How to crochet for beginners

Crochet came to Russia in the early 19th century. We all remember the grandmothers needlewomen, who decorated their houses with the help of various openwork products - napkins, rugs, rugs. Over time, so began to knit and clothing, which in our days are greatly appreciated throughout the world. For those who have never held a hook in their hands, knitting seems to be something very complicated and incomprehensible. In fact, everything is easy and simple.

In our article you will find information on how to crochet for beginners step by step, and schemes will simplify the learning process.

How to learn to crochet?

How to learn to crochet?

Like any other needlework, knitting begins with the selection of the necessary tools: yarn and a working tool.

The choice of hooks amazes novice needlewomen with its variety. Tools differ not only in the material from which they are made, but also in size and appearance. For the development of the basics will be enough to get the hook size number 3 or 3.5.

Yarn is usually chosen based on what you want to get in the end. But for the entry level, experienced craftswomen advise you to take the usual monophonic yarn of medium thickness. On the finished work of such threads will be easier to see the number of loops and mistakes made when knitting.

Crochet hook

How to read diagrams?

Beginners are always scared when they see intricate drawings on the scheme. But you should not be afraid of this at all - no complicated mathematical calculations and special knowledge will be required from you. There are a few basic rules you need to know in order to read a crochet pattern:

  • If we are accustomed to read the book from top to bottom and from left to right, then the diagram is the same book, only in Arabic. Read the instructions for knitting need to bottom up and right to left. But if knitting goes in a circle, then the rows in the pattern are shown in a standard clockwise direction.
  • In some schemes, the product repeat may be specified. Rapport is the main pattern, which is repeated several times for knitting and marked on the diagram in the form of stars. Usually the note indicates how many times and when you need to knit it.

The most difficult thing when reading diagrams is to learn the basic notation. However, most often they are listed in the form of footnotes to each part of the scheme.

How to read diagrams?

Crochet for beginners: a scheme with a detailed description

After the yarn and tools have been successfully selected and purchased, it’s time to move on to the basics of needlework. To work, you need to learn how to perform the simplest loops of which the finished product is folded.

Chain of air loops

Knitting usually begins with a series of chain stitches consisting of air loops. The set of air loops passes in several stages:

  1. Separate the working thread from the yarn to a distance of 10 cm and roll in the form of a ball.
  2. Insert the crochet hook into the center of the loop and pull the seized thread upwards.Chain of air loops
  3. After that, the working thread must be placed behind the hook.
  4. Grab the yarn with a flick of the wrist, and then pull it into the loop on the tool.Chain of air loops
  5. Repeat all steps to the desired length of the chain.

After you have mastered the set of the air chain, it is necessary to begin the study of knitting the loops. There may be several options, each of which we consider in more detail. Different types of loops make up the main pattern on the finished product.

Column without nakida

The simplest and most frequently used type of eyelets is a single crochet. Such stitches allow you to make knitting very tight and uniform, they are often used to decorate the edges of an already finished product. To properly learn how to knit a crochet without a single crochet, follow the steps in this order:

  1. Insert the hook into the second loop of the base from the front of the job.
  2. Grab the working thread on the hook, and then stretch it by moving your hand towards yourself.Column without nakida
  3. Grab the thread again, and then pull it through the 2 loops on the hook.Column without nakida
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to the end of the row.

Double crochet

A bar can be with one, two, three or more naqida. But for beginners it will be enough to master the principle of one nakida. Steps for a double crochet should be in this order:

  1. Dangle the working thread and insert it into the 4 eyelets of the row.Double crochet
  2. Hooking the working thread, pulling the loop on the hook with a movement towards us.
  3. Again, grabbing the working thread on the hook, stretch it through the first 2 loops.Double crochet
  4. Once again we throw the yarn on the hook and pull it through the last 2 stitches.Double crochet
  5. Repeat all steps until the end of the row.

Once you have mastered the basic loops that are knitted with a hook, you can start working on simple products. For practice, we suggest you try to tie the booties in our step-by-step guide.

How to knit booties crochet for beginners: a step by step description and diagrams

Beautiful and delicate booties are perfect for a newborn boy or girl, and the knitting technique allows you to master the work even for beginners.

Necessary materials:

  • 3.5 mm working hook;
  • cotton yarn in two colors;
  • scissors.

Knitting technology:

  1. First you need to dial a simple chain of 12 air loops.
  2. Knitting sole booties will be held according to the scheme.How to knit booties crochet for beginners
  3. We tie the air chain according to the scheme, applying knit crochet skills and adding at the end and beginning of the row.
  4. In the same way, we knit 3 rows to get the right size of the sole.How to knit booties crochet for beginners: sole
  5. Then we attach a thread of a new color to the sole.
  6. We knit in a circle 3 rows with single crochets.How to knit booties crochet for beginners: sole
  7. In the 4th row we make a decrease on the toe of the bootie, skipping 1 half-lap each time.
  8. In order to completely form a sock slipper, we knit 12 crochets with a single top, at the end we tighten the stitches with a working thread.Crochet booties for beginners
  9. Excess yarn is cut and crocheted on the wrong side.
  10. To decorate the bootees we knit a rectangle of the desired size with a single crochet.
  11. We wind the thread of the same color into the middle of the rectangle, forming a bow.How to knit booties crochet for beginners: bow
  12. Ready to bow with threads sew to booties toe.
  13. We knit the second slipper similarly to the first.How to knit booties crochet

Do not worry, if not everything will work out the first time, because experience comes with age. Having learned and worked to the automatism of the basics of crochet, you can try more complex patterns. Good luck and success to you in new endeavors!

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