How to draw a carnation

Our drawings can not only show everyone our talent, but also tell about us and our mood, state of mind.

Facts Associated With Cloves

In the language of flowers, carnation means feminine charm, loyalty and love. In different countries, carnations were attributed to various properties.

  • In France, this flower was considered a symbol of victory and courage, protected from injury in battle.
  • In England, the carnation was considered a royal flower, being the favorite of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • In Belgium, carnation, by contrast, was considered the flower of commoners and the keeper of the hearth.
  • In Italy, the carnation was considered a love talisman, and the Italians loved to decorate clothes with this flower.

According to an ancient Greek legend, carnations appeared thanks to the angry goddess of hunting, Artemis. According to legend, she became very angry with the shepherd, who played on the pipe and thus scared all the game, and put out his eyes. But the look of those eyes was too plaintive. The goddess could not stand it and dropped them in the grass. In the place where they fell, there were wonderful red flowers - carnations. With their color they reminded of the crime she committed.

To learn how to draw a carnation means to acquire the ability to convey your love, tenderness and loyalty in art.

Phased drawing of carnation

  • First of all, it is necessary to draw the lines forming the stem. To do this, you have to imagine what shape and length they should be and in which direction they grow.

  • Then you need to determine the location and shape of flowers. Here you have a flight for fantasy. Imagine where it is better to place a blooming flower, and where is the bud. The boundaries and the approximate structure can be denoted using ellipses.

  • Now give the flower and buds the desired shape. Draw details of buds and flower. Then start making out the stems. In order for them to become realistic, it is necessary to thicken them. You just need to remember that the stems of the carnations are getting thinner and thinner as they get closer to the flower. Also do not forget about some relief of the stem.

  • Next, work with leaves. They have this plant paired, opposite each other.

  • Now we make a drawing in color. You will need two pencils of different shades of the same color. First color the flower and stems with a lighter pencil. Then gradually add color until you reach the desired brightness for the flower. The tips are best left white, they come into contrast with the brightness of the flower, which gives luxury and charm to the pattern.

Your finished drawing should look something like this:

Of course, your drawings will and should be different. The main thing, when you draw, is not to lose your own, which you must contribute to your work. In each figure unlike any other, there is a zest, uniqueness.

You can also use different colors to create a picture in color. Flowers made in pastels will acquire incomparable tenderness and mystery. And if you use acrylic paints, you will get an unusually bright and expressive color.

You can depict this flower not only on paper, but also, for example, on glass using stained glass paints. This way of drawing will help you to brighten your windows, mirrors and glass vases, bringing unique features to your interior. Also with the help of special paints, drawings can be performed on ceramic dishes, clothes and walls.

How you use your ability to paint carnations depends solely on you. But, be sure, this flower of purity, love and fidelity will bring with it a lot of happiness, smiles and good mood! The main thing is to engage in his image only when you really want it, put your soul into your work, and you will succeed!

You can not only draw carnations, but also make them out of paper with your own hands! How to make a stunningly beautiful bouquet of carnations, the article will tell you How to make a carnation out of paper ?. Be creative, try something new and enjoy these little joys, because the happiness of creativity is real happiness!

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