How to draw graffiti pencil in stages

Graffiti is firmly established in modern culture and turned into an art movement. Of course, not all graffiti can be considered as real creativity. Most of it is a manifestation of vandalism. To master drawing graffiti is needed not to paint other people's fences, but to create beautiful decorative drawings. Sketches can be used for design purposes.

Many believe that graffiti appeared only in the 20th century. In the 70-80 years. American cities are overwhelmed with a wave of tagging - teenagers painted their names in videstilizovannyh drawings. In fact, our ancestors painted graffiti. Literally, the term can be translated as "scratching." Already in antiquity used drawings on the walls for decoration.

Those who master drawing graffiti nowadays can apply these skills in design. Graffiti inscription can decorate the wall in the room of a teenager, move it to a T-shirt. Another very interesting way to decorate is to decorate the exterior wall of the house with a graffiti pattern made with the help of moss.

However, before using graffiti for decoration, you should learn how to draw them. Small sketches of graffiti are called sketches and are made on ordinary album sheets with the help of pencils, felt-tip pens, ink or paints.

Learning to draw graffiti: tricks for beginners

How to draw a graffiti pencil in stages?

When drawing graffiti, not only constant practice is important, but also observance of certain stages.

  • For drawing we need an album or notebook with blank sheets, a ruler, eraser, paints or colored ink (ink).
  • First you need to think about what you draw. Initially, graffiti was meant inscription. Many artists paint in the form of graffiti and various characters. Whatever you choose, all graffiti is painted according to certain styles.
  • So there is the bubble style. Those who use it make the letters rounded, resembling bubbles of chewing gum.
  • Wild style involves the interweaving of letters, slope. When drawing using 3-4 colors. Before you draw a graffiti for beginners in a wild style, it is worth considering the position of each letter - this style of work is considered very difficult for beginners.
  • It is relatively easy to draw Blockbuster style graffiti. To do this, draw rectangular letters, which are then painted in one or more colors. After you have thought over what and in what style you will be drawing, proceed to the sketch.

How beautiful to draw graffiti: tips

It is best to start painting graffiti with a small word in the style of a bubble. We take a sheet of paper and begin to depict the letters. There must be a distance between them so that later you can add some elements or make the letters wider. Make the outlines not very fat - too much pressure from the pencil will then be difficult to erase or paint over.

How to draw a graffiti pencil in stages?

We proceed to the formation of style. To do this, we begin to draw smooth rounded lines around the letters so that the edges of the letters and their corners look like bubbles. Try to make them wide enough and rounded.

After you have drawn all the letters, erase the first lines inside.

After that we start to paint the sketch. The inscription can be both one-color and multi-color.

Apply the first coat of paint and let the letters dry. To give volume in some places, cover with graffiti highlights. To do this, use paint of the same color, but a lighter shade. Wait until the drawing is dry.

Work on the background - fill it with contrasting or blend colors. Letters can be made more expressive if you circle them around the contour with a black felt-tip pen or a gel pen.

By the same principle, graffiti is drawn in any other styles - perform a sketch, add colors using paints or felt-tip pens.

Some tips for those who think how to draw graffiti in pencil in stages:

Always leave space between letters. So you can easily add volume to them.

Use different thickness lines. With the help of thicker lines it will be possible to give the inscription the effect of 3d. To do this, you can use simple pencils of varying degrees of softness and add black ink or felt-tip pens to them.

In order not to spoil the graffiti paint, make copies of sketches. The easiest way is to overtake the sketch through the scanner. So you can experiment with color and details. Such a precaution can help you choose the best option.

The finished sketch can be not only stored as a drawing, but also used for decorative and interior purposes. For this we need a tape measure. If you want to draw graffiti on the wall, then you need to correctly transfer the sketch to the surface, without distorting the proportions. To do this, you can use the design method.

Using roulette we divide the surface into squares, and then by these squares we transfer the outlines of graffiti. For those who are confident in their abilities, you can advise to redraw the image on the wall without first breaking the surface into squares.

Another technically time consuming way is to paint graffiti on the wall using a projector. Usually, famous artists working in the style of street art and graffiti paint this way. The technique projects the drawing onto the wall at the desired scale, and the artist simply draws the lines by hand.

If you want to translate a graffiti sketch on clothes, it is enough to put a blueprint on the fabric, put a drawing on top and cut around it along the lines.

There is a rather unusual way to decorate the exterior wall of a house with the help of graffiti. In order to decorate the facade it is not necessary to use paint and brushes. Excellent ecological alternative - moss graffiti. Again, you will need to pre-draw a sketch and put graffiti on the wall using slate or chalk. It is best to draw such an image on a brick or wood surface.

To create an unusual pattern, you need moss, warm water, a spray bottle, kefir (needed to create a specific environment for the growth of moss), a moisture-holding gel (sold in hardware stores), a brush and a bucket.

We collect moss, you need only 3 small mounds. You can cut it from the bark of trees or collect from the ground.

How to draw a graffiti pencil in stages?

Fill the moss with 700 ml of warm water. Add 3 tbsp. moisture-retaining gel and 120 ml of kefir.

The resulting mixture is thoroughly and quickly stirred for 2-5 minutes. Pour into a bucket or fill it with a spray.

Begin to paint with moss paint. Outline the previously drawn sketch with a brush along the contour. Inside the picture or letters stained with a spray gun. After some time, the moss will begin to grow, and you will only need to trim the edges of the pattern with scissors.

In order to learn how to draw graffiti, you will need to learn styles, inspiration and a little imagination. It is best to start choosing simple drawings and carry them out with a simple pencil. It is believed that for the beginners the style of the bubble is most suitable - the letters are made volumetric and convex with round corners. Those sketches that turned out particularly well, it is best to copy and only then begin to paint.

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