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How to effectively clean the iron from carbon

The problem of soot on the iron is relevant even for "tricked out" devices. Sooner or later, a small oversight can lead to the fact that it will be impossible to use household appliances. How to clean the iron from soot? Elementary! To return to the home helper combat-ready form will help items that surely every hostess can find.

Ways to clean the iron at home

So, remove carbon from iron can help us:

  • paraffin candle;
  • salt (cooking, better coarse);
  • rags (cotton and woolen);
  • vinegar 9%;
  • hydrogen peroxide (or pharmacy pills from the pharmacy);
  • baking soda;
  • acetone-based nail polish remover;
  • soap;
  • soda;
  • Toothpaste;
  • Matchbox;
  • cotton pads;
  • pencil to clean the iron.

1 way. Paraffin


Wrap a candle from paraffin in a rag and rub it with the sole of a heated iron. The candle on contact with the hot surface will melt. Do not forget to place the iron at an angle to let the paraffin drain. Otherwise, paraffin that has fallen into the holes on the sole can later stain clothes that you will iron. Therefore, after the soot is removed from the iron, it will be necessary to clean the remaining candle from it.

2 way. Salt

a) Coarse salt coarsely poured onto the paper tightly. To enhance the effect, grated paraffin is added to it (you can rub the candle on the grater). Turn on the iron in the network and "iron" salt crystals until the carbon completely disappears.

b) You can try to remove carbon from the iron, putting a handful of salt in a gauze napkin and rubbing the soiled areas of the base of the device.

Remember that teflon surfaces can not be cleaned with salt!


3 way. Vinegar

With cotton wool moistened in 9% vinegar, rub the sole of the heated iron. After that, on the working surface you need to walk a piece of wool material. If it is not possible to remove the carbon, the device must be turned off, cooled down and put on a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar soaked in vinegar. Action time - a few hours (you can leave for the night). After such a procedure, the patina will become soft and it will be better to peel off the sole.

4 way. Hydrogen peroxide

It is sufficiently easy to remove carbon deposits from the sole of the iron moistened with hydrogen peroxide. You can use hydroponic. Undissolved tablet is necessary to move on a heated iron, and remove the exfoliated plaque with a cloth. Important! When working with hydroperit, there is a strong unpleasant odor, so when cleaning the iron from soot in this way, you should take care of the ventilation of the room in advance.

Hydrogen peroxideBaking soda

5 way. Baking soda

a) Dissolve 1 part of soda in 5 parts of water, wet the cotton or fabric in the resulting mixture and wipe the working surface of your “gadget” in a circular motion. The appliance must be cold. After the procedure, treat it with a damp clean sponge and wipe with a soft cloth.

b) Pour soda on a soft cloth and rub it in a soft circular motion to rub the sole, then add toothpaste to the soda and apply to the contaminated surface. When the mixture dries, wipe it down with pressure. Wipe the iron with a damp cloth and polish with a piece of wool.

Remember that soda can not be used to clean Teflon surfaces!

6 way. Acetone-containing nail polish remover

acetonechemical cleaning pencil

Moistened with a nail polish remover or cotton wool in acetone, rub the sole of a warm iron. Then walk on it with a piece of wool. By the way, this tool does a good job if you need to remove the trace from accidentally stuck cellophane from household appliances.

7 way. Soap


To clean the iron from the burnt fabric in case stains are very fresh, ordinary toilet soap will help. They need to rub the stain on the sole. When the dirt is gone, wipe with a damp cloth and brush with a piece of wool to shine.

8 way. Matchbox

How to clean the iron from carbon with a matchbox? It is very simple: the heated electrical appliance needs to be cleaned of adhering fabric with its edge, where there is sulfur. It is advisable to use the new box until the sulfur layer on it is damaged.


9 way. Special chemical cleaning pencil

This device can be found in household supermarkets or household goods stores. If you rub a warm iron with a pencil, it will cause a chemical reaction, as a result of which the device will be easily cleaned of carbon. Traces of cleaning clean with a dry cloth. This is a universal instruction, but it is better to look at the instructions of the pencil manufacturer before use.

How to avoid soot?

How to avoid soot?

It is known that any problem is better to prevent than to fix it. Therefore, we consider how to protect the iron from burning fabric during operation. Here are some tips.

  • When choosing an iron, it is necessary to ensure that its sole is smooth and easily slid over the fabric during ironing. The foundations of aluminum, ceramic or stainless steel with a teflon coating are considered optimal.
  • Before turning on the iron in the network, check whether something is stuck to its working surface.
  • When ironing products made of delicate fabrics, you must select the appropriate temperature.
  • Do not allow the iron that is turned on or has not cooled down with plastic or polyethylene. These substances can stick to the sole and subsequently trigger tissue to burn onto it.
  • After use, turn off the iron every time you need to wipe with a dry soft cloth.

Thus, it is quite possible to clean the iron from carbon deposits. It is important not to forget that no ironing device can withstand brushing with coarse abrasives or a knife. Such extreme methods can spoil the work surface and make the device unusable. Teflon-coated irons can be cleaned from carbon deposits using only creamy or liquid products (hydrogen peroxide) or a special pencil. The rest of the home helpers can be safely cleaned with the simplest means. But in order to avoid the need for them, use the device carefully and be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions before using the new iron.

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