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How to decorate a flower pot with your own hands

Beautiful flower potis one of the decorative elements. But when you come to the store, you can find there either ordinary flower pots, or a little decorated. Beautifully decorated flower pots are a rare and expensive treat. But you can decorate a flower pot with your own hands. How can I do that?

How to decorate a flower pot with your own hands?

DIY flower pots decor

  • To decorate a flower pot, you can glue various plaster figurines onto it. Best suited for this purpose super glue.
  • If you have a twine, and even different shades - this is what you need. You can completely wrap a flower pot with a string of one color. A twine of other colors to lay out ornate patterns. Twine, best of all, also attach to resistant glue. PVA is not suitable.
  • Looks great on a flower pot laid out mosaic tiles. The glasses can be of any shape and color.
  • Most an easy way to decorate a flower pot with your own hands - to paint it. For this purpose, it is best to buy acrylic paints and the same varnish to fix the picture.

How to decorate a flower pot with your own hands?

  • Bamboo sticks or ordinary dry sprigs laid out and fastened around the entire circumference of the pot will look beautiful as a decoration for a flowerpot. You can beautifully tie them with tape or twine.
  • For those who know how to knit, there are plenty of options for decorating a flower pot with your own hands. You can tie the cover on the pot, and sew on top small crocheted items, such as flowers or butterflies. You can knit the muzzle of any animal or cartoon character. Such The flower pot fits perfectly into the interior of the children's room.
  • If you know how to and love to knit, you probably have small balls with remnants of yarn. You can beautifully combine different shades by wrapping a flower pot with a yarn.
  • Such things as sand, shells and pebbles can serve as an excellent pot decoration. Pasting the pot with sand, pre-sort it, removing garbage and dirt. After you glue a flower pot with these objects, be sure to varnish it on top. Otherwise, it all will, little by little, fall off.
  • One more non-standard flower pot decoration can serve as beautiful buttons of different sizes. The color may be the same, or it may be completely different - this is a matter of your taste and desire.
  • If you have dried seeds of fruits such as peaches or apricots, it is possible to decorate a flower pot with their help. Just glue them around the entire perimeter of the pot. However, do not forget to cover them with lacquer on top so that the craft becomes more durable and so that the midges do not get in the bones.

How to decorate a flower pot with your own hands?

  • The original decoration of the flower potcan become feathers. They can be glued, creating a bizarre composition, or you can simply glue over the flower pot around the perimeter. To make the pot even more interesting, you can, beforehand, soak the feathers in a solution of potassium permanganate, then they will become a pleasant pink color. To give the feathers an emerald hue - hold them in a solution of green stuff. Holding feathers in iodine solution, you give them a noble brown shade.
  • If you have a large number of old dried markers, you can carefully remove the dried rods using eyebrow tweezers, and glue or tie the markers themselves to the flower pot all around. This pot will be a great decoration for a child's room.
  • Great flower pot decoration material things like beads, beads, grains and seeds can also be used. You need to gently apply a layer of glue to the pot, then lay out a pattern with these materials, or simply lay them out completely around the perimeter. As a finishing touch it is necessary to cover everything with acrylic varnish.
  • If you have the remnants of any matter, you can cover the pots with flowers with this material. Especially beautiful it will look if you, for example, sewed curtains to order, and you still have material. Pots wrapped with this material will perfectly complement the interior of your bedroom, combined with curtains. If you decorate a flower pot for a child's room, You can cover it with material, and sew beautiful children's applications from above.

How to decorate a flower pot with your own hands?

  • An interesting material for decorating a flower pot can serve as fragments of dishes. You can take the old dishes and gently beat it with the help of pliers. Then these pieces are laid out in mosaic and glued to the flower pot. Again, do not forget to cover with acrylic varnish.
  • Let's try beautifully arrange a flower pot with the help of a napkin. For this we need: the pot itself, 2 beautiful paper napkins, braid, acrylic lacquer, glue, scissors and a soft brush. Then put glue on the part of the pot. Do not immediately apply glue to the entire pot, firstly, it will dry quickly, and secondly, you will be uncomfortable to hold it. We take a napkin and gently apply to the pot, smoothing it with a brush. Do not try to do this with your hands, a thin napkin will immediately stick to them, and all the work will be spoiled. When you gently leveled both wipes around the entire circumference of the pot, glue the braid on top. When everything is dry, cover the pot with acrylic varnish to make the pattern on the pot durable.

How to decorate a flower pot with your own hands?

  • Another option how to decorate a flower pot with your own hands.To do this, we need water, PVA glue and gypsum in a proportion of 2: 1: 1, newspapers and any cereals. From water, glue and gypsum we make a solution. Newspaper newspaper picks up about seven square centimeters. We dip each piece into the solution, soak it well and apply it to the pot. Flower pot should be completely covered with newspapers soaked in solution in four layers. If the layer is less - there is a high probability that everything will fall off afterwards. When the pot is completely covered with newspapers, put it to dry. This process will take about three to four days. When the newspapers are completely dry, we proceed to further work. Cover the surface of the pot with PVA glue, and lay out a beautiful pattern (to your taste) along the bottom of the pot. Groats that can be used - for example, corn. When the bottom is laid out, cover the PVA with the rest of the pot, and lay it out with buckwheat. When the glue hardens, and the cereal is well glued, we cover everything with a matte or shiny varnish. In addition to these two cereals, you can take, for example, buckwheat, put the whole flowerpot with it, and cover it with golden varnish on top. On the top of the pot you can wind the twine. Such pots look very unusual and extremely beautiful!

How to decorate a flower pot with your own hands?

Implementing one or more ideasdecorate a flower pot with your own hands, You will decorate your apartment or house and accentuate the interior. The delight of your guests is guaranteed, because the house will stand exclusive flower pots!

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