How to draw a frog

It so happened that frogs are considered quite unpleasant creatures. But remember how many times they became heroes of fairy tales and cartoons! It is no coincidence that children are often asked to draw a cute princess frog or a traveler. This is easy to handle if you know where to start and how to draw the details. Simple tips will help you draw a character without much difficulty.

How to draw a frog pencil in stages?

The basis of any pattern is the basic technique of execution. For example, you can create a realistic image or something stylized. With frogs in this plan is easier. Virtually any character in a fairy tale or cartoon can be drawn using geometric shapes. You probably know this way. The construction is carried out through circles (sometimes deformed) and ovals.

How to draw a frog: tips

The first thing we need to do is draw a sketch with a pencil. At the 2nd stage, you will perform it in color in any technique you like. Let's start with a cute cartoon frog.

The first stage is the creation of the body. To do this, draw the wrong oval. This figure is extended from above and narrows towards the bottom. Something it resembles the oval of a human face.

Draw an imaginary vertical line in the middle of the figure. On both sides of it we draw circles, which will be the eyes of a frog. They should be located close to each other and intersect the body just below the middle.

The size of the circles depends on your preferences. Ideally, they occupy 1/7 of the body height. How to understand this? Take a pencil and hold it vertically in your right hand. Then, from a distance, measure the height of the circles by pointing it on the pencil with your thumb. Do not remove it, "lay" the height of the circles in the body.

Go to the drawing feet. To do this, again, divide the figure with a vertical line in half. On either side of it we draw elongated ovals with a pointed top and bottom. Each leg is at an angle of 45 degrees to the body. It begins above the middle, and ends about 1 cm above the lower part of the body. Pointy figure also cross the frog's tummy. The right is drawn diagonally from right to left, and the left - vice versa.

We turn to the detailed drawing details. We perform 2 arcs on the bases of the legs. We draw them, receding a little from the bottom. In the direction they coincide with the legs. Below, where they ended, we outline flippers. They have a slight rounding at the top. Further to the bottom of the form 2 membranes. The easiest way to start is to draw an oval. Then, at the end, instead of rounding, draw a small arc to the center, and then immediately execute another one, connecting it with the other side.

The frog should rest on the front legs. Therefore, at the bottom of the body, right and left, we draw 2 figures, similar to commas. "Watch" they should be in different directions. At the bottom of these parts perform the last part of the legs. It looks like a palm with 3 webbed fingers. On the flippers hold 2 small dividing lines in the middle.

The final stage - drawing the remaining parts. On the eyes we draw 2 circles-pupil. Slightly below them in the middle we perform an arc located down. On both sides of it we draw another 2. They must "look" in different directions. Got a mouth. On the bases of the legs and the head of the character draw circles. This color is in these frogs. It remains only to erase unnecessary lines with an eraser. We remove them at the intersections of the base figures. Now you know how to draw a frog with a pencil in stages!

Princess frog on a lily leaf

How to draw a frog: tips

The Frog Princess is done a little differently. In the fairy tale, the character was sitting on a piece of water lily. Therefore, it can start with it. We draw a large enough oval, which for one part forks and consists of 2 parts. You can draw a dividing line in the middle. Our princess frog will sit in the middle. Its height, together with the crown, is about 2 times larger than a leaf of a water lily. Therefore, to make it easier to draw, you can outline these lines with a pencil. The resulting height of the character must be "divided" again. The frog's head is 1.5 times smaller than the body. We put in the right place a horizontal line-mark.

Go to the drawing of the head. It can be done using arcs. To do this, start to hold one of them from the middle of the head up and to the right. Then she starts to "go down" and rises again. Formed like 2 mounds. Then the arc again goes down to the middle. Everything should look symmetrical. The resulting part of the head is joined in a semicircle. It passes at the very bottom of the base of the head. It turned out muzzle. Under the top "knolls" draw eyes-ovals. There must be a distance between them. Inside the eyes we draw the pupil. You can do it in any way, taking into account the directions of the look of our frog princess. With the help of arcs draw the mouth as in the past case.

Go to the torso. It should be slightly lower than the bottom mark. Draw it with 4 arcs. First, we perform large, and then 2 small ones in between. We connect large and small arcs with the help of "palm", the lower part of which coincides with the line-mark. It consists of 4 "fingers".

From the side we draw other paws. To do this, hold the curved arc to the right and left behind the middle part of the body. From the bottom points draw flippers. To do this, draw 2 parallel lines under the slope and connect them with segments that form a zigzag edge. It turned out flippers. At the top of each membrane perform a small circle. Just above the beginning of the first paws, we draw two diagonally lines.

In conclusion, on the head of the frog princess we draw a crown, and in the mouth we place an arrow. Sometimes in fairy tales the character was surrounded by a fabulous glow. You can draw it at will.

Learning to draw a toad traveler

How to draw a frog: tips

Frog traveler draw a little more difficult, because you need to try to convey the movement and change the angle. If you remember, in a fairy tale and cartoon, she tried to travel with 2 ducks on a branch.

We start the sketch with the drawing of the body. It is an oval with a slope from left to right down. We make the upper part of the oval a little pointed - the head will be located there. We form paws in the lower part of the body. To do this, we draw ovals, which "look" in different directions. They must cross the torso.

The upper legs are drawn like that of men, bending around the elbow - they will hold on to the twig. We conclude them with the "palm". It is a bit like a crown. In total, at the frog's front foot, we draw 3 “fingers”, which we fold down. We perform the same, only without a fold, at the base of the rear oval-paws. We also draw in them 2 arcs, which will help give them movement.

We make the body more flexible. Between him and the head draws a smooth transition-deflection. Also sharpen the muzzle. At the end draw the eye in the form of a mug and a wand between 2 paws. We complete the sketch, erasing all unnecessary lines.

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How to draw a frog

How to draw a frog

How to draw a frog

How to draw a frog

How to draw a frog

If you are thinking about how to draw a frog, then you should start with stylized cartoon characters. They are quite simple. It is necessary to use the technique of phased drawing using individual shapes. To do this, draws the torso-oval and the same legs smaller in size. The remaining parts are performed using arcs. Thanks to this technique, you will be able to draw the frog princess and the traveling frog to everyone known.

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