How to clean the microwave for 5 minutes from the fat inside

Modern kitchen without a microwave, like soda without gas. Microwaves are so firmly established in our everyday life that today the kitchen interior without them can not be imagined. Quickly defrost meat, warm up any dish, cook a hot sandwich for breakfast and even fry the seeds to help this magician. But, like any technique, the microwave requires careful care and prevention.

How to clean the microwave in 5 minutes? This is the secret we will reveal in our article.

How to clean the microwave in 5 minutes?

You can today and not clean the microwave, and set aside for tomorrow, and then another day

Of course, you can not clean the microwave today, but put it off for tomorrow, and then for another day, but it will end up at one fine moment, opening the oven door, you risk losing consciousness only from one smell, not to mention its sloppy appearance. internal panels. The fastest option is to throw away the old one and buy a new microwave, but this method is not cheap. We suggest you still roll up your sleeves and start.

How to clean the microwave at home: general recommendations

Before we proceed to the consideration of the basic methods of microwave cleaning, let's take a look at the general recommendations:

  • disconnect the device from the power supply before working by pulling the plug out of the socket;
  • use as little water as possible so that you do not accidentally pour the moisture-sensitive electrical elements;
  • the inner panels of the furnace are covered with a material that reflects microwaves, and this coating is thin and fragile, therefore, when cleaning, excessive pressure on their surface should be avoided;
  • In order to avoid scratches, it is not recommended to use powdered products with abrasive inclusions and metal scourers for cleaning;
  • any chips and scratches on the inner surface of the microwave oven will lead to its breakage;
  • Before you start scouring old stains, lightly steam them for softening, which will facilitate the cleaning process;
  • cleaning gels or sprays are best for soft and gentle care of the microwave;
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the case yourself, even if contaminants are caught in hard to reach places.

We clean the microwave with chemicals

Since we remembered the cleaning products, let's dwell on them a little more.

Since we remembered the cleaning products, let's dwell on them a little more. As a rule, household cleaning manufacturers offer various sprays to clean the microwave. Such a detergent should be neatly sprayed onto the walls and bottom, preventing liquid from entering the grating covering the microwave emitter. After spraying, wait 2-3 minutes and wipe first with a damp cloth and then dry.

One of the most popular means today is "Mr. Muskul", with its help we will be able to:

  • quickly, without preliminary steaming, remove the spots of burned fat;
  • To cope with stains of any origin - from oil, fat, ketchup, milk, etc .;
  • disinfect the microwave;
  • to give the product a pristine shine;
  • Easy to clean hard to reach places.


Home remedies that are always at hand

However, chemistry in our lives and so lacking in abundance

However, chemistry in our life and so lacking in abundance. Let's try to cope with this task with the help of available environmentally friendly means.

How to clean the microwave with soda and vinegar?

As we have already noted, you should avoid scratches on the inner surface of the stove, so we will use soda after mixing it with water:

  1. A tablespoon of soda is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water, poured into a microwave container, put into the oven and run at maximum power for 10 minutes.
  2. After the signal, carefully remove the container (it will be hot) and wipe the remaining dirt with a moist, and then dry with a soft cloth.

But with the help of acetic acid, we can easily clean the microwave from the fat inside and scrub even old stains:

  1. In a container for the microwave pour a glass of water and two tablespoons of vinegar, stir and send to the oven for 10 minutes, as in the version with soda.
  2. Please note that cleaning with vinegar should take place in a well-ventilated area, otherwise you risk poisoning with acetic acid vapors.
  3. After the signal, we do not open the door immediately, but wait 30 minutes. Then remove the traces of dirt with a soft wet towel.

Clean the microwave oven with fresh lemon:

  1. Cut lemon, put in suitable dishes and pour one glass of water, put in the oven, as in the previous versions.
  2. By signaling the dishes with lemon and first with a damp soft sponge we remove the softened greasy spots, and then wipe dry.

The rules of care for the microwave

The easiest way to clean is not to smear the microwave to an extreme degree and arrange regular maintenance.

The easiest way to clean is not to smear a microwave to an extreme degree to arrange regular care for it. Here are the basic recommendations for the care of a microwave:

  • it should be your rule to wipe the microwave after each use;
  • To prevent unpleasant odor, do not close the door immediately after using the oven;
  • Try to remove greasy stains and food residues immediately with a soft sponge using cleaning products.

Even if we did not meet, as promised, in five minutes, still the result will leave a good impression. Agree that it is nice to open the door of the microwave to see the oven panels shining with cleanliness and to feel the refreshing smell of lemon.

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