How to feed a chihuahua at home

Every pet owner cares about his pet growing healthy and feeling comfortable. This is especially vividly seen in the owners of decorative breeds of dogs and cats, because these pets are especially vulnerable to external factors, and the slightest mistake of a person can cost them their lives. In particular, many questions are caused by the process of feeding chihuahuas.

How to feed a Chihuahua?

How to feed a chihuahua at home?

Those who previously had no experience with decorative breeds of pets may mistakenly assume that, since even an adult Chihuahua remains small, there should be no questions with its feeding. Once a day, pour the food in a bowl, and enough. However, in fact, even such a miniature and fragile dog at the age of a puppy requires active feeding according to a special schedule, which is adjusted throughout its life. That it is the key to the health of the pet.

The correct location of the place where the pet will be fed is also important: firstly, there should not be excessive noise, especially for a small puppy. Most often, the dog eats with the rest of the family in the kitchen, but then it should take a separate corner, not located next to the table. Secondly, it is undesirable to put the bowl on the floor: ideally, it is located at the level of the Chihuahua's chest, therefore, over time, it moves to a higher stand. Such a move will relieve the spine of the animal and its entire musculoskeletal system.

As for the schedule, it becomes especially strict for the puppy. It must be fed 6 times a day, observing equal intervals between these moments. If you subtract the sleep, the system turns out in 2-2.5 hours. This mode is maintained until the Chihuahua is 3 months old: after this, the periods between feedings increase - now the bowl is filled only 5 times a day. Semi-annual dog gets food 3-4 times a day, and upon reaching a year - already 2 times a day. Although many vets advise to leave the mode of three meals a day, as the most reasonable.

It is important not to forget here that the volume of servings also varies, otherwise you will get either an excess of food for a puppy, or its deficit for an adult. Specific values ​​depend on the age of the dog and the composition of the feed. And in the case of natural products their weight for the pet's gastrointestinal tract is carefully controlled.

The last important point also relates to the feeding regime: it is not recommended to do this in the evening, so the bowl should be emptied for the last time at 19:00, and will not be filled until 7:00 the next day. Intermediate stages are calculated individually and equivalently.

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How to feed a chihuahua at home?

  • In general, the nutrition of a chihuahua, as well as other decorative dogs, should contain enough vitamins and minerals, especially during the period of growth and development of a pet. Ordinary food does not keep the balance of necessary microelements, therefore vitamins for animals are necessarily acquired. A specialist in a veterinary clinic will help you understand their wide range.
  • Foods that fall into a Chihuahua bowl must be natural: in many respects, this diet is similar to that inherent in a person, following the rules of healthy eating. For the most part, there are a variety of cereals, protein products, vegetables are also needed in small quantities. As well as offal and dairy group. An alternative to this can be balanced dry food, but they are recommended to be purchased only after consulting with a specialist. In this situation, the price does not speak about quality, and even at a single price threshold, it is important to choose feed-specific.
  • Regardless of what you feed the Chihuahua, you must provide your pet with constant access to fresh water, recruited in a separate bowl. Its filling should be changed up to 4 times a day, especially if you have a small puppy in your house, whose diet should be especially gentle, and all products entering the body should be fresh.
  • Fresh food is relevant for the main food. Due to the fact that the Chihuahua is a decorative breed, it also has negative qualities related to the process of consumption of products. These dogs can eat too much, not knowing when to stop. At the same time, they are extremely fastidious and can have individual and almost exotic taste preferences.
  • For this reason, the bowl is filled again before each meal, and the amount of feed is clearly measured so that it does not go out too much. A puppy can eat everything at a time, and then suffer a long time from overeating. During the breaks between feeding, the bowl should remain empty. To the one where water is contained, this, of course, does not apply.
  • Separately, it should be said about the fastidiousness of the Chihuahua in relation to food. Often it happens that the animal begins to refuse to eat, eating only a third of the portion. If this is not related to his health, which will manifest itself in general lethargy and similar symptoms, then the pet has turned on its worst quality. How to return it to the correct mode?
  • Do not indulge these whims: you do not need to offer other options instead of those that the pet rejected, try to feed again in half an hour. Just empty the bowl and do not feed the chihuahua until the next meal. If this is an adult dog, it will take 10-12 hours, for which it will get hungry and in any case will be forced to accept what the owner has submitted.

How to feed a Chihuahua puppy at home?

How to feed a chihuahua at home?

Now it is worth talking about a specific food, which forms the basis of the diet of a small puppy of a chihuahua and an adult of the same breed. If you plan to teach the dog to dry food, it is better to do it right away, as well as choose a specific line, so as not to change it in the future. The Chihuahua will not accept permanent diversity in terms of dry food. If there is an urgent need to change the feed, the translation process should take 5-7 days, during which there is a gradual mixing and crowding out of old feed with new in a bowl.

Which manufacturer to give preference to - you or the specialist. But it is advisable to remember the volumes of portions for chihuahua puppies and each time accurately calculate. Since the food swells in the stomach, it is not necessary to think that the animal will not be satisfied with its small amount. By the way, before this, the food already has time to increase in volume when warm water is poured into the bowl: the puppy should not be given food in a dry form. Therefore, it is better to take less than to overdo it, especially since after 10 minutes the residues, if any, must be disposed of.

The approximate amount of dry food for a Chihuahua puppy at the age of 5 months is 20-25 g, which must be filled with hot water and allowed to cool. Then the portion increases to 30-40 g, and when the puppy reaches the age of 1 year, you can feed him 50-60 g of dry food at a time. However, these figures vary depending on the activity of your pet. If he rarely goes outside, he spends all his free time on your hands or on his bedding, it is not worth feeding him heavily. Otherwise, it will negatively affect the state of its cardiovascular system.

Even if you decide to feed the Chihuahua with dry food, it needs natural and easily digestible vitamins, which can only be obtained from natural products. Therefore, to each portion of food you need to add a slice of vegetable (for puppies - thermally processed, that is, scalded) or berry. Also, a little Chihuahua will benefit from milk, which can be replaced by water, designed to soften dry food. It is heated in the same way and subsequently cooled a little.

If you are going to make a Chihuahua diet from natural food, take care of the balance of all trace elements, so that the diet does not work out monotonous. During the day, both the puppy and the adult should get something from the dairy group (kefir or yogurt, cottage cheese), from the cereal (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal), as well as bread and vegetable group in the form of vegetables and fruits. Meat can be combined with by-products, while its share per day is 30%; the rest is divided among themselves cereals and vegetables.

A Chihuahua puppy needs all the products listed to be given in the same form as a person with a gastrointestinal tract. For example, cottage cheese is rubbed and mixed with kefir to make mashed potatoes. Meat is necessarily boiled and cut very finely, the same applies to offal. Vegetables and fruit are boiled and rubbed or warmed up, it is better to cook porridge with milk.

In general, as you may have noticed, feeding chihuahuas in many respects corresponds to the classical principles of healthy eating, including the fractional intake of food and a sparing diet regime. Do not forget about the vitamin and mineral complex, and then your pet will always be healthy and full of energy!

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