How to crochet original things

Crocheted products are not always just hard napkins and tablecloths - lace tops, dresses, tunics and even swimsuits gradually fill the wardrobe of women of fashion. Any of the things you can do yourself, you just need to find an interesting scheme and a few hours of free time.

Graceful summer top with lace

If you previously had little experience with crochet, try starting such an uncomplicated but original thing, the scheme of which is the front and back details from classic chains and trimming on the upper strap from crochets, which create the effect of lace. Since the top is summer, the yarn is recommended to take cotton and very thin - the classic 42-44 solution will take 300 g or 750 m. For the pattern, you can use separately polyamide blended yarn, which will need only 300 m. It is advisable to work with hooks 5 and 6 numbers .

  • For a standard size of 42-44, a chain of 84 air loops is dialed, which will be the width of 1 piece — the back or front. The next one is a lifting loop, after which they make a single crochet column and knit back as many loops. The number of rows depends on the density of knitting and the yarn itself, the part should be 42 cm in length, but this figure can be varied at your discretion. Keep in mind that each transition to a new level will be made from a lifting loop - the columns do not need to be done anymore.
  • Now, 7 loops from the edge remain intact, since they begin to arm the sleeves, and the remaining 70 knit further, so that the height of the part increases by 4.5 cm. After that, the chain for 24 loops is executed and closed. In the same way fit the second part, after which you need to do lace trim.
  • The bar is recommended to calculate the width of the individual, given that the number of loops should be a multiple of 8: this is 1 part of the picture. For her, 24 air loops were prepared, to which it is attached. It is knitted in circular rows, a double crochet pattern, 9 times coming out of one loop, repeats only 3 times, but you can increase this parameter.

The assembly of the product is carried out along the side seams for the front and rear parts. If desired, beads can be added to the lace of the strap: they are inserted into the loops, from which a large number of columns diverge like a fan.

Openwork long top dress

Another delightful summer thing that can complement the urban ensemble, and become useful on vacation if there is a closed swimsuit under it. The chest area is covered with a dense viscous, while the main canvas is translucent, thin and lace. How can you resist?

  • Cotton yarn on the standard 42-44 rr need about 1000 m, the hook is taken thin, 3-3.5 number. For decoration, large buttons in tone (2-3 pcs.) Are recommended. Rapport for lace pattern, which is the basis of the top, is 8 loops, is a double crochet, usually single or 5 pieces at once. from 1 loop. Be sure to make a value of a multiple of 8, otherwise the matching of patterns may turn out to be unattractive. Since the canvas will be long, first make the 1-5 row completely, then duplicate the 2-5 rows several times.
  • The back is solid, the width is 133 air loops, followed by 3 lifting loops and a transition to a new level. Height - 53 cm, the product is from the bottom. After it is necessary to make 110 single crochets, which will be repeated over 12 cm in height. The row is also raised by a lift loop replacing the first bar in each of them.
  • Before knit similarly, with the same strap at 12 cm, which will cover the chest. However, it is recommended to make a cut for which the buttons were prepared. It is made clearly in the center, i.e. through 58 loops. Button holes are made in 2-3 loops from the edge, tying 3 air loops over the same number of crochets.

The assembly is carried out with a classic joint along the side seams, for which a pitchy step is used. The straps are made from air loops, which are tied with double crochets. The length of the straps is calculated individually, according to the standard 42-44 size, this is 81 loops.

In conclusion, it should be said that the above models of original things can be crocheted, picking up a different motive and calculating for it the report and details of the parameters. Products were selected specifically with the ability to modify them, so based on 2 schemes you can make more than a dozen individual models.

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