How to cut and sew a skirt with the sun with your own hands

The sun skirt confidently holds its position year after year and today is one of the most popular trends in the fashion world. How to cut the skirt sun and sew it yourself?

This model is very popular among fashionistas. Despite its simplicity, it looks very impressive and interesting. Depending on the fabric and its colors, such a skirt will help create a light, playful, or romantic, or feminine image of a stylish lady. Many shops today offer us dresses based on this particular model. Among the youth is also popular skirt the sun at the high waist. And if you are a creative person and like to wear original designer clothes, then a sun skirt with an elastic band with your hands will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Who will the skirt suit the sun?

If you want to get such a fashionable piece of clothing, learn how to sew a sun skirt with your own hands. This model is sewn according to the simplest pattern, and even a beginner can cope with it.

To suit Sun skirt?

Skirt the sun is perfect for girls with a thin waist. Growth doesn't matter. With the right combination with other elements of the wardrobe, she can look equally impressive both on tall and not able to boast impressive growth of girls. But, if you have magnificent forms, such a model will not suit you unequivocally.

In general, we are talking about a fairly universal model of skirts, which suits very many. It gives femininity and sophistication to any figure and looks beautiful due to natural folds. Fashion designers prefer to use light fabrics for the "sun", but winter collections also found their admirers among connoisseurs of world fashion.

How to wear this skirt?

  • One of the spectacular modern looks - top bust combined with a skirt sun - looks very stylish and beautiful.

How to wear a skirt with the sun?

  • Sun skirt can be worn with a shirt, tied at the waist. Option - you can simply fill the shirt - it will also be very interesting.

How to wear a skirt with the sun?

  • One of the most fashionable trends is a t-shirt tucked into a skirt. T-shirt can be tight or free, and depending on the color of the bottom - monophonic or patterned.

How to wear a skirt with the sun?

  • Just as effectively and fashionably with a skirt the sun looks long sweaters, released over the top.

How to wear a skirt with the sun?

How to cut a skirt yourself?

Options for this model may be several. For example, you can make a skirt with an elastic band - it will be more lush and voluminous and, by the way, functionally more comfortable. You can make this garment with a zipper or sew it with a belt, which will serve as an additional decoration in the form of a knotted bow. We consider the basic options that do not require special skills and knowledge.

To work you will need:

  • fabric about 2 m;
  • scissors;
  • measuring tape, ruler, pattern;
  • gum or zipper lock;
  • sewing machine.

Before you sew a skirt in the sun, you will have to decide on the length of the thing, as well as measure the girth of your waist. There are several options for making this garment. If you have never sewed a skirt with the sun on an elastic band or without it, the pattern can be made on paper. Then it will be transferred directly to the fabric. If you have sufficient skills, then you will not be difficult to make a pattern immediately on the material.

Working process:

  1. Recall school mathematics and clarify that the radius of the circle (r) is determined by dividing the circumference by 2 * π.

Determine the value of the radius (r) for our pattern. It is calculated as follows: divide waist circumference by 2 * 3.14. For example, your waist circumference is 60 cm. Then 60/2 * 3.14 = 9.55 cm.

Take a compass with a radius of 9.6 cm and set aside on the fabric. By the way, do not forget to add allowances - plus 2 cm.

Small hint: if there is no compass, tie a tight rope to the pencil and measure the desired length of the thread. Its free end is applied to the point of reference, and draw lines with a pencil. If you do not like this option, take a centimeter tape. We attach to the starting point and mark 9.6 cm every 3-5 cm according to the compass principle. Then we connect marks.

  1. Lay out the pattern. Let's look at three options.
  • Fabric in 1 layer. Draw the two halves of the skirt, followed by stitching these halves. For economy of fabric we spread halves in mirror image. With this option, the length of the product can be any, depending on the width of the fabric.

How to cut the sun skirt yourself

  • Fabric in 2 layers. With such a cut skirt the sun will turn out without seams. But this option is only suitable for short gizmos, since the width of the fabric when folded in half will not allow "roam".

How to cut the sun skirt yourself

  • Fabric in 4 layers. Fold the fabric in 2 layers, then again in 2 layers. This variant of the cutting will allow you to sew a skirt "full sun". Its length will be limited by the dimensions of the sides of the square formed when the fabric is folded.

How to cut the sun skirt yourself

If you sew a skirt with the sun on an elastic band with your own hands, then instead of a waist circumference, you should take a hip circumference, because the thing should freely pass through the hips. In this case, in the calculations, we simply replace the size of the waist with the size of the hips. All the rest we do the same.

To properly distribute the length of the skirt and not make a mistake, always draw a straight line from the center. Then from the drawn waistline you will measure the length of the skirt itself.

  1. Cutting the belt. Draw a straight line, measure the waist circumference. We determine the width of the belt - preferably not more than 3 cm in finished form. In the layout, it will be no more than 6 cm. We measure the width, connect the lines and cut out.

Sew fashionable skirt: an algorithm of action

  1. We sew halves of the skirt, introducing a zipper if necessary.
  2. We process the bottom edge of the skirt.
  3. We process the belt of the skirt, insert the gum (if it is provided).

So, you learned how to cut the sun skirt with your hands easily and quickly. As you can see, there is nothing difficult - neither in the construction of the pattern, nor in the sewing. Good luck to you creativity and beautiful skirts!

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