How to draw a pony in stages with a pencil

Drawing is one of the most favorite hobbies in childhood. At the same time, the themes of the drawings of each generation are completely different and correspond to what characters are popular in this period. Of course, it is, first of all, about the characters of cartoons. With the advent of the cartoon and the game "Girls from Equestria" more and more children are interested in how to draw a pony.

The horse is not in vain considered one of the smartest animals. A more devoted and reliable friend for a person is difficult to find. Therefore, it is not surprising that the animators and screenwriters often include these representatives of the fauna in their paintings. “My little pony”, “Friendship is a miracle”, “Girls from Equestria” are just some famous cartoons, whose characters are ponies. The variety of characters and an interesting plot, of course, cause great sympathy in children. And since the main feature of preschool and primary school age is imitation, it is quite natural that children buy toys in the form of animated cartoon characters they like and draw favorite ponies.

How to draw a pony?

How to draw a pony in stages?

To learn how to draw the hero of your favorite cartoon about the pony - Fluttershay, you absolutely do not need to have the talent of the artist. It is enough to carefully follow the instructions on how to draw a pony with a pencil.


  1. We draw our eyes on the drawn circle (we draw your attention to the fact that Fluttershay looks frowningly).
  2. We draw eyes and, having receded a little to the right and up, we draw an ear.
  3. We give the head an oval shape, draw the nose and mouth.
  4. Eraser erases the extra lines and draw hair-mane.
  5. Draw the front hooves.
  6. Add the wings, then the rear hooves.
  7. We make a florid tail.
  8. We draw a cutie mark on the rump in the form of three small butterflies.
  9. You can draw contours with a black marker or felt-tip pen.

We draw a pony Equestria

Heroes of "Girls Equestria" - beautiful cute pony, which is not as difficult to draw as it may seem at first glance. For example, Rarity is quite realistic to draw in just 11 steps.

How to draw pony Equestria?


  1. Draw the outline of the face and outline the bottom line of the hair.
  2. Divide the face into 4 parts (2 upper - the eyes, lower - the mouth, at the junction - the nose).
  3. Draw the outline of the eyes, open mouth and nose.
  4. Finish the eyes, cilia and eyebrows.
  5. We draw rhombic hairpins.
  6. Draw lines with drawn hair.
  7. Thin lines throw around the contours of the girl's body.
  8. We draw the upper part of the body - hands with bracelets, flowing hair.
  9. We give the shape of the skirt, make legs.
  10. We finish the boots and diamonds on the skirt.
  11. Draw all lines clearly.

Rainbow Colored Pony

A distinctive feature of the Rainbow Dash pony is the disproportionately small wings and the rainbow mane. Therefore, drawing is best done in color.

How to draw a rainbow pony?


  1. Denote the head, chest and back of the pony circles.
  2. We make the outline of the legs, paying attention to the fact that all 4 legs have a fold in the knee.
  3. We derive the general outline of the pony.
  4. Direct the details (nose, lips, ears, hair), draw the wings and tail.
  5. Now you need to paint the body in blue, and the mane and tail - shades of the rainbow.
  6. We draw one eye (the second is covered with a mane) and a cutie mark on the rump.

Pony Moon in blue and purple

Princess Celestia's sister Luna is responsible for ensuring that the moon rises every night. Therefore, the main colors of this pony are "night" shades - blue and purple.

How to draw a pony moon?


  1. Make a circle and outline the contours of the direction of the head of the moon.
  2. Draw a bang, ear and pony's head.
  3. Draw on the eye and direct cilia. We remove the extra lines of the original circle.
  4. We draw a mouth, and on the head a crown and a horn.
  5. Getting to the body, consider the proportions: a segment from the neck to the lower part of the body is equal to the segment from the neck to the upper border of the mane.
  6. We draw the left front and left back hoofs. Their length is 1.5 times the length from the neck to the bottom of the body.
  7. We finish the right pair of hoofs.
  8. We make a pony necklace, moon tag on the rump and a small wing.
  9. We draw ornaments on the hooves and erase unnecessary lines.
  10. Add curly hair and make lines.
  11. Coloring the pony in blue and purple.

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia - is the wisest and good heroine of the cartoon. It is not so easy to draw it, but having carefully studied all the stages, it is quite possible.

How to draw pony celestia?


  1. We start with an oval head.
  2. Add on the oval of the eye and cilia, as well as the mouth and nose.
  3. We draw a horn, a crown and an ear.
  4. We erase the original lines that are hidden by other details.
  5. We draw an oval for the body and connect it with the head with smooth parallel lines.
  6. Add decoration on the neck and the left wing. The right wing shows only a small element, as it is hidden by the body.
  7. Draw long legs.
  8. We direct the developing tail and mane.
  9. We decorate the sun on the pony groats, make stripes on the horns and feathers on the wings.
  10. Coloring Celestia.

How to draw a pony in stages with a pencil?

How to draw a pony in stages with a pencil?

How to draw a pony in stages with a pencil?

After studying the instructions, the question of how to draw a pony will not cause difficulties. Just a few steps and the beautiful little horse from the cartoon is ready. And the most important thing is that in the pencil sketch you can create your own ponies by painting them with different colors and adding decorations to your taste.

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