How to draw a firebird and its feather in stages

The Firebird is a very popular character of Russian fairy tales, which far from all heroes can catch. And then - only at night, and perhaps by the tail. We offer to get the magic heroine entirely and forever. To do this, a little - just study the descriptions of how to draw a firebird. So even the child will cope with the task.

Firebird or ... peacock?

How to draw Firebird from a fairy tale?

Do not be surprised, but it was the peacock that inspired artists to create the image of the firebird. More precisely, its tail. Here and a fantastic character turned out with luxurious feathers on the back, which resemble flames and are able to illuminate the night forest as well as the sun. But, despite this dazzling beauty, drawing a firebird is not difficult if you follow the instructions step by step. And also prepare a well-sharpened pencil and a picture, which you can glance in the process. The latter advice is particularly relevant for beginners and children who do not have outstanding ability to painting or simply do not know how to draw.

Three images of the wonder bird

The fabulous winged character has a thin narrow body, sweeping bright wings and tail. But you need to start drawing from the head and torso. The most convenient way to use the auxiliary lines in the form of geometric shapes.

In flight

For the image of a bird in flight, it is important to correctly place the picture on the sheet.

How to draw a heat bird and its feather in stages?


  1. Draw auxiliary lines for the bird. For the body - an oval in the middle of the leaf, for the wings and tail - triangles in the appropriate places.We draw auxiliary lines for birds
  2. Through the torso we draw an axis that marks the point for the head.
  3. Make a sketch of the head with a beak of two parts.Sketch the head with the beak
  4. The lines of the wings are made uneven and the same ragged depict the contours of the tail.
  5. Smooth bend show the neck of a bird.Smooth bend draw a bird's neck
  6. Finish the eye.
  7. We show a long tuft of several separate thin feathers with tassels below, and then proceed to the most crucial stage, since it is necessary to paint the feather of the firebird especially beautifully. Especially for children, we will make only three tiers of the same type of feathers, although if you wish you can draw 4-5 layers, making each one not like the previous one.
  8. Draw the feathers on the right wing. The first tier is made slightly shorter and thicker, the second is shown with thin and pointed feathers. Extreme feathers should be wide and long.Draw the feathers on the right wingDrawing the feathers on the left wing
  9. Detail the left wing of the sample, only all tiers somewhat "compress" for the correct projection of the flight.Right wingLeft wing
  10. We finish the legs with claws.
  11. Getting to the tail. We make three large main feathers, draw small ones from them.We draw tail feathers
  12. Add feathers-eyelets in the tail.We draw a tailPaint the firebird in bright colors
  13. Coloring the firebird in bright colors. Figure is ready.

Image from the fairy tale "Little Humpbacked Horse"

In the famous tale of the Humpbacked Horse, the firebird was not only beautiful, but also wise. Draw it the same as in the illustration of the book, is a snap. Moreover, it takes less time to draw, because the pens are not drawn separately, but are shown schematically.

How to draw a firebird?


  1. Draw an oval torso.Draw an oval torso
  2. Add a triangle for the neck and head, immediately narrowing down the transition between them a little.Draw neck
  3. We draw two triangles on the sides for the wings and detail the feathers bordering them.Drawing wings
  4. We plot the curve of the tail with a curved line.Outline tail bend
  5. Draw the beak and eyes.Draw the beak
  6. Dorisovyvaem paws with claws, the first tier of feathers for the tail.Finish wingsWe finish the legs with claws
  7. Next, we make the elongated individual feathers without pointed edges.Making feathersFinish tail
  8. Colorize the picture.Colorize the picture
  9. We draw curls-streaks of feathers with a black pencil or thin black marker. Firebird from the fairy tale Ershova ready.

Firebird in 10 minutes

Probably, many parents were faced with the fact that before going to sleep their beloved child suddenly recalled that for tomorrow he needed to draw a firebird. How to do it in pencil step by step, quickly help the child, if he goes, for example, in 1 or 2 grade? There is an exit! It will take literally 10 minutes - and the fairy image described below will be ready.

Firebird in 10 minutes


  1. We start with an oval for the body and a circle for the head.
  2. We connect them with two curved neck lines.
  3. Add a beak, draw the eye.
  4. Dorisovyvaem from large to smaller three feathers of the crest.
  5. Draw curved wings with three borders for feathers. On each, select by eye.
  6. The bottom of the body is completed with a wavy line.
  7. We draw 4 tail feathers, on each we show eyes. A wish-fulfilling bird is ready.

If your children love fairy tales, then both they and you will definitely need a master class that describes several ways to draw a firebird. And no matter how friendly you are with pencils and paints, because the character may differ slightly from its prototype. But such a magic bird will not fly away for sure, but will become a kind and reliable symbol of success and well-being for all who childishly believe in miracles.

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