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How to extend the life of a bouquet

In order to extend the life of the bouquet, there are many rules, almost as many as the types of flowers, but we chose the most effective and optimally suitable for the entire bouquet.

Do not pick flowers with your hands!

This will harm the stem, and the plant will not be able to fully absorb water. Cut flowers with a knife at an angle so that the surface is enlarged so that the plant can better absorb water. Leave the maximum length of the stem to periodically update the cut, splitting it with a knife. Do not let the stems become covered with mucus and rot, it will interfere with the penetration of water. This applies to all colors except tulips and daffodils, as well as soft herbs, they should be cut exactly. Flowers and shrubs are also often used in bouquets, their processing is slightly different. The branches have a hard stem, they need to slant obliquely and cut off the lower processes, cut and remove the bark, split the end (2-3 cm) into several parts, and it is better to shatter with a hammer.

Compatibility Rules

It is important that the different flowers in the bouquet get along with each other. For example, roses, lilies, orchids and tulips are undesirable to put with other flowers. Even one flower with “milk” can spoil the whole bunch, therefore, after seeing the “milky” stem, it is better to process it immediately: hold it in a glass with hot water and wrap it in foil, you can also set it on fire.

Choose the right vase

Firstly, the vase should not be too deep, the maximum height not higher than the middle of the stem. Secondly, the bouquet should not be crowded, the air should flow into the water. Flowers like gerberas, with down on the stems, should be placed in water no deeper than a third of the height of the stem, but not more than five centimeters.


Water should be mineral, rain or thawed. It is better to take separated water from the tap, changing it daily, do not forget to cut off the tips of the stems. Favorite field daisies drink much more water, remember this and check more often if it is dry in a vase.

Universal solutions

Now there are many special tools that can be bought at a flower shop to extend the life of flowers. We do not always have enough time, so you can use the means at hand. There is always aspirin in the medicine cabinet - one effervescent tablet will clear ten liters of water and will speed up its entry into the stems. This solution is particularly suitable for roses, chrysanthemums and dahlias. It will provide sugar for flowers (2-3 teaspoons per liter of water), but even there are exceptions: lilies of the valley and gerberas prefer a salty solution with the same dosage. I was surprised when I tried a method of adding washing powder (on the tip of a knife) to the water for a bouquet, it had a fresh cut look for more than two weeks. Such solutions need to be changed after 2 days.

For a bouquet of different flowers, a solution of coniferous extract will be suitable (50 g of coniferous concentrate and 50 g of sugar per liter of water), this mixture has a bactericidal effect and prevents the stems from rotting.

Everything is very simple! Now you do not need to throw out the flowers the next day, they will retain their fresh look for a long time. Follow the rules for the care of the bouquet, and everything will turn out. But do not tear the flowers with your hands, because it can not only reduce the life of the bouquet, but also harm you. Juice of many colors contains irritating ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction or burn. Be careful! Take care of the flowers, learn to "understand" them, and then they will definitely give you eternal beauty and good mood..

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