How to draw a fish

Children love to draw very much, especially if they are helped by their parents. Among young artists, animals and toys continue to be popular. But, unfortunately, not all kids are able to draw even a simple fish on their own, so adults need to be patient and teach them this art.

Know the basics of art

Young artists simply do not have enough basic skills to paint a variety of fairy-tale characters, including a goldfish. Parents can help the baby learn, draw the mistress of the sea world from a beloved fairy tale, thereby not only please her child, but also have fun together. Of course, before starting an impromptu lesson, adults must first prepare themselves.

How to draw a fish?

Learning how to draw a goldfish is much easier than it might seem at first glance, you just need to follow the instructions below:

  • First, the body shape is created - the body of the goldfish should be oval. As soon as an oval is drawn on paper, it is necessary to draw the head on the body with an arched line. Farther on the head are eyes and mouth, with thick lips.
  • From above we draw a fin, which should be in the form of a fairly large ridge.
  • Now create the tail and lower fins, which should be quite wide and long.
  • Then all the little body of the fish, except for the head area, is covered with small scales. They need to be drawn with great care, while gradually reducing the size, moving from the back to the tail area.
  • Once the template is fully completed, for further work it is necessary to take colored pencils.
  • We fill the abdomen and fins of the goldfish with a red pencil.
  • The little body should be yellow with a small white area approximately in the middle. This will create an interesting glitter effect and an unusual play of light.
  • Further we draw with black color the eyes of a goldfish.
  • We apply a not very fat black strip along the edge of the abdomen, thanks to which the body of the fish will acquire additional volume.
  • Golden fish is completely ready!

For the smallest artists there is a simpler drawing scheme for a beautiful goldfish:

First, on a white sheet of paper we draw a small oval, after which we add a triangle to it, which will act as a tail.

Now we add triangles at the top and bottom of the oval, which should be of different sizes. They will act as fins.

In the oval we depict a small arc and a circle - we get the contour of the gills and eyes of the fish.

Then we draw the fish and more smoothly round off the transition from the body (oval) to the tail (triangle) so that there are no too sharp drops.

Now we draw smaller details - we make thin strips on the tail and fins so that characteristic outlines appear on the body of the fish, we apply scales in the form of small arcs.

In the end it remains only to decorate the finished drawing with paints or colored pencils.

How to draw a fish with a pencil: a phased master class

How to draw a fish?

To begin with, we take an album sheet and place it in front of us horizontally. The head of a goldfish will be made in the form of a small oval. He will go on a similar figure, which should be larger and in the future will become the body.

It is symbolic to depict the tail - it should be wide enough, slightly diluted at the end and not have any extra details. But all this will be created gradually. To begin with, with the help of the created blank we draw the general outlines of the heroine of the fairy tale. The preparatory stage can be considered fully completed.

The finished goldfish should not be so sketchy, so we begin to give it a more regular and smooth shape. At the same time, a slightly pointed head remains at the end, solid and fairly wide fins are located at the top and bottom.

At the base of the tail, the torso should be quite narrow. However, this is not the last stage of drawing a goldfish and the work of the novice artist is still ongoing.

At the next stage, we start creating roundness, so that the finished fish looks more realistic. We take the eraser and gently erase all the extra angularity and individual strokes that spoil the picture.

At the end of the tail we draw the characteristic notches. Near the head we create another long, but small fin. Outline the place where the eye of the fish will be located. To make the picture look harmonious and natural, we draw on the paper a couple more air bubbles, which will give more realism.

Now proceed to applying the final strokes. To the finished drawing of the fish was more voluminous, you just need to shade it correctly. It is recommended to perform this work with a solid pencil, which should have a soft stylus, a soft one that is categorically not suitable. Through the use of such a pencil, your drawing will not only acquire the desired clarity, but the sheet will not get dirty. However, it is not recommended to choose too hard pencils, as they may tear the sheet and all work will be in vain.

Perform all strokes without strong pressure, clearly and very carefully, so that the drawing was not smeared. We will hatch from the head area. Professional artists are advised to begin work with this. Of course, if this is not very convenient for you, then you can first shade any other part of the body of your golden fish.

First you need to draw the darker parts. Therefore, it is with them start shading. Thanks to this work will be much easier and more convenient. The dark areas should include the base of the tail and fins, the bottom of the abdomen, as well as the upper part of the head. Here is a golden fish, drawn in pencil, fully prepared.

"Populate" fish aquarium

How to draw a fish?

As soon as the child masters the skills of drawing various kinds of fish, you can begin to teach him to draw and the aquarium. At first, draw waves with it - the kid can draw strokes with a wide brush, and you are more subtle.

To draw fish in an aquarium, you should follow the instructions below:

  1. We take a piece of cardboard, which will act as the aquarium itself, press down its edge and stretch the green paint with beautiful wavy vertical lines - as a result you get algae.
  2. The kid will be able to draw fish of different sizes and shades. Do not forget to color the bottom of the aquarium.
  3. The finished picture can be hung on the wall as an interesting decoration of the children's room.

You can teach your child to draw a round aquarium with fish, for this it is enough to adhere to the following tips and recommendations:

  • First, take a sheet of paper and draw on it the outline of an oval.
  • Now create the neck of the aquarium.
  • At the next stage, we begin the design of the surface of the water, and also draw the thickness of the glass - along the walls of the aquarium, and in parallel we draw a part of the circle, which should not close down, near the bottom of the aquarium. At the top we draw a slightly concave inward line.
  • Based on your own imagination, you can draw algae and a sandy bottom at the bottom of the aquarium.
  • With the help of an eraser, we remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines that will spoil the drawing and draw all the main ones.
  • During the coloring of the picture, you must take into account the fact that in the middle of the aquarium there should be a small glare. That is why in this area the color should be completely absent or not so saturated.
  • You can "settle" in the aquarium not only fish, but also turtles, as well as other inhabitants.

To make it easier for the child to learn to draw a variety of shapes and objects, parents need to engage with him regularly and from early childhood develop talent in him and inculcate a love of art. You can start with an image of a simple goldfish, and then create a whole picture of underwater life in a pond or aquarium.

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