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How to decorate the balcony with your own hands

In most apartments, balconies are used instead of storage. Unnecessary things are stored on the balcony, thereby cluttering it up. But there comes a time when apartment tenants decide free up the balcony areaand equip it for necessary purposes. What are the ways you can to decorate the balcony?

Backlight as a balcony decoration

  • The garland hung on a balcony very beautifully looks. You can place it at your discretion - on the windows, on the walls or leave it hanging from the ceiling.
  • Light fixtures. Several identical lamps can be placed around the perimeter of the balcony. You can attach them to the ceiling, you can on the walls. And you can arrange on special shelves.
  • Garden lamps can be an excellent decoration for a balcony. They give a very nice warm lighting, while they can be installed even if your balcony is not glazed. After all, these lamps are designed to work in outdoor conditions.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to do electrical wiring to the balcony, you can buy solar-powered lamps. All day they will be charged, thanks to the sun, and in the evening they will delight you with pleasant lighting.

How to decorate the balcony with flowers?

  • Magnificent balcony decoration will be flowering plants. However, when choosing seeds for planting on the balcony, keep in mind - some plants bloom one season. If you want flowers to decorate the balcony year-round, choose perennial seeds. Read more about one of the flowers that can be planted on the balcony - read the article How to grow marigolds.
  • The original decoration of the balconybecome dwarf species of fruit and ordinary trees. In addition to beauty, fruit trees will fill your balcony with a wonderful aroma!

  • Climbing plants look very nice on the wall of the balcony. You can plant climbing grapes on the balcony. Very little time will take the process of growth of this plant. And soon you will have a living wall on your balcony!
  • When choosing flowers and plants for planting on the balcony, consider which side of the world balcony windows are facing. This requirement is explained by the fact that some plants love a lot of sun, and for others it will be disastrous.
  • You can mount on the balcony wall special stands for flower pots, for example, in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Vertical pots look good on the balcony, as well as original pots skillfully decorated with their own hands.
  • As an element of decorative decoration, you can arrange flowers in bird cages on the balcony! Such compositions look incredibly interesting.
  • Flowers growing in boxes can be placed both on the inside of the balcony, under the windows, and on the outside. But from the outside, plant only those flowers that are suitable for planting outside.

Furniture as a decoration of the balcony do it yourself

  • Classic option balcony furniture are chairs and a table. Wicker furniture on the balcony looks very interesting. But it should be installed only if your balcony is glazed.
  • A more sophisticated option - chairs and a table on the balcony. This is more suitable for lovers of comfortable rest.

  • If your balcony is not glazed, purchase only the furniture that is designed for outdoor terraces and verandas. Requirements for such furniture - moisture resistance, durability, compactness, shape convenience, hygiene. The material from which produced furniture for open balconies - metal, wood, plastic, rattan.
  • As an option - you can place a hammock on the balcony. Then your vacation on the balcony will be more complete!
  • The most convenient way is to purchase such furniture on the balcony, which tends to fold, or one that can be built in.

Decorative elements to decorate the balcony

  • Arrange beautiful decorative or unusual ashtrays in different places of the balcony. If you smoke - select one for yourself, so as not to smudge all the others.
  • You can arrange beautiful candlesticks all over the balcony. It is desirable that they be, albeit not the same, but, at least, made in the same style.

  • Attach to the walls of the balcony a variety of shelves and shelves. You can leave them free, as an element of decor. And you can arrange them on something.
  • Garden figures, transparent glass vases and decorative figurines placed on the balcony look very organic.
  • Incredibly beautiful balcony decoration can serve the usual half-liter banks! They will need to be painted in different colors with special paint for stained glass, and when they are dry, hang them on the walls of the balcony, inserting candles into them.

Decorating for decorating the balcony do it yourself

  • The walls of the balcony can be laid out mosaic, beautifully painted or clapboard.
  • Linoleum, laminate or tile are ideal for covering the balcony floor. The floor can be left free, and you can lay carpeted or lay out a few rugs.

Functional balcony do it yourself

You can not just decorate the balcony and decorate it, you can turn it into a fully functional additional room!

  • Cabinet. A great idea for those who have always dreamed of their office, but did not have the opportunity to fulfill this dream. If you want to turn a balcony into an office, you should take care of double or triple glazing, wall and floor insulation, and a heating system. In addition, you will need to spend the light on the balcony. But. The result of your efforts will be a beautiful office in which you can put a small bookcase, computer desk and computer!
  • Workshop.The idea is very similar to the previous one, only, instead of a computer desk and a rack for books, you will need to put what you need for work. Sewing or knitting machine, for example.
  • Garden. Why not?! What could be better than to go out on your own balcony and pick fresh vegetables for the salad there?
  • Gym. To do this, you will need to insulate the balcony, take care of sound insulation, and, of course, put simulators on it.

  • Lounge.In addition to chairs and a table, on such a balcony there can be an electric fireplace and a hookah, for example.
  • Zoo.Yes, yes, do not be surprised! If the balcony is insulated, it is quite possible to carry out a cage with a domestic chinchilla, rabbit or birds.
  • Mini Observatory. If you install a telescope on your balcony, you can admire the stars at night! Just look in advance if the neighboring buildings will not interfere with the view!
  • Game room. You can bring to the balcony all consoles, games and toys. Let your child play there. And his room will be only for lessons and sleep.
  • Extra bedroom. Have you long dreamed of an extra room? There is an exit! You just need to warm the balcony, insert reinforced double-glazed windows, conduct electricity, arrange the furniture, and another living room is ready!

As you can see, the balcony is very functional room that can be decorated and decorated as you wish! There would be a desire!

Successes to you in this most interesting business!

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