How to decorate the bag with your own hands

Each of the girls wants to have a beautiful and exclusive bag, but sometimes it is difficult to find a bag that will fully meet your requirements. To still get a bag that you will like, it is enough to decorate the bag with your own hands, and you will receive an exclusive thing that no one else has.

For this you need only the imagination and home decorations that everyone has at home.

How to decorate a cloth bag with your own hands?

How to decorate a cloth bag with your own hands?How to decorate a cloth bag with your own hands?

It is possible to decorate a bag from matter with the help of threads and needles. First we need to draw a future pattern on the fabric. Then sheathe the outline of the picture with colored beads. For those who can embroider, you can create a beautiful ornament on one side of the bag. You can also use acrylic paints to decorate the bag. To do this, draw the lines of the picture with a thin pencil, then paint with paints. On the bag of fabric you can transfer any pattern, if there is a stencil. Only when you start to draw, do not forget to put the cardboard under the side where you draw.

Using patches of different colors, you can sew a rose. Then decorate it with a clasp or pocket in the bag. These decorations can hide worn or stains that are not washed off. For those who know how to knit, a rose can be tied and twisted with a satin ribbon. On the bag you can place several flowers or even a bouquet of flowers.

DIY bag decoration

  1. For leather bags fit as a variety of jewelry stripes and inserts of leather patches.
  2. If the handles on the bags are torn, replace them with chains of various lengths and textures.
  3. To decorate the pockets, you can use a chain that you want to attach to the end of the pocket with one end, and the second to the zipper.
  4. When the joints of pockets or seams are worn, they can be sewn with a bright ribbon, an openwork braid or large stitches. At the end of the ribbon you can tie a bow. Brooches attach to your bag, focusing on your outfit.

How to decorate the bag with your own hands?How to decorate the bag with your own hands?

How to decorate an old bag?

Decorate your old bag with beads, chains and earrings that you haven’t worn for a long time or are left without a pair. Beads can be used to decorate the handles or replace them completely. Use one big brooch to focus on some part of the bag. Decorate your old bag with a bright scarf. Envelope-shaped bag can be embroidered with large sequins. Decorate beach and summer old bags with variegated appliqués. Old bags will look stylish if you decorate them with leather bones, bright laces, rhinestones, decorative buttons, denim shreds, beads, colored skin.

How to prepare a leather bag for decoration?

Before embellishing a leather bag, wipe it off with a damp cloth. After that, make a mixture of ammonia, mild soap and water, and wipe the bag. Then you need a towel to remove moisture. If the bag has grease stains, they can be removed by pouring chalk on them and leaving for 24 hours. If wiping out the entire bag with glycerin, it will restore its full shine. A bag made of patent leather can be rubbed with a soft cloth. After otparite scratched or dull fittings, buy new parts and sew them in place of old ones.

Do-it-yourself leather bag decoration

Do-it-yourself leather bag decoration

  • To begin, cut off the old lining. Cutting the lining, leave 1 cm at the place where it was sewn. After that, make a pattern, focusing on the size of the cut lining, and adding the necessary allowance for stitching.
  • Sew lining, sew new pockets to it. Sew the lining with small stitches. Fold the edge so that the cut is only between the material and the skin.
  • For coloring skin and giving it freshness and brightness, you can use sprays and spray guns. Try color by striking it from the inside of the belt. Apply the paint on the bag and leave it until it dries. To hide scratches and minor scratches, select the color of "liquid skin", trying to combine shades.

How to quickly decorate the bag with your own hands?

  • To quickly decorate the bag, it will be enough to make one decorative detail that will help refresh your bag. You will need for this beads, candles, light fabric, scissors, tape from videotapes, leather strips and a needle with thread.
  • From tape videotapes can be made flowers. To do this, pull the ribbon to wrap it and make it thinner. Next, you can make flowers by strengthening the middle with thick colored threads. Then sew the resulting jewelry to the bag.
  • You can make a fringe of skin patches, it is enough to cut strips from it. And the more they will be, the more beautiful the decoration will turn out. Such a fringe is well suited to leather and vintage bags of reddish-brown color.

Do-it-yourself leather bag decoration

  • Evening and summer bags can be quickly decorated by making flowers out of a light fabric and pinning them to a bag.

It so happens that in the shops we can not choose a bag that will suit us. Or we like our old bag so much that it is a pity to refuse it, in spite of the fact that in some places it is worn or scratched. Or we have an evening ahead where we want to look stylish and elegant. In all these cases, you can help decorating the bag with your own hands. To do this, you only need to imagine what kind of bag you want to see and use decorations that are at home. A few stitches - and your bag will turn into an exclusive thing that can emphasize your sense of style.

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