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How to draw a bear step by step with a pencil

Do you know what is the surest way to get rid of stress? Start drawing! And it is not necessary to be Van Dyck to portray your favorite characters from children's books or funny toys of your child. Let's see this with the example of a master class for beginners, describing how to draw a bear with a pencil in stages.

Both old and young

The image of animals is not in vain the basis of many tests on psychology: they are actually not so difficult to draw. There is no exception and toed bear. This animal, though not the king of the fauna, but thanks to the popularity of its image in the work for children, toys are completely worthy of the crown. So your toddler will probably want to get pictures of the hero of your favorite cartoons and books. What is not a reason to figure out how to draw a bear with a pencil for children in stages? But before that, it will not be superfluous to find out some nuances of this process:

  • drawing should start with the head;
  • For beginners, it is convenient to sketch the shape of an animal in the form of circles, and then give them the shape of body parts;
  • all the details of the bear are depicted not in straight lines, but in strokes to indicate wool;
  • small details of the drawing are drawn after the completion of the main elements.

Three Bears

Any theatrical actor could envy the image of a bear: this is a formidable sovereign of the forest, a clumsy cartoon hero, a touching friend of a little girl, and a curious son of a white bear. Let's try to learn how to draw some of them.

Teddy bear

How to draw a bear with a pencil?


  1. Draw a small circle.
  2. From above, on the sides of it, we make two more, holding them tangentially - this is a type of ears.
  3. We finish the outlines of the body.
  4. To it we add two ovals - the legs of a bear cub.
  5. Draw eyes beads, a circle for the nose and mouth.
  6. Finish the inner circle in the ear.
  7. Detail the paws.
  8. Shading the internal lines. Baby ready.
How to draw a bear with a pencil

Brown resident of the forest

Having figured out how to gradually draw a bear cub with a pencil, you can proceed to a more serious nature - a brown bear.

How to draw a brown bear with a pencil


  1. We make two circles, the basis for the animal.
  2. Add to them auxiliary lines for the front and hind legs, as well as a curve that connects the body with the head.
  3. On the muzzle in the center we draw two intersecting straight lines - for symmetry of parts.On the muzzle in the center draw two intersecting lines
  4. We start drawing the contours of the muzzle. We make them uneven.
  5. Add ears.Drawing the contours of the muzzle
  6. Detail the face, draw the eyes, nose, mouth, folds.Add ears
  7. Small strokes, imitating wool, connect the lines of the head and torso.Fine strokes imitate wool
  8. Without taking a pencil, we outline the base lines denoting the paws.Outline Baselines
  9. Wipe out the frame, draw the details of the ears, darken the inside of the ear, nose.We make shading (wool)
  10. We make shading (wool) all over the body. Figure is ready.

Mama Umki

The difference between the figure of a brown and a polar bear lies in the shape of the muzzle: in the second one it is more elongated.

Mama Umki


  1. Draw an oval for the head.
  2. In it we make a rhombus for a nose.
  3. From the bottom of the oval draw a dash for the bear's neck.
  4. From the top we draw a curve with three waves - the neck of the dipper.
  5. From the neck we carry a slightly concave line - the transition to the paw.Drawing a polar bear
  6. Finish the foot.
  7. We continue the line of the neck - we make the back.
  8. Above the front foot draw the belly of a bear.
  9. We depict hind legs, detailing the feet of one, the second is visible only fragmentarily.
  10. Finish the second front foot.
  11. Between the paws behind we make a small semicircle for the tail.
  12. We detail the features of the muzzle, finishing the nose, mouth, ears.polar bear
  13. On the legs add 3 sharp claws. Bear is ready.Polar bear pencil

Beloved heroes

Children are looking forward to a new series of the cartoon about a little girl and her clubfoot friend. So let's not refuse them pleasure and tell you how to draw Masha and the Bear step by step with a pencil so that the image of your favorite heroes is always at hand.

How to draw Masha and the Bear in stages with a pencil


  1. We make the basis of the pattern in the form of ovals.Making the basis of the pattern in the form of ovals
  2. On the figure intended for the face, draw the eyes. We depict a circle, draw a segment inside, darken it, make a pupil and a highlight.
  3. We denote the nose, translating it into the eyebrow.
  4. Below the nose, we draw a mouth with parted lips and large white teeth at the top.
  5. Add a bang, a scarf on the head, a long dress.
  6. Draw the legs, peeking out from under the dress.
  7. We make pens, we detail the fingers.How to draw Masha from a cartoon
  8. Getting down to the Bear. We draw ovals for the body, head and paws, imitating the fur of the hair.
  9. On the oval of the head we make a circle for the nose.
  10. We draw small eyes and protruding round ears.
  11. Arc show mouth bear.
  12. We carry the line of connection of the head and torso, slightly expanding it to the bottom.
  13. We finish the forepaws of the toptygin. Draw the left inside the oval of the body, and the right - only partially looking out from behind.
  14. We draw hind legs. Left bent at the knee, and the right foot raised up.Cartoon bear
  15. We make pads on our feet. Figure is ready.Masha and the bear in pencil

Teddy bear

The second place among the children’s favorites after the hero of the popular cartoon series is the famous toy Teddy.

Teddy bear pencil


  1. Draw auxiliary circles for the head, torso and hind legs.Draw auxiliary circles
  2. On the upper circle we depict two intersecting straight lines. We show eyes on them, draw a face, nose, eyebrows.
  3. On the sides of the circle we draw the ears. Add to them the shape of the auricle.
  4. In the circumference of the body draw a front paw, hanging down along the body.
  5. On the feet we draw pads.
  6. All external lines are repeated in small strokes - shreds of wool.All external lines are repeated in small strokes.
  7. We add patches and seams on the body. Teddy is ready.

These instructions describing how to draw a bear with a pencil in stages, even for beginners, will surely be plain and easy. And if you repeat them in practice a couple of times, then you can consider yourself a real artist, specializing in images of the king of our forests. The main thing is not to stop in a creative impulse and do not be afraid to explore new horizons.

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