How to draw a daisy

Probably everyone can easily and simply draw a daisy, because there is nothing difficult - one stalk, a few petals, leaves, and now the flower is ready. But it is very interesting that not all daisies are beautiful. In order for the picture to look like a real one, you need to know a few tricks of its creation.

How to draw a daisy in stages?

How to draw a daisy?

  1. First you should draw the stem and contour of the future bud, and the flowers themselves at the very end. It is necessary to draw in simple pencil in order to be able to remove minor flaws, after which the picture can be painted with paints or colored pencils.
  2. Chamomile contours. It is very easy to draw a not very large bud circumference, after which a preliminary line of the stem is outlined with a pencil. This step must be performed without fail, since in this way it will be quite easy to observe the correct proportions in the drawing, and the petals of the flower will be located strictly in a circle.
  3. Outer border of petals. Another circle is drawn around the 1st circle, but now it should have a larger diameter - this is the outer border, beyond which the future flower petals should not extend. Due to this, all the petals will have the same width and length, and the drawing itself will be more attractive and beautiful.
  4. Flower petals Probably, it is the flower petals that are the only element that requires the application of maximum effort, and you need to be very careful that the daisy does not turn out to be a curve. Due to the presence of not only the outer, but also the inner border, the petals are much easier to draw. Most importantly, make sure that the petals have the same width.
  5. The final stage. At this stage, it will be necessary to draw in detail exactly the chamomile stalk. Sharp leaves are drawn, which can be of arbitrary size, after which you can begin the process of painting with colors or colored pencils.

Features of drawing daisies in pencil

In order to draw a daisy with a pencil, you will need a simple pencil, a piece of paper and an eraser to remove small flaws.

First you need to prepare all the necessary materials for the work. To draw a daisy should begin with the core or eye. Not a very large circle is drawn on a sheet of paper.

Now petals are created. Provided that the peephole was drawn in the form of a circle (straight), then the petals should be located in a circle, and you should start drawing from the center of the chamomile.

Petals should be made in the form of slightly elongated ovals, and the length of each petal should be 1.5 times more than the eye (core). Now each petal narrows slightly at the base, as if “cutting off” the edges of the oval. The end of the petal can be made sharp or slightly rounded.

With the help of an eraser, you must carefully remove all unnecessary lines. Further designated chamomile stem, which may be slightly curved or straight, but not wavy.

Starting to draw the stem should be from the flower, while the line is gradually led down. It is important that the stem is not very thick, otherwise the daisy will lose its appeal.

Now you can draw chamomile leaves. First, they are outlined not too thick line in the form of ovals. It is important that the length of the petal was slightly larger than its width. The drawing is almost ready and it should be made more accurate.

How to draw a daisy?

The base of the chamomile tapers slightly, while its end should be slightly sharpened or make small teeth on it. Using the eraser, all extra lines are removed. On one petal, you can draw 1 or 4 petals, but not too much.

The length of each petal is thin veins, and on the leaves it will be enough to put 1 vein (strictly along its length), after which a couple of branches are outlined. If desired, a small mesh (grid) can be applied to the chamomile core.

Taking into account the nature of the picture, you can continue the composition - for example, draw a vase with several colors or create an unusual postcard ornament based on exactly daisies.

Exquisite manicure: chamomile on the nails

At first glance it may seem that it is very easy to draw a daisy, but it is much harder to perform this simple pattern on the nails, while there is practically no difference, it is done on natural or artificial nails.

One of the most accessible and simple methods for creating chamomile using dots, a dot brush, an oblong thin brush, and of course, acrylic paints (several colors will be enough - yellow, green and white).

First, a chamomile base is created - the desired color is applied to the nail, if desired, you can sprinkle the tip of the nail with a small amount of sparkles, thanks to which the manicure will be more festive and bright.

As soon as the varnish dries, all the extra sparkles are removed with the help of a fan brush. Now on the basis you can begin to draw a daisy. A small amount of white acrylic paint is squeezed onto a blank sheet of paper. Dots are dipped in paint and petals are created on the marigold.

A thin tassel is dipped in green paint and a petal is created, as well as flower branches. At the end, with the help of yellow paint, the heart of the chamomile is drawn.

This is one of the easiest manicure options that you can easily do yourself at home.

But what to do if it is not possible to use acrylic paint? In this case, you can take the lacquers of yellow and white. The drawing is created very simply - at first, the flower petals are carefully drawn, while at the end the brush is pressed against the nail more closely, and in the center area it practically does not touch.

Now you have to wait until the varnish dries out well, otherwise the shades will mix, and the daisy will turn out to be smeared. In the event that the lacquer brush is very thick, then it is advisable to use a dots or a simple toothpick to paint the core of the flower.

At the end of the drawing is covered with clear varnish.

Of course, from the first time you may not be able to draw a beautiful chamomile, but it will be enough to practice a little and follow a few simple rules and as a result you will get a beautiful bright manicure.

How to draw a daisy?

The basic rules of drawing on chamomile nails:

  • First, prepare the basics. In the 1st line, the nails are carefully polished, the surface is leveled, since the nail plate should be perfectly flat and smooth;
  • Nails are shaped to the desired shape;
  • The main color is selected, on which the daisy will be drawn. For such a pattern, you can choose almost any shade as a basis, since there are no restrictions here. Chamomiles in aquarium design look very interesting and unusual;
  • To keep the picture as long as possible, a protective base (transparent varnish) is applied over the chamomile, which will fix the manicure.

Useful videos

If you can’t draw a daisy and even multiple trainings do not give the desired result, then you can use special stickers, which can be attached very easily. In addition, they are very similar to fresh flowers and make a manicure unusual and interesting.

Of course, the talent of the artist is not given to all people, but everyone can learn to draw simple ornaments or objects, if desired. Among the colors it is easiest to depict a daisy, because it is symmetrical and quite simple. To make the picture more natural, you need to follow simple rules and practice more often.

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