How to draw a fox step by step with a pencil

It is difficult to say which elements are the easiest to begin mastering painting. Someone advises to try still lifes, someone recommends three-dimensional geometric shapes, but when it comes to children, they absolutely need to learn from images that are interesting and understandable to them.

And what could be more exciting than trying to portray the hero of a fairy tale or cartoon? Red Fox Patrikeevna - a great option for creativity and the development of artistic skills.

Tips from professionals for emerging artists

Tips from professionals for emerging artists

If you take the very first uncertain steps in the world of painting, do not take on difficult realistic drawings, especially if you have not made any attempts to draw before. First you need to get an understanding of the composition, proportions, projection, only after that try to achieve light-shadow transitions, texture imitation. Therefore, the best options for training will be children's cartoon or fabulous images.

  • To create a sketch, use medium-soft pencils (HB) or soft pencils (H, 2H): if necessary, their footprint is much easier to erase. But the final stroke can be done with a solid (B) pencil or even a felt-tip pen.
  • Do not press on the stylus - it should leave a very light, but clear mark. At the same time, it is important to keep your hand confidently so that it does not tremble and gives a straight line.
  • If you are unable to display the base elements, practice first on a separate sheet of paper. If we talk directly about the silhouette of a fox, then deformed circles prevail in it.

Before picking up a pencil, look at an example of the finished drawing, if you work through repeating a step-by-step scheme, and evaluate the ratio of the main parts, as well as their location on a sheet of paper. This basic and fairly simple rule is often forgotten.

How to beginners to draw a fox for children in stages?

For children's drawing, stylized images are most often chosen, in which the elaboration of each shade and hair does not play a special role. Recognition of the object is based on the silhouette, expression of the muzzle, some characteristic features.

Professionals recommend to start drawing from the head, and according to the scheme the process will go that way, but you can start from the body, simply swapping the first 3 steps.

How do beginners draw a fox for children in stages?

  • So, draw a lying oval, the left side of which should be a little pointed: it will be a fox nose. Then from above, almost in the center, add a small pointed vertical oval, the angle of which looks upwards. Exactly the same, but more elongated, you need to place to the right, at a distance equal to its own width. These will be ears.
  • Now draw a new lying oval, which is the fox's trunk: it should be clearly in the center of the picture (figures) and partially go on the oval-head - a little less than half its length from the top, and no more than 1/4 from the height. The oval can be completely flat, and you can narrow it a little to the right edge, since the breast in an animal is usually more pronounced.
  • With drawing paws, problems are often not encountered by anyone: these are 3 small vertical ovals that are equal in height to the height of the far ear. They are the same size and are located approximately at an equal distance from each other, but between the back and the front it is slightly smaller than between the pair of the front ones. Lying ovals are added to each paw, the underside of which is flat: these will be pads.
  • The drawing is close to its end: now you need to make a tail — first, you can bring the С letter with a prolonged lower tip to the right side of the body, and then draw a bend from above. Remember that even a fairy fox has a tail coming out of the spine, so it should be almost at the same level as the head (articulation).

The last details are displayed: an inverted, elongated heart in the ear, which shows its shell, an elegant line to the nose, buttons-eyes, a mouth, straightening the back, "fingers" on the paws. Then the main lines are duplicated with a solid pencil, and the auxiliary lines are erased.

How to draw a fox from fairy tales: description of work

We offer to try an alternative version of this charming animal, which is often found in Soviet cartoons. The silhouette is quite simple, but much closer to the real one. In addition, the steps are less than in the previous scheme. Here the trunk will become the largest element, close to it - but already - the tail, and the head is rather small.

How to draw a fox with a pencil in stages?

  • In the center of the compositional area, draw a horizontal oval that is slightly raised on the left side. In the same place, it is necessary to draw a smooth circle and connect it with the raised end of the oval with soft diagonal lines denoting the neck. Its height should be about 20% greater than the diameter of this circle. Above your head, add ears that look like an elongated letter M - they are located very close to each other, as well as an elongated nose triangle.
  • Now, at a short distance from the neck in the lower part of the oval, mark the 2 front paws, taking into account that the far one should be smaller, and they themselves are concave, since they are in tension. The hind paw is only 1, it is volumetric in the upper part, and takes about 1/4 of the length of the lower side of the oval in its width.

Drawing lessons: how to portray a fox?

  • The tail is freely lowered, therefore it is painted in soft lines around the hind paw in the forward direction, towards the end it expands and then gently sharpens. Its tip should stop on the vertical of the far front paw, and the distance is equal to the height of 2 paws. The basic sketch is complete.
  • There comes a turn of details: start to connect all parts of the animal with smooth lines, paying special attention to the neck, transitions from the chest to the paws, as well as the muzzle. On the tail of a zigzag of different depths you need to show the difference of fur. It is also desirable to designate and white breast, dark lower parts of the paws, and, of course, draw the eyes and nose.

As you could see, drawing a fox with a pencil is not so difficult, although at first it is not always possible to achieve gentleness and accuracy even in the simplest sketches. Work out the basic elements, try different styles, and it is likely that soon you will depict other animals.

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