How to draw a tree

Even if you do not like at all and do not know how to draw, this skill in life can be very useful to you. For example, when you help your child prepare lessons. Learn better from the simplest, for example, the image of the tree. Moreover, such a skill will help you, if you wish, to make the family tree of your family.

How to draw a tree in stages?

Just a few steps and your drawing tree will be ready. It is easy enough to draw an oak tree.

How to draw a tree: step by step tips

  • Step 1. First, outline the ground line, draw a trunk (as a rule, in oak it is very thick, not quite straight, its branches begin to grow low) and a couple of large branches, from which you can then draw a few more small branches.
  • Step 2. Now your future tree needs to draw a crown and foliage. This is an important moment, since the crown shape determines the overall impression of the whole painted tree. The oak crown is depicted expanded in both sides. What leaves the leaves, then you can either open them, or, but, draw, draw each leaf, it depends on the effect that you want to achieve.
  • Step 3. Now give the foliage to your hygrotess, which will help make the tree more voluminous, will give it ease and liveliness. Consider that the lower part of the canopy is a little bit darker than the upper one, which comes into direct contact with the rays of the bright sun.
  • Step 4. Highlight the contours of the trunk of the tree and its outgoing branches, shading them with a simple pencil, now find the density of the sheets near the walls.
  • Step 5. Last lasting is required to complete the drawing - document the final contour of the key and draw a shadow under the tree.

Draw a generic tree

How to draw a tree: step by step tips

The image of the pedigree (genealogical tree) is a great way to help children learn about their great-grandfathers and others. His relatives, whom they did not have to see. For adults, this is a good opportunity to perpetuate the memory of those who have already died, creating a display of their family history.

Before you start drawing a family tree, collect all the necessary information about your family members.

Contact for information to older relatives in the archives. In addition, the Internet will help you. A site like contains information about relatives whose existence you may not even suspect now.

Be extremely attentive. If one of the relatives is accidentally missed, then the drawing of the family tree will partially lose its meaning.

Next, select the paper to paint. It should be large format. Let it be a beautiful sheet, for example, watercolor paper. Another option is poster board.

This is your tree, so it starts with you. Put your name in that place on the sheet so that there is plenty of space around it for the rest of the names.

Where your name is, the tree begins. If you write it down, the branches go up. If above, then vice versa.

Write the names of the parents above or below your name, depending on the exact direction in which your tree grows. Write the names of the brothers and sisters on the 1st level with yours so that they are associated with the names of the parents.

How to draw a tree: step by step tips

If you or your brother, sisters have spouses and children, write down their names. The names of the spouses are recorded next, the names of the children - under the names of the parents. If you wish, you can draw lines that connect parents and children.

Enter uncle and aunts, cousins ​​and cousins, grandfathers, grandmothers. At this stage the tree forks. On the father’s side, list the names of his brothers, sisters, their spouses and children. On the next level, write the names of the father's parents and mark the lines that go from them to each of their children. Do the same for your mom, listing all family members on it.

Include the other generations in the tree. Add the names of great-grandparents, their spouses and children, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, etc., until you complete as many levels of the tree as you want.

Figure tree can vary. For example, you can write the names of men in rectangles, and women - in squares. For divorced couples, draw the dotted lines. If the place allows. Write to relatives not only the date of birth, but also the place of birth, who needs - the date of death, women - maiden name.

To learn how to draw a tree, just follow the simple instructions. If you master this image, you can make the family tree of your family by making it in the form of, for example, a sprawling oak. By the way, this will be a great gift for your loved ones.

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