dressing is done 2 weeks after the 1st one, and this rule is followed for both the spring and winter varieties of the plant.
  • 3rd, that is, the last feeding should be made around the middle or end of June. During this period, the bulb itself is formed, and therefore the plant will need nutrition. Time is also suitable for both varieties of plants. Only here you need to know that the winter type of garlic ripens much earlier than spring, therefore, the time needed for dressing should be calculated, focusing on the degree of plant development.
  • The main thing - do not miss the moment for fertilizer, because if you miss it, then the crop can be gathered not too successful. But if at the 1st and 2nd dressings small deviations from the schedule are acceptable, then the 3rd one should be done strictly at the scheduled time. If you do it too early, then the food will not go on the formation of the bulb, but only on the growth of greenery and arrows.

How to feed garlic?

How to feed garlic in the spring?

The 1st dressing is most often produced with a solution of urea at the rate of - 1 tbsp. l 10 liters of water. This solution spills the culture according to the following scheme: 1 square. m. approximately 2-3 liters of solution.

The second dressing is carried out with a solution of nitrophoska or nitroammofoski. For its preparation you need 2 tbsp. l fertilizer diluted in 10 liters of water. This irrigation solution is carried out as follows: per 1 sq. M. 3-4 liters of feeding.

The last top dressing, 3rd, is done with a solution of superphosphate. It is prepared like this: 2 tbsp is diluted in 10 l of water. l superphosphate, per 1 square. m. need 4-5 liters of solution.

But there is another method of fertilizer, which probably know experienced gardeners, namely - foliar feeding. Its essence lies in spraying nutrient solutions on the stem and leaves of the plant, and not on watering, as in the usual procedure of fertilizer.

One of the main advantages of this method is that the plant absorbs nutrients faster and also absorbs them more quickly. This type of feeding is needed when the plant urgently needs nutrients and substances. And the concentration of fertilizer itself will be much less than with watering.

Spraying of garlic is best done either in the evening or in cloudy weather, when the sun is hidden. By the way, the usual top dressing can not be replaced by the foliar one; it is used only as a supplement. It is produced 2 times during the period of activization of plant growth.

What kind of fertilizer for garlic better to use after winter?

How to feed garlic in the spring?

The best way is a mullein mixed with water in a ratio of 7 to 1. Watering should be carried out immediately after new shoots appear. Manure also includes all the necessary minerals and elements for good growth of garlic. Another great option for feeding plants after winter - slurry. Its use will help to maximize the growth potential of the plant: the heads will be large, the leaves will be soft and large. It is also recommended to use ashes for these purposes.

Nowadays on the shelves in hardware stores you can find fertilizers produced specifically for garlic. They include in their composition all the substances and elements necessary for the plant, and the benefits from them are no less than from natural nutrition. They are diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 6.

Planting every plant, any gardener hopes to collect a rich and healthy harvest. To garlic heads were large and tasty, the plant must be fed. What kind of fertilizer will be fertilized - the choice of the gardener. But the timing is better to strictly observe, because this culture requires proper and timely food!

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