How to embroider beads

Embroidery beads for more than one millennium excites the imagination and fascinates needlewomen around the world. Indeed, things and accessories embroidered with these tiny beads look attractive and luxurious. In addition, it is a great way to spend time with benefits. Although, of course, efforts will also have to be made not a small amount, but the result will not leave anyone indifferent. Bead embroidery is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.. You just need to perform some simple actions.

Preparation for embroidery with beads

First, the process of embroidery need to be properly prepared. The first step is to choose a pattern for embroidery. You can take those schemes and patterns that are used for cross stitching. The main thing that your scheme was easy enough for you. Then you need to choose the canvas for embroidery. Try to adopt fifty-five cells in ten centimeters. The selected canvas must be smeared with PVA glue, straightened and dried. Make it necessary to make embroidering more convenient. Thanks to the glue, the canvas will become tougher, and will not stratify.

So, the canvas is selected and processed. Now you need to choose the right size and color of the beads. Bead number 10 is most suitable for embroidery. Color, respectively, you choose yourself, depending on the composition of your future picture. With the choice of bead size you need to be careful. If you choose too small, then the outline will be visible through it, but if, on the contrary, it is too large, then the beads will be very close to each other, which will not allow them to lie exactly relative to each other.

Threads need to choose the tone of the canvas. It is better if the threads are reinforced "forties". To make it easier to embroider, purchase special needles for beads. They are much thinner, so they are more convenient to string. You will also need a substrate of chipboard. The length of the substrate should be approximately seven centimeters greater than the width of the canvas. If, however, the canvas is wider, then its protruding parts can be carefully wrapped under the backing.

Bead embroidery technique

When the preparation of all materials is completed, you can proceed directly to the embroidery. First, you need to fix the canvas on the substrate. To do this, you need to attach the buttons. As you progress in embroidery, the canvas will need to be moved, each time, reattaching it with the buttons to the chipboard. Beads need to be expanded in color on separate paper. When working you need to ensure that these very pieces of paper with beads do not push and do not scatter small beads. Unwind and cut the length of the thread, which is about five times the width of the canvas. You have enough for one row.

Embroidery is convenient to start either at the top or bottom of the picture. In the process of embroidery you must move along the rows. At the beginning and at the end of each row the thread must be fastened.

When embroidering with beads, you can use all those stitches that are used when working with threads. It is important that the number of beads in a row be equal to the number of cells in the diagram. Tip: after the work is finished, it is better not to cut the thread, but to pass through all the beads to the beginning of the picture. So drawing is better fixed and aligned.

Bead stitches

The most common seams are "Arched" and "Prikrep".

  1. Arched is quite simple. Three or four beads should be strung on the needle and the needle should be passed through the fabric inside out around the fourth bead. Bring the thread out and string the next four beads. Do this until you reach the length you need. Such a seam provides free, not too dense embroidery.
  2. It is also uncomplicated. First, beads need to be strung on a thread, which then with small stitches between the beads must be sewn to the fabric. Put the thread with beads on the fabric and sew it with another thread through each bead to the fabric. This stitch helps you finish embroidery fast enough.

Embroider beads with pleasure! Be creative and enjoy the process, creating bright, colorful panels, colorful pictures, decorating clothes and accessories. This is a good occupation in order to bring creative mood into your life and calm the nervous system! It is also great to gather with my girlfriends on warm evenings, drink tea, talk about women's wisdoms and embroider amazingly wonderful images of beads!

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