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Kittens are such funny creatures! They want to constantly play, caress. Appearing in our house, they bring a lot of joy, happiness and love. But the kitten must be properly fed. Otherwise, he can get sick and even die. Remember, his life is in your hands. So What to feed a little Fold Scot?

For a start it is worth knowing that there are three types of food for kittens. This is a natural food - that is, feeding with natural products, feeding with ready-made food and a mixed type of food, which combines the two previous types. When you have decided on the type of food, you need to learn more about each of them.

How to feed a Scottish Fold kitten with natural nutrition?

  • It should be remembered that not all products that we use are suitable for cats, and especially for kittens. It is best to feed the Scottish Fold kitten with boiled breast, and be sure to grind it before serving.
  • The kitten will not refuse from the frozen frozen beef. But do not get too carried away with this product. It will be enough to give the baby 30-40 grams of the product every other day.
  • Boiled liver is a product rich in vitamins and microelements. But it’s necessary to give it to the kitten no more than once a week.
  • Twice a week, boiled chicken yolk should be added to the Scottish Fold kitten porridge. If the kitten likes this product, it is quite possible to give it in its pure form.
  • Two - three times a week, you can give the kitten low-fat cottage cheese. This will saturate the growing body with essential calcium.
  • Not bad, if the lop-eared Scotsman does not refuse from other dairy products, such as low-fat kefir, ryazhenka and sour cream.
  • Be sure to give the kitten cream, by no means milk. But do not forget, cream is not a drink - it is food. Do not replace clean water with cream.
  • Boil the kitten such cereals as rice, oatmeal and buckwheat. To attract a kitten to this food, mix meat into it several times a week.
  • In addition to cereals, you can mix meat with boiled vegetables - cauliflower, carrots and asparagus beans.
  • Scottish Fold kittens eat welland turkey meat, and boiled stomachs.
  • The fact that cats, and especially kittens, need to be given fish is a myth. In fact, fish - a very unhealthy product for the cat's body. Therefore, it should be given only as a last resort, not more than once a month.
  • As a delicacy for a kitten low-fat varieties of cheese will do.
  • Do not forget that the kitten's organism does not always absorb all the useful substances from the products. Therefore, for its full growth and development, it is necessary to give vitamin and mineral supplements to the Scottish Fold kitten.

  • When the kitten goes the second month, you can safely begin to lure him baby cottage cheese. Kittens for cottage cheese "Agusha" eat very well.
  • Products that you are going to give a kitten, regardless of whether they are raw or boiled, should be at room temperature.
  • Do not forget to check for fresh water in your pet's bowl. Water must be boiled or filtered. You need to change it twice a day.

How to feed a Scottish Fold kitten with prepared feeds?

The best choice for your Scottish Fold kitten will be ready-made premium food. For example, such as RoyalCanin. Only premium food can saturate a growing body with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. If your pet's health is dear to you, do not save on its nutrition.

When your Scottish Fold kitten is quite small, pay attention to the canned mousse for kittens. Thanks to his gentle consistency, the kitten is very comfortable to eat it.

When the kitten is a little older, begin to mix in canned food, dry food.

When your Scottish Fold kitten is 5-6 months old, you can already buy him "Appetizing Grain Slices" from RoyalCanin and dry food suitable for this age.

By following the recommendations here, how to feed a scottish fold kitten, You grow a healthy, strong cat that will not suffer from various diseases. You will provide your pet with a long and happy life, and yourself - many pleasant and joyful moments in his society. About the content in the house of cats of other breeds, you can read the article Cat in the house: care and maintenance.

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